10 Awesome Blue Flower Arrangements Ideas

Take inspiration from this list of Blue Flower Arrangements to elevate your space with amazing floral displays!

Whether you’re decorating for a special event or simply refreshing your home d├ęcor, these Blue Flower Arrangements ideas are the right choice.

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Blue Flower Arrangements

1. Painted Mason Jar Floral Display

Blue Flower Arrangements 1

Painted mason jars and hydrangeas are all you need to create a centerpiece for everyday decor and a last-minute setup for special gatherings. Learn more about this setup here.

2. Candles and Blue RosesBlue Flower Arrangements 3

Place small white candles around blue roses on a tablecloth to amp up your table setting. You can also create this setup in a water bowl. This decoration is great for special evenings or festive seasons.

3. Crystal Vase with Blue Hydrangeas

Grab a crystal vase and blue hydrangeas to recreate this eye-grabbing centerpiece for a coffee and dining table. This minimalist arrangement is easy to recreate in a few minutes.

4. Blue Hydrangea and White Rose Display

Want to create a timeless arrangement for your fireplace mantel or dining table? Take some blue hydrangeas, white roses, and a glass vase. This combo is perfect for a casual get-together or an intimate dinner.

5. Blue Orchids Bouquet

Blue Flower Arrangements 11

A bouquet of beautiful blue orchids and green foliage makes an attractive decor option for birthday parties and other special occasions. Despite its opulent appearance, this arrangement is surprisingly easy to assemble.

6. Blue Hydrangeas with Mason Jars and Fairy Lights

Amp up the look and feel of your dull dining table with this arrangement featuring blue hydrangeas, mason jars, and fairy lights. This visually appealing setup fits seamlessly into numerous indoor settings.

7. Blue Rose BasketBlue Flower Arrangements 15

You only need a wicker basket, baby’s breath, and blue roses to make an attractive floral arrangement. Besides an excellent decor option, it’s also great for gifting purposes.

8. Blue Flowers Window Box Arrangement

Blue Flower Arrangements 19

Attach a small wooden box near your window and fill it with blue flowering trailing vine. This exterior arrangement not only enhances curb appeal but also brings a natural element to your living space.

9. Picnic Basket Flower Arrangement

If you have an old picnic basket, turn it into a captivating display piece with blue blossoms and greenery. This easy-to-make arrangement is ideal for indoor and outdoor settings.

10. Blue Hydrangeas in Clay Vase

Clay vases are great for showcasing the timeless beauty of blue hydrangeas. This minimalist accent piece is visually striking and easy to maintain.

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