39 Flowers that Start with B

Explore this list of Flowers that Start with B and broaden your knowledge of the botanical world!

These enchanting Flowers that Start with “B” are best for gardens, landscapes, and various other spaces. Read on to learn more about them!

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Flowers that Start with B

1. Bougainvillea

Flowers that Start with B 1

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea glabra

Bougainvillea is a prolific flowering vine known for its vibrant bracts that come in shades of pink, purple, orange, and red. These showy blooms add a splash of color to gardens and trellises.

2. Blue Water Lily

Flowers that Start with B 2

Botanical Name: Nymphaea nouchali

The blue water lily is an aquatic plant with stunning blue or purple flowers that float elegantly on still waters, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity.

3. BalsamFlowers that Start with B 3

Botanical Name: Impatiens

Balsam is a colorful annual flower that bears orchid-like blooms in shades of pink, red, purple, and white, bringing joy to gardens.

4. Bird of ParadiseFlowers that Start with B 3

Botanical Name: Strelitzia

The Bird of Paradise flower, with its striking resemblance to a colorful bird in flight, is native to South Africa. It is widely cultivated in gardens for its unique and exotic appearance.

5. Bachelor’s ButtonFlowers that Start with B 5

Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

Bachelor’s button is a charming wildflower featuring blue, pink, or white button-like blooms, adding characters to meadows and gardens. They look appealing and are stunning flowers that start with B.

6. Butterfly PeaFlowers that Start with B 6

Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

Butterfly pea is an enchanting climbing plant that showcases striking blue flowers, traditionally used to make herbal teas and as a natural food coloring agent.

7. Blazing StarFlowers that Start with B 7

Botanical Name: Liatris spicata

A blazing star, also called “Gayfeather,” is a tall, slender flower spike with vibrant purple or white flowers that attract butterflies and bees to landscapes.

8. BellflowerFlowers that Start with B 8

Botanical Name: Campanula

Bellflowers are bell-shaped blooms in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white, adding a touch of charm and elegance to landscapes and gardens.

9. Blue Jacaranda

Flowers that Start with B 9Botanical Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia

Blue jacaranda, known for its stunning purple-blue trumpet-shaped flowers, looks breathtaking during the flowering season.

10. Baby’s Breath

Flowers that Start with B 10

Botanical Name: Gypsophila

Baby’s breath offers delicate blooms with tiny white or pink blooms, often used in beautiful floral arrangements to add texture and grace.

11. BluebellFlowers that Start with B 11

Botanical Name: Hyacinthoides

The bluebell is a rare and exquisite wildflower, famously blooming once every 12 years, transforming the landscape into a breathtaking sea of blue.

12. Butterfly Ginger Lily

Flowers that Start with B 12

Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium

The butterfly ginger lily exudes a delightful fragrance and showcases white, butterfly-shaped flowers used in weddings and garlands.

13. Blood LilyFlowers that Start with B 13

Botanical Name: Scadoxus multiflorus

The blood Lily, also known as “Haemanthus,” features large, red, globular flowers that make a bold statement in landscapes and gardens.

14. Bracteantha

Flowers that Start with B 14

Botanical Name: Xerochrysum bracteatum

Bracteantha displays papery bracts in vibrant colors, often used in handicrafts and floral decorations. It is one of the most amazing flowers that starts with B.

15. Bastard Teak

Flowers that Start with B 15

Botanical Name: Butea Monosperma

This is a deciduous tree bearing bright orange-red flowers that blooms beautifully and is one of the best flowers that starts with B.

16. Balloon FlowerFlowers that Start with B 16

Botanical Name: Platycodon grandiflorus

The balloon flower, with its balloon-like buds that pop open into star-shaped flowers, adds a touch of whimsy to gardens. They are known for their beautiful and graceful appeal.

17. Bur MarigoldFlowers that Start with B 17

Botanical Name: Bidens

Bur Marigold showcases bright yellow flowers with toothed petals and is commonly used for traditional medicinal purposes.

18. Barleria

Flowers that Start with B 18

Botanical Name: Barleria prionitia

Barleria bears showy flowers in shades of purple, blue, and white, attracting butterflies and bees to gardens.

19. Baboon Flower

Flowers that Start with B 19

Botanical Name: Babiana stricta

The babiana, also known as the “Baboon Flower,” produces spikes of fragrant blooms in various colors, including shades of blue, purple, and pink.

20. BasellaFlowers that Start with B 20

Botanical Name: Basella Alba

Basella, commonly called “Malabar Spinach,” is an edible leafy vine with pink or white flowers and is a popular ingredient in the cuisines of various nations.

21. Brachycome

Flowers that Start with B 21

Botanical Name: Brachyscome iberidifolia

Brachycome, also known as “Swan River Daisy,” produces dainty, daisy-like flowers in shades of blue, pink, and white. They look stunning in any gardens.

22. Butterfly Bush Flowers that Start with B 22

Botanical Name: Buddleja davidii

Buddleia, commonly known as the “Butterfly Bush,” attracts butterflies and bees with its fragrant, nectar-rich flowers in purple, pink, and white shades.

23. BauhiniaFlowers that Start with B 23

Botanical Name: Bauhinia blakeana

Bauhinia, the “Orchid Tree,” is famous for its large, orchid-like flowers in shades of pink, white, and purple, often used in culinary preparations.

24. Balsam PearFlowers that Start with B 24

Botanical Name: Momordica charantia

Balsam pear bears yellow, star-shaped flowers followed by oblong fruits used in cuisine for their medicinal properties in many nations.

25. Bush Violet

Flowers that Start with B 25

Botanical Name: Browallia speciosa

The browallia, with its delicate blue, purple, or white flowers, adds a touch of elegance to hanging baskets. They are stunning flowers that start with B.

26. Blue SageFlowers that Start with B 26

Botanical Name: Salvia farinacea

Blue sage, or “Mealy Cup Sage,” displays spikes of blue, tubular flowers, attracting pollinators and adding color to outdoor spaces.

27. Baby Snapdragon

Flowers that Start with B 27

Botanical Name: Linaria maroccana

Baby Snapdragon, also known as “Toadflax,” bears small, snapdragon-like flowers in various colors, adding charm to gardens and landscapes.

28. Bridal Wreath

Bridal Wreath

Botanical Name: Spiraea prunifolia

The bridal wreath, with its cascading clusters of white flowers, is a popular ornamental shrub used in various landscapes and wedding decorations.

29. Buttercup


Botanical Name: Ranunculus

The buttercup, with its bright yellow, cup-shaped flowers, symbolizes sunshine and joy, making it a delightful addition.

30. Bat Flower

Bat Flower

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

The bat flower, with its unique, bat-shaped bracts and long whiskers, is an intriguing and rare flower that adds drama and character.

31. Belladonna Lily

Belladonna LilyBotanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna

Belladonna Lily, also known as “Jerusalem Lily,” bears stunning, trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of pink, white, and red.

32. Bolivian Begonia

Bolivian BegoniaBotanical Name: Begonia boliviensis

Commonly known as “Bolivian Begonia,” these flowers that start with B are trailing plants. They have pendulous clusters of bright orange or red flowers, adding a burst of color to hanging baskets and garden edges.

33. Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy

Botanical Name: Felicia amelloides

Blue daisy, or “Kingfisher Daisy,” is a delightful perennial with small, daisy-like blue flowers, perfect for borders, rock gardens, and landscapes.

34. Balloon Vine

Balloon VineBotanical Name: Cardiospermum halicacabum

Balloon Vine produces small, greenish-white flowers followed by inflated seed pods resembling miniature balloons.

35. Bignay

BignayBotanical Name: Antidesma bunius

Bignay, or “Bignai,” is a fruit-bearing tree with tiny, inconspicuous flowers and clusters of juicy, tart fruits enjoyed for their culinary uses. They are stunning flowers that start with B.

36. Bottlebrush

BottlebrushBotanical Name: Callistemon

Bottlebrush, named for its cylindrical, brush-like flowers, adds a touch of vibrancy to the landscape and gardens with its red, pink, or white flower spikes.

37. Bell Orchid

Bell Orchid

Botanical Name: Grammatophyllum scriptum

Bell Orchid, or “Hyacinth Orchid,” is a terrestrial orchid with bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple, or white, a rare beauty found in the forests.

38. Bloodroot

BloodrootBotanical Name: Sanguinaria canadensis

Bloodroot, or “Red Puccoon,” is a woodland wildflower with white flowers and red sap used by indigenous communities for traditional purposes.

39. Brazillian Plume

Brazillian PlumeBotanical Name: Justicia carnea

Brazillian Plume, or “Jacobinia,” displays showy, tubular flowers in shades of pink, red, and white, adding a tropical touch to the gardens.

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