24 Cool Paper Clip Crafts Ideas and Projects

Show off your creativity, imagination, and crafting skills with these creative and Cool Paper Clip Crafts Ideas!

Get ready to turn ordinary gem clips into extraordinary functional yet captivating masterpieces with these cool Paper Clip Crafts.

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Cool Paper Clip Crafts

1. DIY Paper Clip Earrings

Paper Clip Crafts 1

Turn regular paper clips into chic earrings with this easy-to-follow tutorial. You’ll love this idea.

2. Paper Clip Rings Idea

Paper Clip Crafts 2

Made with paper clips and creativity, these fancy rings are one of the coolest paper clip crafts ideas.

3. Heart-Shaped Page Markers

Paper Clip Crafts 3

Bend paper clips into little heart shapes and use them to leave love notes or mark pages, or hold tiny treat bags of candy shut.

4. Simple Place Card Holder

Paper Clip Crafts 4

To make some frugal place card holders, grab some owl paper clips and check out this tutorial. They add a bit of style to the table and make your guests feel special.

5. Paper Clip Necklace

Paper Clip Crafts 5

This gorgeous necklace only takes beads and lots of paper clips to make and is fairly simple. Check out this tutorial for the details.

6. Stunning Beaded Paper Clip Earrings

Paper Clip Crafts 6

Adorned with square glass beads, these stunning paper clip earrings are the perfect accessory for every outfit.

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7. Swirly Paperclip Bracelet

Paper Clip Crafts 7

Gather some paper clips, jump rings, a clasp ring, and needle nose pliers to craft this awesome swirly bracelet.

8. Tape and Paper Clip Necklaces

Paper Clip Crafts 8

Follow this amazing craft tutorial and transform regular paper clips into an eye-catching geometric necklace.

9. Paperclip Angel DIY

Paper Clip Crafts 9

Craft this simple, elegant angel from a butterfly paperclip, a bead, and some ribbon. It’s an excellent ornament for the Christmas tree.

10. Simple Paper Clips Kid Bracelet Idea

Paper Clip Crafts 10

Easy to make and looks nice on hand, this kid’s bracelet is made from ordinary paper clips, glue, and colorful paper.

11. Easy DIY Wine Charms

Paper Clip Crafts 11

Simply unbend a paperclip, place it around the bottom of your glass, and your wine charm is ready. Learn more here.

12. Paperclip Snub Dodecahedron

Paper Clip Crafts 12

This snub dodecahedron is made from 120 paper clips. Isn’t it amazing! Get the details about this craft here.

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13. Paper Clip Christmas Cards

Paper Clip Crafts 13

You only need glue, some colored paper clips, and plain greeting cards for this amazing holiday project.

14. DIY Paper Clip Bicycle

Paper Clip Crafts 14

Take help from this visual tutorial to craft a mini bicycle out of paper clips. It’s an excellent project to do with kids.

15. Paper Clip Slingshot

Paper Clip Crafts 15

Entertain yourself and your kids with this fun paper clip slingshot craft. Follow these instructions.

16. Paper Clip Chandelier

Paper Clip Crafts 16

Replace your outdated chandelier with this amazing paper clip chandelier that will surely grab a lot of attention.

17. DIY Paper Clip iPhone Stand

Paper Clip Crafts 17

Instead of purchasing a stand for your iPhone, make one on your own with a paper clip. Click here for the instructions.

18. DIY Paper Clip Barbie Clothes Hangers

Paperclip Crafts 18

Make cute little Barbie or other similarly sized doll clothes mini hangers using paper clips and this article.

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19. Paper Clip Mini Mobile

Mini Mobile

A mini mobile made from multi-colored paper clips and plastic bottles. It’s one of the best paper clip crafts ideas.

20. Paper Clip Garland Craft

 Garland Craft

If your room is in need of a last-minute party update, look no further than this paper clip garland craft. It’s super affordable and easy to craft.

21. Pom Pom Paperclip Bookmark

Pom Pom Paperclip Bookmark

All you need are yarn, a pom-pom maker, a paper clip, a hot glue gun, and scissors to make an adorable bookmark.

22. Dinosaur Paper Clip Bookmarks

Dinosaur Bookmarks

Turn simple paper clips into adorable dinosaur bookmarks to make reading even more fun. This simple craft is great for kids of all ages to let their creativity shine.

23. Creepy Paper Clip Spider Craft

Creepy Paperclip Spider Craft

Pretty cool and easy to make, this creepy paper clip spider is a fun Halloween craft project for kids.

24. Twirling Paper Clip Butterflies

Twirling PaperClip Butterflies

These butterflies are meant to be put in a greeting card, and when someone opens it, the butterfly will come flapping out.

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