Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps?

Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps? Can Dragonflies Kill Wasps? Find out the answers in this short yet informative article!

Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps? 1
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Dragonflies are skilled aerial hunters known to consume a variety of insects, but Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps? Let’s find out the answer below.

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Do Wasps and Dragonflies Are Enemies?

Wasps and dragonflies do not have a specific animosity towards each other. These insects have distinct behaviors and diets. Wasps, known for their stinging ability, are social insects that often stay in colonies and feed on other insects, nectar, or human food. On the other hand, dragonflies are predatory insects with wonderful flying and hunting abilities.

Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps?

Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps? 2

Yes, dragonflies can eat wasps. However, they primarily feed on mosquitoes, flies, and sometimes bees. Dragonflies killing wasps are not a common sight because their small size and defensive nature make them more challenging prey. Therefore, while dragonflies can occasionally eat wasps, it’s not a common or preferred dietary choice.

How Do Dragonflies Kill Wasps?

Do Dragonflies Eat Wasps? 3

Dragonflies avoid hunting wasps due to their painful stingers. However, when the food is scarce, dragonflies can kill wasps with their strong legs and mandibles. This behavior is rare, as dragonflies prefer easier, less risky prey like mosquitoes and flies.

Do Wasps Kill Dragonflies?

While wasps are aggressive and capable of attacking other insects, dragonflies are not common prey. Dragonflies are agile and fast fliers, thus difficult targets for wasps. However, if a dragonfly is weakened or trapped, wasps might grab this opportunity to attack.

What Insects Do Dragonflies Eat?

Dragonflies feed on a number of insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, bees, moths, ants, termites, and butterflies. These little flying creatures catch their prey mid-air near water bodies like ponds and streams.

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