16 Types of Colorful Roses for the Garden

These Colorful Roses are sure to make your garden the most attractive one on the block. Here are the top picks!

Add a burst of color to your garden or landscape with these beautiful Colorful Roses. These top picks are ideal for special occasions or to enhance any garden’s beauty.

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Colorful Roses

1. Night Owl Rose

Colorful Roses for the Garden 1
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Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Night Owl’

‘Night Owl’ rose stands out with its red-wine blossoms and semi-glossy, green leaves. This award-winning rose species was hybridized by Tom Carruth in the United States of America.

2. Super Green Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Super Green’

The ‘Super Green’ rose variety is prized by gardeners and florists for its peculiar green-colored blossoms. This flowering plant admires well-drained potting medium for prolific blooms.

3. Halfeti Black Rose

Colorful Roses for the Garden 3

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Halfeti’

Enhance the visual interest of your monotonous garden with the dark red, almost black blooms of this exquisite rose variety. This rose is native to the village of Halfeti near the Urfa province.

4. Blue Moon


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue Moon’

‘Blue Moon Rose’ is a hybrid tea rose variety with double lavender-hued flowers and dark green foliage. It blooms abundantly from spring to fall in adequate sunlight and fertile, well-drained soil.

5. Love and PeaceColorful Roses 5

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Love and Peace’

Make your garden stand out in the neighborhood with the yellow and pink blooms of this hybrid tea rose. This botanical gem is ideal for cut flower arrangements and flowering hedges.

6. Mister Lincoln


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’

Adorned with velvety, wine-red flowers, the ‘Mister Lincoln’ is a sight to behold. This eye-grabbing rose variety is the recipient of the prestigious 1965 ‘All-America Rose Selections’ award.

7. Electric BlanketColorful Roses 7

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Electric Blanket’

Electric Blanket Rose attracts eyeballs with its vibrant, salmon-pink flowers. This floribunda rose was bred by Reimer Kordes in Germany (1983) and introduced by Jackson & Perkins Co. in the United States (2006).

8. Fire and Ice


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Fire and Ice’

‘Fire and Ice’ rose boasts striking white blooms with fiery red edges. This disease-resistant variety requires careful pruning and spring freeze protection to attain a height of 28-35 inches.

9. Lavender Crush Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Lavender Crush’

Boost the curb appeal of your landscape by growing the beautiful lavender-hued blossoms of this rose variety. ‘Lavender Crush’ thrives well in full sunlight exposure and well-drained potting mix.

10. Butterscotch Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Butterscotch’

Rosa ‘Butterscotch’ produces double tan-hued blossoms throughout the growing season. This mildly fragrant climber is hardy to the USDA zones of 6b to 10b.

11. TropicanaColorful Roses 11

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Tropicana’

A 1963 ‘All-America Rose Selection‘ award winner, Rosa ‘Tropicana’ offers coral-orange flowers from spring to fall. It’s a perfect option for floral arrangements, borders, containers, and beds.

12. Neil Diamond


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Neil Diamond’

‘Neil Diamond’ is a 4-6 ft tall and strongly fragrant rose cultivar with bicolored blooms. Its flowers feature dark pink petals with white stripes. Adequate sunlight and well-drained soil are needed for best growth.

13. Just Joey Rose

Colorful Roses 13

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Just Joey’

Adorned with ruffled apricot blooms, ‘Just Joey’ is an extremely beautiful cultivar in this list of colorful roses. This rose species was hybridized by Roger Pawsey in United Kingdom in the year 1972.

14. Iceberg Rose

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Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Iceberg’

Give your outdoor space a conversation-worthy focal point by introducing the white blooms of the ‘Iceberg’ rose. Its blooms are great for cut flower arrangements and floral bouquets.

15. Eternal Flame

Colorful Roses 15

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Eternal Flame’

‘Eternal Flame’ rose showcases soft yellow flowers and shiny dark green foliage on long stems. This disease-resistant cultivar can become 4-5 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide.

16. Osiria


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Osiria’

Osiria rose is a bi-color hybrid tea variety popular for its red and white blossoms. This species is created by crossing the Tea rose and the hybrid ‘Perpetual’ rose.

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