13 Best Gun Closet Ideas

Need inspiration for Gun Closet Ideas? From biometric safes to lockable racks, this guide offers creative solutions for firearm storage!

Streamline your firearm storage with these clever Gun Closet Ideas. These ideas will help keep the firearms secure and complement the home’s interior.

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Gun Closet Ideas

1. Lockable Gun Rack

Secure your firearms with a lockable gun rack. This setup ensures the safety of the weapons and prevents unauthorized access. Choose a rack that goes well with your gun closet decor.

2. LED Lighting


Enhance visibility inside your gun closet with LED lighting. There are multiple lighting options to choose from. This addition also amps up the aesthetic appeal of the firearms collection.

3. Biometric SafeBest Gun Closet Ideas 3

A biometric safe within the gun closet is an excellent option for storing handguns and other valuable firearms. This provides quick access but also ensures high-level security with fingerprint recognition technology.

4. Pegboard Firearms Organizer

Make the most of your empty gun closet walls with a pegboard organizer. This setup is perfect for hanging revolvers, holsters, magazines, ammo cans, and rifles.

5. Glass Display Cabinets

Want an elegant display station in your gun closet? A glass-fronted wooden cabinet is the best choice. This furniture is a visually appealing way to showcase antique or collectible firearms.

6. Picture Frame Hidden Gun Safe

Picture Frame Hidden Gun Safe

Watch this video tutorial to build a hidden gun storage disguised as a picture frame. It’s a clever and discreet option for storing valuable or sensitive items.

7. Accessory Bins

Small plastic bins are what you need to store and organize gun accessories like scopes, slings, and magazines. You can label each bin for easy and quick identification.

8. Stackable Storage ContainerBest Gun Closet Ideas 9

If DIYing is not your strong suit, stackable plastic storage containers are the best bet for organizing ammunition and guns. The best part is that these bins are affordable and require no installation.

9. Hidden Wall Safe Behind Mirror

Looking for a highly secure and discreet storage option for firearms in your gun closet? A wall safe installed behind a mirror is a brilliant choice. However, it’s not a cost-effective option in this list of gun closet ideas.

10. Corner Gun RackBest Gun Closet Ideas 13

Make the most of the underused corner space of your gun closet with a custom corner gun rack. This space-efficient wooden rack can hold multiple rifles quite easily.

11. Floating Secrete Pistol Gun Shelf

Floating Secrete Pistol Gun Shelf

Follow this video tutorial to create a floating shelf with a hidden storage compartment for corraling pistols and handguns. You only need wood, cutting tools, some hardware, and woodworking skills for this project.

12. Wooden Gun Concealment ClockBest Gun Closet Ideas 15

Equipped with a hidden compartment, this wooden wall clock is a quirky handgun storage that enhances visual interest.

13. Decorative Wooden Gun MountBest Gun Closet Ideas 17

Use wooden decorative gun mounts for displaying vintage or ornamental firearms, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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