Does Borax Kill Fleas | How to Kill Fleas with Borax

Borax is used for various household and gardening chores but Does Borax Kill Fleas? Clear your doubts in this article!

The all-natural, versatile borax is effective against ants, grubs, weevils, and beetles but Does Borax Kill Fleas? Read on to find out!

Here are some amazing borax uses

What Are Fleas?Does Borax Kill Fleas1

Also known as ‘Aphaniptera,’ fleas are small wingless parasites that feed on cats, dogs, and other warm-blooded hosts. 1/8 inch long in size, fleas body color ranges from brown to black. There are 2500 different types of fleas available all around the globe. However, they don’t usually bite human beings but can do to get a meal.

What Temperature Kills Fleas?

Fleas and their larvae do not survive outdoors in a hot and sunny climate. Soil temperature of more than 95°F kills fleas’ larvae. Recreating such a hot environment indoors is not a good idea. Instead, try borax and other natural remedies described later in this article.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Do a thorough inspection of your pup to find out the below-mentioned signs of a flea infestation.

  • Search dog’s fur to find flea dirt, which is the buildup of flea’s blood and feces.
  • If your pup scratches constantly and develops red patches or lesions due to a flea bite.
  • Due to flea bites, dogs scratch and lick the sore area frequently, resulting in hair loss around the neck and tail.
  • If your pooch has pale gums, this is a sign of flea anemia, which needs immediate attention.

But if you have a cat, then check out the below signs of flea infestation.

  • The cat does intense and frantic scratching or biting on her skin due to flea bites.
  • Kitty is a fastidious groomer, but this chore becomes excessive due to fleas, causing hair loss.
  • Feeling agitation, edginess, and restlessness is also a sign of a flea attack.
  • Visible red skin lesions are present all over the cat’s body.
  • Cat having muscle loss, pale gums, and lethargy reflects a fleas issue.
  • Tiny pepper-like specks present on the cat’s fur are flea dirt that assures flea infestation.

Does Borax Kill Fleas?

Does borax kill fleas 2

Yes, borax is what you need to kill fleas. This method works when fleas ingest borax. But unlike blood, they do not eat borax voluntarily. That’s why you have to sprinkle this desiccant throughout the flea’s infected area. Due to this, borax gets stuck on their body parts, and when they clean themselves by licking it, death happens in a few hours.

How to Kill Fleas with Borax?

Pets often bring fleas with them unsuspectingly by contacting wild animals. Due to this, fleas breed on your carpet, cloth-covered furniture, and pet bedding. To eliminate these annoying pests, try the below steps.

  1. Take a glass jar and poke some holes in the lid.
  2. Fill the glass jar halfway with borax and close the lid.
  3. Now, sprinkle borax all over the carpet, pet bedding, furniture, and where the flea infestation exists.
  4. Leave it for 10-12 hours, allowing the borax to kill fleas.
  5. After that, vacuum the spot thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag’s content in the trash can.

Note- Avoid borax usage on your dog and cat skin, as it harms them.

How Does Borax Kill Fleas?

As borax is a desiccant, it eliminates fleas by dehydrating their body upon ingestion. It’s one of the cheapest and safest alternatives to chemical-laden pesticides.

Natural Ways to Kill Fleas On PetsDoes Borax Kill Fleas 3

Borax is not a safe product to eliminate existing fleas from your pet’s fur and skin. That’s why we have collected some natural remedies to get the job done, and not to mention they are safe too.

1. Lemon Bath

Mic 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of water, with a squeeze of pet-friendly shampoo, into a bowl. Transfer the mixture to an empty old shampoo bottle. Spread the solution over the pet’s body and run the brush to create a lather. After 3-5 minutes, clean your pet with tepid water and towel dry as usual.

2. Try Flea Combs

No remedy is better than the exceptional flea comb. It’s specifically designed to take out fleas, eggs, and flea dirt. Before starting the flea removal process, put newspaper or cloth under your pet to catch the running fleas. Start combing your pet’s fur, and once done, clean the comb with soapy water.


Before using lemon bath and borax for fleas, consider these precautions to avoid complications.

  • If your pet has any skin-related issues, it’s better to avoid flea removal home remedies.
  • Keep your kids and pet far away from the borax-treated space, as its ingestion and inhalation are harmful.
  • Wear a good quality face mask and hand gloves while dealing with borax for safety purposes.
  • If you believe your pet gets exposed to borax, call the vet immediately.

Flea Prevention Tips

After killing fleas with borax and other remedies, it’s important to take some preventive measures to inhibit their further infestation.

  • Regularly vacuum your home, especially where your pets sleep and play.
  • Cleanse your pet’s washable belongings daily in the washer in a hot water setting. Put their non-washable items under direct sunlight for a couple of hours.
  • Use flea combs on your pet on a daily basis.
  • Keep the wild animals far away from your yard as they harbor fleas.
  • If you hang out with your pet in the car often, then clean the car properly.
  • Mow the grass and trim trees and shrubs in your yard.

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