10 Fascinating Flowers That Look Like Monkeys Faces

Make your garden the center of attraction by growing these fascinating Flowers That Look Like Monkeys!

Mother nature always surprises us with its creativity, and the world of flora is no exception. These fascinating Flowers That Look Like Monkeys Faces are a sight to behold. Their unique shape and color patterns offer a spectacular display of nature’s creativity. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most captivating botanical wonders below.

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Flowers That Look Like Monkeys

1. Monkey Face Orchid

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 1

Botanical Name- Dracula simia

Native to Ecuador and Peru, the blooms of this orchid variety look quite similar to a funny monkey’s face. The blossoms are available in multiple colors and emit an orange-like fragrance. Dracula simia needs bright shade and high humidity for the best growth.

2. Radiating Dracula

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 2

Botanical Name- Dracula radiosa

Another of the mesmerizing flowers that look like monkeys is Dracula radiosa. It’s popular for flowers that mimic the appearance of a monkey’s face. This plant is a part of the large Orchidaceae family.

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3. Monkey Orchid

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 3

Botanical Name- Orchis simia

Orchis simia is a tuberous geophyte adorned with pink and white captivating blooms. The lobed petals of its flowers look strikingly similar to a monkey’s physique, hence the name monkey orchid.

4. Saul’s Dracula

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 4

Botanical Name- Dracula Saulii

Amp up the wow factor of your garden with this Dracula variety. It boasts flowers that resemble a primate’s face. Blooms’ unique appearance makes this plant a popular attraction among nature enthusiasts and photographers.

5. Bennedict’s Dracula

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 5

Botanical Name- Dracula benedictii

Named after ‘Benedict Roezl,’ Dracula benedictii is known for its uncanny monkey face appearance. Its flowers mimic a primate’s face, complete with eyes, nose, and mouth. This orchid variety prompts double-takes from those who encounter it.

6. The Clown Dracula

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 6

Botanical name- Dracula lotax

This eye-grabbing orchid species bears a single 8 cm wide gorgeous white bloom in the spring. It prefers partial shade and regular watering. Ensure to keep the potting media moist.

7. The Vampire-Like Dracula

Flowers That Look Like Monkeys 7

Botanical Name- Dracula vampira

Native to Ecuador, the Dracula vampira is popular for its blackish-purple bloom that looks identical to a monkey’s face. As an epiphyte, D. vampira thrives not in soil but on tree trunks in forested mountains.

8. The Devilish Dracula

The Devilish Dracula

Botanical Name – Dracula diabola

The vibrant reddish purple flower of this orchid species blooms from spring to summer. This peculiar plant belongs to the genus Dracula and Orchidaceae family. It’s an epiphyte that thrives at elevations between 2200 and 2600 meters in the Eastern Cordillera.

9. The Gigantic Dracula

The Gigantic Dracula

Botanical Name – Dracula gigas

The eye-grabbing flowers of this orchid resemble the facial features of a primate. This plant exhibits its single, 10 cm wide blossom from spring through fall. It shares the common name ‘Monkey orchid’ with the orchis simia.

10. The Threatening Dracula

The Threatening Dracula

Botanical Name – Dracula minax

Found in Columbia, Dracula minax is cultivated by gardening enthusiasts for its showy monkey-face-like blossoms. It’s also known as ‘The Threatening Dracula.’

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