77 Best Flowers That Start with H

Add character and a splash of color to your garden with these attractive Flowers That Start With H. Don’t miss out!

When seeking something a little different for your garden, don’t overlook this list of Flowers That Start with the letter H. These blooms not only offer vibrant colors and pleasing aromas but also enhance visual appeal.

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Flowers that Start with H

1. Heirloom RoseFlowers that Start with H 1

Botanical Names: Rosa gallica var. officinalis

Heirloom roses boast a timeless appeal with various colors and fragrances. They symbolize love and elegance, making them cherished choices for gardens and bouquets.

2. HoyaFlowers that Start with H 2

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

Hoyas, also known as Wax Flowers or Porcelain Flowers, features waxy, star-shaped blooms in shades of pink, white, and red. Their trailing vines and captivating scent add allure to indoor spaces.

3. HelleboreFlowers that Start with H 3

Botanical Name: Helleborus orientalis

Hellebores enchants gardens with cup-shaped flowers in white, pink, purple, and green hues. These early bloomers bring enchantment to winter landscapes.

4. Heliotrope

Flowers that Start with H 4

Botanical Name: Heliotropium arborescens

Heliotropes, known as Cherry Pie Plants, emit clusters of tiny, fragrant flowers in shades of purple and blue. Their scent resembles cherry pie, making them popular choices for gardens and containers.

5. HibiscusFlowers that Start with H 5

Botanical Name: Hibiscus spp.

Hibiscus, renowned for its showy trumpet-shaped flowers, encompasses tropical and hardy varieties. Their vivid colors, including red, pink, orange, and yellow, bring a touch of the exotic to gardens.

6. HoneysuckleFlowers that Start with H 6

Botanical Name: Lonicera spp.

Honeysuckles captivate with their tubular, fragrant flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink, and orange. Its blossoms attract hummingbirds and pollinators.

7. HyacinthFlowers that Start with H 7

Botanical Name: Hyacinthus orientalis

Hyacinths display clusters of fragrant, bell-shaped flowers on sturdy spikes. Available in vibrant hues, they fill the air with a delightful aroma and herald the arrival of spring.

8. HeatherFlowers that Start with H 8

Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris

Heathers are low-growing shrubs with pink, purple, and white bell-shaped blooms. These hardy plants thrive in acidic soils and convey admiration and good fortune.

9. HollyhockFlowers That Start with H 9

Botanical Name: Alcea rosea

Hollyhocks stand tall as perennials, bearing spires of large, open flowers in various colors. These classic cottage garden favorites evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance.

10. Helianthus

Flowers That Start with H 10

Botanical Name: Helianthus spp.

Helianthus, better known as Sunflowers, radiate positivity with their golden petals surrounding a dark center. Tracking the sun’s path, they create a cheerful, vibrant display.

11. Helleborine OrchidFlowers That Start with H 11

Botanical Name: Epipactis spp.

Helleborine orchids exhibit intricate, colorful blooms with unique lips and charming patterns. These terrestrial orchids grace woodlands and meadows, captivating observers.

12. HeleniumFlowers That Start with H 12

Botanical Name: Helenium spp.

Heleniums, or Sneezeweed, burst forth in warm shades of red, orange, and yellow, resembling miniature fireworks. These native perennials attract butterflies, enlivening gardens.

13. Himalayan BalsamFlowers That Start with H 13

Botanical Name: Impatiens glandulifera

Himalayan balsam showcases pink flowers that start with H. Thriving in damp environments; it adds a touch of elegance to stream banks.

14. Hesperantha

Flowers That Start with H 14

Botanical Name: Hesperantha coccinea

Hesperanthas, also known as Kaffir Lilies or River Lilies, produce spikes of iris-like flowers in red, pink, and white. These late-blooming perennials lend elegance to autumn landscapes.

15. Hardy FuchsiaFlowers That Start with H 15

Botanical Name: Fuchsia magellanica

Hardy fuchsias dangle tubular flowers in shades of pink and purple. These versatile shrubs attract hummingbirds and thrive in various garden settings.

16. Hosta

Flowers That Start with H 16

Botanical Name: Hosta plantaginea

Hostas stand out for their bold foliage and spikes of bell-shaped flowers in white, lavender, and blue. These shade-loving perennials add texture and elegance to gardens.

17. Horned Poppy

Flowers That Start with H 17

Botanical Name: Glaucium flavum

Horned Poppies boast large, striking orange flowers and distinctive grayish foliage. Thriving in coastal environments, they bring a touch of the exotic to seaside gardens.

18. Horned VioletFlowers That Start with H 18

Botanical Name: Viola cornuta

Horned violets showcase delicate violet flowers adorned with unique horn-like spurs. These low-growing perennials thrive in rock gardens and lend an air of sophistication.

19. Hen and ChicksFlowers That Start with H 19

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

Hen and Chicks create rosettes of succulent leaves, occasionally producing star-like flowers. Hardy and resilient, they flourish in various conditions, adding texture to landscapes.

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20. Hedge Bindweed

Flowers That Start with H 20

Botanical Name: Calystegia sepium

Hedge bindweed, also known as Wild Morning Glory, exhibits funnel-shaped flowers in shades of white and pink. These climbers with heart-shaped leaves add charm to gardens.

21. Hottentot FigFlowers That Start with H 21

Botanical Name: Carpobrotus edulis

Hottentot fig boasts succulent foliage and showy, daisy-like flowers in pink, purple, and white shades. Coastal environments provide an ideal habitat for these groundcovers.

22. Hairy Butterwort

Flowers That Start with H 22

Botanical Name: Pinguicula villosa

Hairy butterwort features carnivorous leaves and delicate purple flowers. Flourishing in nutrient-poor soils, these plants capture insects for nourishment.

23. Hyssop

Flowers That Start with H 23

Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis

Hyssop reveals spikes of aromatic, tiny flowers in shades of blue, pink, and white. Known for medicinal and culinary uses, it attracts pollinators and adds charm to gardens.

24. Heavenly BambooFlowers That Start with H 24

Botanical Name: Nandina domestica

Heavenly bamboo is an evergreen shrub native to East Asia. It features delicate clusters of white or light pink star-shaped flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer. Despite its name, it’s a woody shrub with slender, cane-like stems and feathery, compound leaves.

25. Hanging Lobster Claw

Flowers That Start with H 25

Botanical Name: Heliconia rostrata

The hanging lobster claw boasts striking, pendulous bracts in vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors. Native to tropical regions, it evokes visions of lush landscapes.

26. Harlequin Glorybower

Harlequin Glorybower

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum trichotomum

Harlequin glory bower wows with aromatic, star-shaped white flowers and metallic blue fruit. This deciduous shrub adds a touch of elegance to gardens.

27. HedychiumFlowers That Start with H 26

Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium

Hedychiums, called Ginger Lilies, impress with spikes of showy white, pink, and orange flowers. They thrive in warm climates.

28. HollowrootFlowers That Start with H 27

Botanical Name: Corydalis sempervirens

Hollowroot showcases clusters of delicate, tubular flowers in shades of pink and white. These perennial wildflowers are common in woodlands and shady gardens.

29. Himalayan Blue PoppyFlowers That Start with H 28

Botanical Name: Meconopsis betonicifolia

Himalayan blue poppies captivate with their striking blue petals and contrasting yellow centers. These temperamental perennials require specific conditions and reward with exquisite blooms.

30. Himalayan HoneysuckleFlowers That Start with H 29

Botanical Name: Lonicera glabrata

Himalayan honeysuckle graces gardens with drooping clusters of white flowers that start with H, followed by purple-black berries. This deciduous shrub attracts birds and pollinators.

31. Harebell

Flowers That Start with H 30

Botanical Name: Campanula rotundifolia

Harebells, or Bluebells of Scotland, sway gently on slender stems, bearing bell-shaped flowers in hues of blue and purple. They bring grace and charm to meadows and rocky slopes.

32. HepaticaHepatica

Botanical Name: Hepatica spp.

The Hepatica genus bears delicate, star-shaped flowers that bloom in early spring. The plant has leathery, evergreen foliage that turns a russet to purple in the fall. It’s an excellent addition to woodland gardens or shaded areas.

33. Honesty PlantHonesty Plant

Botanical Name: Lunaria annua

Honesty plants exhibit delicate purple flowers that start with H. These biennials add visual interest and charm to gardens.

34. Hound’s TongueHound's Tongue

Botanical Name: Cynoglossum officinale

The hound’s tongue showcases clusters of small reddish-purple flowers. This herbaceous plant flourishes in shaded areas.

35. House LeekHouse Leek

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

House leeks form rosettes of succulent leaves, occasionally producing star-like flowers. Resilient and adaptable, they thrive on rooftops, walls, and rocky gardens.

36. Hyacinth Orchid

Hyacinth Orchid

Botanical Name: Bletilla striata

Hyacinth Orchids are enchanted with intricate, fragrant flowers resembling hyacinth blooms. These terrestrial orchids thrive in various habitats, offering a unique allure.

37. HymenocallisHymenocallis

Botanical Name: Hymenocallis spp.

Hymenocallis, also known as Spider Lilies, display elegant, white, spidery blooms with a sweet fragrance. These bulbs thrive in warm climates and evoke a sense of elegance.

38. HypericumHypericum

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum

Hypericums, or St. John’s Wort, unveil cheerful yellow flowers that transition to berries. These shrubs hold significance in herbal medicine and add charm to gardens.

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39. Hypoxis


Botanical Name: Hypoxis hemerocallidea

Hypoxis, also known as Star Grass, exhibits star-like, yellow flowers atop grass-like foliage. These perennials add a touch of wild beauty to meadows and natural settings.

40. Hyssop-leaved Thoroughwort

Hyssop-leaved Thoroughwort

Botanical Name: Eupatorium hyssopifolium

Hyssop-leaved Thoroughwort showcases clusters of small, white flowers that attract pollinators. Native to North America, it thrives in open woodlands and prairies.

41. Hydrangea


Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens

Hydrangea arborescens, commonly known as Smooth Hydrangea, features globes of white flowers that start with H. These versatile shrubs thrive in various garden styles and soil types.

42. Hyacinth BeanHyacinth Bean

Botanical Name: Lablab purpureus

Hyacinth Beans unfurl spires of pea-like flowers in pink, purple, and white shades. These climbing vines add color and texture to vertical spaces.

43. Hyptis


Botanical Name: Hyptis spp.

Hyptis, also known as Bushmint, boasts spikes of small, tubular flowers in lavender, pink, or white shades. These aromatic plants attract butterflies and pollinators.

44. Hemlock Parsley

Hemlock Parsley

Botanical Name: Conioselinum chinense

Hemlock Parsley displays clusters of white flowers on slender stems. This native perennial prefers damp woodlands and adds a delicate touch to shaded gardens.

45. Houstonia


Botanical Name: Houstonia caerulea

Houstonias, also called Quaker Ladies or Bluets, unveil delicate, star-like flowers in shades of blue and white. These low-growing wildflowers thrive in open woods and meadows.

46. Hesperaloe


Botanical Name: Hesperaloe spp.

Hesperaloes, also known as Red Yuccas, feature spiky foliage and tall stalks of tubular flowers that start with H. Native to arid regions, they add a touch of drama to landscapes.

47. Hoary Alyssum

Hoary Alyssum

Botanical Name: Berteroa incana

Hoary Alyssum produces small, white flowers atop grayish foliage. These wildflowers thrive in disturbed areas and contribute to pollinator habitats.

48. HelichrysumHelichrysum

Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysums, Strawflowers, or Everlasting Flowers boast papery blooms in various colors. Their long-lasting nature makes them popular for dried arrangements.

49. Hairy Goldenaster

Hairy Goldenaster

Botanical Name: Heterotheca villosa

Hairy Goldenaster captivates with yellow, daisy-like flowers and soft, hairy foliage. Native to North America, it contributes to fall landscapes with its bright display.

50. Huguenot LilyHuguenot Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium candidum

Huguenot Lilies showcase clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers that start with H. These bulbs bring a touch of elegance to late summer and early autumn gardens.

51. Heartleaf BergeniaHeartleaf Bergenia

Botanical Name: Bergenia cordifolia

Heartleaf Bergenias boast pink or white flower clusters above glossy, heart-shaped leaves. These low-maintenance perennials thrive in shade and contribute to ground cover.

52. Himalayan BellflowerHimalayan Bellflower

Botanical Name: Campanula latifolia

Himalayan Bellflower, or Bonnet Bellflower, reveals bell-shaped flowers in shades of blue or white. Native to Asia, it adds a touch of grace to woodland gardens.

53. Halimium


Botanical Name: Halimium spp.

Halimiums, also called Rock Roses, display bright yellow or pink flowers that start with H. These shrubs thrive in dry, sunny conditions and contribute to Mediterranean-inspired gardens.

54. Hymenantha


Botanical Name: Hymenantha spp.

Hymenanthas, or Wax Currant, bears clusters of bell-shaped flowers in shades of white or pink. These native shrubs attract birds and pollinators.

55. HemiphragmaHemiphragma

Botanical Name: Hemiphragma heterophyllum

Hemiphragmas, known as Climbing Snapdragon, exhibit delicate, tubular flowers that start with H. These climbers thrive in woodland environments, adding vertical interest.

56. Hooker’s LipsHooker's Lips

Botanical Name: Palicourea elata

Hooker’s Lips, also called Hot Lips Plant, flaunt vibrant, lips-shaped red bracts. Native to tropical regions, they add a playful touch to rainforest ecosystems.

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57. Highbush Blueberry

Highbush Blueberry

Botanical Name: Vaccinium corymbosum

Highbush blueberry showcases small, bell-shaped white or pinkish blooms that appear in groups. The plant is a deciduous shrub with oval, green leaves that can grow up to 12 feet tall, producing round blueberries when mature.

58. Halberd-leaved Rosemallow

Halberd-leaved Rosemallow

Botanical Name: Hibiscus laevis

Halberd-leaved rosemallows boasts large, pale pink or white flowers with maroon centers. These native perennials attract pollinators and thrive in wetland habitats.

59. HolmskioldiaHolmskioldia

Botanical Name: Holmskioldia sanguinea

Holmskioldias, known as Chinese Hat Plant, unveil clusters of unique, hat-like flowers that start with H. These shrubs add a touch of whimsy to gardens.

60. Heliotrope Tree

Heliotrope Tree

Botanical Name: Heliotropium foertherianum

Heliotrope Trees, also called Heliotrope Bushes, emit clusters of fragrant flowers in shades of purple and blue. Their sweet scent adds allure to outdoor spaces.

61. Horned Rampion

Horned Rampion

Botanical Name: Phyteuma scheuchzeri

Sporting globular heads of purplish-blue flowers that start with H, the horned rampion is native to European mountain ranges.

62. HedysarumHedysarum

Botanical Name: Hedysarum spp.

Hedysarums, or Sweet Vetches, exhibit pea-like flowers in pink, purple, or white shades. These leguminous plants enrich soils and contribute to ecosystems.

63. HoheriaHoheria

Botanical Name: Hoheria angustifolia

Hoherias, or Lacebarks, unveil clusters of white or pink flowers that start with H. These trees contribute to landscapes with their attractive foliage and showy blooms.

64. Hooker’s Orchid CactusHooker’s Orchid Cactus

Botanical Name: Epiphyllum hookeri

The hooker’s orchid cactus has large, fragrant white flowers that open at night. This plant is characterized by its flat, elongated green stems and is popular as an easy-to-care-for ornamental houseplant.

65. HemigraphisHemigraphis

Botanical Name: Strobilanthes alternata

Hemigraphis plants, known as Waffle Plants, feature textured leaves in pink, purple, or green shades. Its ornamental foliage plants add visual interest to indoor settings.

66. Hermannia


Botanical Name: Hermannia spp.

Hermannias showcase delicate, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink or white. These wildflowers contribute to floral diversity in various habitats.

67. Hyacinth Squill

Hyacinth Squill

Botanical Name: Scilla hyacinthoides

Hyacinth squill presents clusters of bell-shaped blue flowers and is often mistaken for the more common Hyacinth. It can be found in meadows and prefers well-drained soil.

68. Holly-Leaved HoveaHolly-Leaved Hovea

Botanical Name: Hovea chorizemifolia

This Australian native plant is adorned with purple, pea-like flowers. Holly-leaved hovea thrives in sandy soils and can withstand drought conditions.

69. Hawkweed


Botanical Name: Hieracium spp.

Hawkweed flowers resemble small dandelions and come in shades of yellow and orange. These perennials are native to Northern Europe and parts of Asia.

70. Hoary StockHoary Stock

Botanical Name: Matthiola incana

Hoary stock is known for its clove-like fragrance and clusters of four-petaled white, purple, or pink flowers. This annual or biennial is often used in cottage gardens.

71. Honeywort


Botanical Name: Cerinthe major

Honeywort is admired for its tubular, purple-blue flowers and waxy, bluish-green foliage. It’s drought-tolerant and attracts pollinators.

72. Heartsease


Botanical Name: Viola tricolor

This wild pansy features multicolored flowers in purple, yellow, and white. Its vibrant Flowers that start with H make it a notable mention in this list.

73. Hummingbird Sage

Hummingbird Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia spathacea

This California native produces magenta-colored flower spikes and is particularly attractive to hummingbirds.

74. Himalayan Knotweed

Himalayan Knotweed

Botanical Name: Persicaria wallichii

Characterized by its slender spikes of white or pink flowers, this perennial is often found near rivers and streams.

75. Hop Clover

Hop Clover


Botanical Name: Trifolium campestre

This low-growing plant bears tiny, yellow, clover-like flowers. The hop clover is often found in lawns and pastures.

76. Herb Robert

Herb Robert

Botanical Name: Geranium robertianum

Popular for its pink flowers and medicinal uses, Herb Robert thrives in shady spots and emits a pungent odor when crushed.

77. Hollyhock Mallow Hollyhock Mallow

Botanical Name: Malva alcea

These plants offer bright pink or white Flowers That Start with H. The hollyhock mallow plant needs sunny spots for prolific growth.

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