16 DIY Cat Ears | DIY Cat Ear Headband Ideas

Explore this exclusive list of DIY Cat Ears ideas to craft adorable accessories for costumes, parties, and everyday wear!

Add a touch of feline charm to any outfit or occasion with these DIY Cat Ears! These accessories win hearts and turn heads wherever you go!

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DIY Cat Ears

1. Wire Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 1

Take jewelry wire, meta hair band, and scissors to craft these cute cat ears. Click here for the instructions.

2. DIY Beaded Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 2

Don’t settle for the standard cat ears this Halloween. DIY your own stylish beaded cat ears headband instead.

3. Furry Cat EarsDIY Cat Ears 3

Spice up your Halloween costume or regular outfit with this furry cat ears headband. Read the details in this article.

4. DIY Felt Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 4

Felt cat ears are an old Halloween favorite. And the best part is that they are super easy to make at home.

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5. No Sew Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 5

Made from felt, glue, and a headband, these cat ears add a bit of drama and charm to your regular party costume.

6. Rhinestone Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 6

To copy this rhinestone cat ears idea, take inspiration from this helpful YouTube video tutorial.

7. Cat Ears Out of Hair

DIY Cat Ears 7

Instead of purchasing fancy supplies to craft fun cat ears, use your own hair. Yes, you read it right! It’s one of the cheapest ideas on this list.

8. DIY Glitter Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 8

Spruce up your bland Halloween costume in a jiffy with these glitter cat ears. Get the DIY here.

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9. Pearl Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears 9

Make your little girl’s party outfit more appealing with these pearl-adorned cat ears. Watch this video for the tutorial.

10. LED Kitty Ears

LED Kitty Cat Ear

Add a whimsical touch to your Halloween outfit with these LED kitty ears. For this tutorial, you must have basic knowledge of sewing.

11. Geodesic Cat Ears

Geodesic Cat Ear

Made from simple copper tubing and bead wiring, these modern geometric cat ears are unique and eye-catching.

12. Knitted Cat Ears

Knitted Ears

Learn how to knit these adorable cat ears with worsted weighted yarn, knitting needles, and this tutorial.

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13. DIY Paper Kitty Cat Ears

DIY Paper Kitty Ears

These paper cat ears are the perfect summer craft for preschoolers. Take inspiration from this idea.

14. Ariana Grande Inspired Cat Ears

Ariana Grande Inspired Cat Ears



Are you an “Arianator”? Then you’ll definitely adore these stylish Ariana Grande-inspired cat ears.

15. Black Tape Cat EarsBlack Tape Ears

Follow this article to create a simple yet statement-making accessory for a Halloween costume party.

16. Crochet Cat Ears

Crochet Ears

With a few supplies and crochet skills, you can easily create cat ears that’ll attract a lot of attention.

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