12 Fruits That Look Like a Tomato But Isn’t

Intrigued by fruits that share the tomato’s looks but not its taste? Find out more about Fruits That Look Like a Tomato below!

Ever been fooled by Fruits That Look Like a Tomato? While tomatoes are a common sight in gardens and grocery stores, there are other fruits like bittersweet nightshade that catch the eye due to their similar hue and shape. But don’t let looks deceive you; each of these fruits has its own unique characteristics that make them worth exploring.

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Fruits That Look Like a Tomato

1. Litchi Tomato

Fruits That Look Like a Tomato 1

Botanical Name: Solanum Sisymbriifolium

Solanum Sisymbriifolium produces small, vibrant red fruits that look like a tomato. Unlike the smooth surface of regular tomatoes, these little orbs are covered in tiny spines, adding a touch of intrigue to the garden.

2. Goldenberry

Fruits That Look Like a Tomato 2
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Botanical Name: Physalis Peruviana

Goldenberry is an annual plant bearing unique fruits which looks like tomatoes in size and shape. Its fruit’s distinct golden-yellow to orange skin and papery husk set this plant apart. Goldenberry not only adds a burst of color to your plate but also offers a nutritious boost to the diet.

3. Bittersweet Nightshade

Fruits That Look Like a Tomato 3

Botanical Name: Solanum Dulcamara

Bittersweet nightshade is a fruit that looks like a green tomato. Part of the Solanaceae family, this berry is toxic and should not be consumed. The fruit grows on a vine and turns from green to a deep, shiny red when mature.

4. EggplantFruits That Look Like a Tomato 4

Botanical Name: Solanum melongena

Eggplants are annuals that offer edible, glossy fruits in various shapes, colors, and sizes, some resembling miniature tomatoes. Fruits of eggplants are prized for their culinary versatility and slightly tangy flavor.

5. Apple of SodomFruits That Look Like a Tomato 5

Botanical Name: Solanum Linnaeanum

Solanum Linnaeanum is a fruit often mistaken for a tomato due to its appearance.  However, the apple of sodom stands out with its bright yellow hue at maturity. Like tomatoes, it belongs to the Nightshade family but is unsuitable for consumption.

6. American Black NightshadeFruits That Look Like a Tomato 6

Botanical Name: Solanum Americanum

American black nightshade produces small berries that mimic tomatoes in shape and color. Unlike tomatoes, the American black nightshade is toxic to humans and livestock. That’s why avoid this tomato looking fruit.

7. TamarilloTamarillo

Botanical Name: Solanum Betaceum

Solanum Betaceum, or tamarillo, is a fruit that looks like tomato. It is part of the nightshade family, just like tomatoes. However, the flavor profile sets it apart: it offers a mix of sweet and tart tastes. The tamarillo comes in different colors, including red, with a smooth, egg-shaped exterior.

8. Horsenettle


Botanical Name: Solanum carolinense

Horsenettle is a perennial plant found primarily in the central and southern United States. It produces yellow or green berries that become wrinkly when ripe. While the berries might evoke thoughts of a tomato at a glance, they are toxic and should not be consumed.

9. Strawberry Tomato

Strawberry Tomato

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicoides

Solanum lycopersicoides is a unique fruit that belongs to the same Solanaceae family as the tomato. At first glance, this fruit might look like a small tomato because of its round shape and reddish hue. However, it’s not a culinary substitute for tomatoes. It’s primarily used in breeding programs to enhance the characteristics of other Solanum species.

10. Cherry of the Rio GrandeCherry of the Rio Grande

Botanical Name: Eugenia involucrata

Endemic to Brazil, the Cherry of the Rio Grande is an evergreen shrub. Its fruit catches the eye with a vibrant red hue and round shape, much like a tomato. However, the taste and nutritional profile make this plant quite distinct. It’s an excellent addition to fruits that look like a tomato.

11. Barbados CherryBarbados Cherry

Botanical Name: Malpighia emarginata

Barbados cherries, with their bright red fruits, have a striking resemblance to tomatoes. They are admired for their tart and tangy flavor, packed with vitamin C, adding visual and nutritional appeal to any garden.

12. Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Persimmon

Botanical Name: Diospyros kaki

Japanese persimmon is a fruit that can be easily confused with a tomato at first glance. It has a bright orange and a round shape. However, the similarities end there. Unlike a tomato, this sweet fruit is sweet and can be used in desserts as well.

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