DIY Imperfect Plus Table Runner

A perfect DIY to decorate any space in short notice or when you are running tight on cash. Plus, you can have it all year round no matter the occasion.

This DIY Imperfect Plus Table Runner was inspired by Schoolhouse Electric‘s super sweet sheet set! Because they are so darling and so easy to make! 


  • Shelf Liner
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors


Measure your table length to see how long you would like your runner to be. Cut your liner accordingly.

Take your sharpie and make quick and easy plus sign designs in any pattern you see fit! Remember, it’s called imperfect plus for a reason! Let dry and place on your table!

By using the shelf liner as your runner, it sticks nicely to any surface without moving around! Not to mention, it adds great texture and pattern to your holiday table!

It’s trendy, bold and can be used all year round if you wanted to. Don’t you love these kinds of projects that take no time at all?

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