35 Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves

Enhance your bland living space with the intricate beauty of these stunning Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves!

Are you looking to bring a slice of the outdoors into your home? These Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves are an exceptional choice. Read on to know more!

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Indoor Plants With Green and White Leaves

1. Zebra Plant

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 1

Botanical Name: Aphelandra squarrosa

Native to Brazil, the zebra plant shows off with its variegated dark green and white foliage. This plant can grow up to heights 6.’ It thrives in bright indirect light and well-drained acidic potting medium

2. Satin Pothos

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Satin’

Satin pothos showcases heart-shaped foliage with silver-white markings. This trailing vine looks great on hanging containers or as a cascading accent on shelves and bookcases.

3. Variegated Dwarf Triangle Fig

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 3Botanical Name: Ficus triangularis ‘Variegata’

This Fig variety has small, triangular green leaves with creamy white edges. Its compact size and attractive foliage make it a charming addition to small spaces and windowsills.

4. White Knight PhilodendronIndoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘White Knight’

This philodendron variety has glossy, deep green leaves with white veins. It does well in bright, indirect light and requires well-aerated soil for optimal growth.

5. Ocean Spider Plant

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 6

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum ‘Ocean’

The ocean spider plant features green foliage with creamy-white stripes in the center and a cascading habit. It loves indirect light and a well-draining potting medium for lush growth.

6. Aloe White Beauty

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 7

Botanical Name: Aloe ‘White Beauty’

The aloe white beauty displays attractive white speckles all over its green leafage. It thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

7. Aloma Ivy

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 8

Botanical Name: Hedera helix ‘Aloma Ivy’

Aloma ivy is a trailing plant with green leaves featuring pale yellow edges. It grows best in moderate to bright indirect sunlight and needs regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist.

8. Calathea White Fusion

Calathea orbifolia

Botanical Name: Calathea orbifolia

The calathea white fusion has creamy white stripes on green leaves. It prefers humid conditions and hates overwatering.

9. Watermelon Peperomia

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 9

Botanical Name: Peperomia argyreia

Watermelon peperomia has rounded, deep green leaves with watermelon-like white stripes. It thrives in moderate light and well-draining soil for better growth.

10. Picasso Peace Lily

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 10

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum ‘Picasso’

This gorgeous plant features variegated foliage in white, cream, and green. It not only beautifies the surroundings but is also an attractive focal point.

11. Hoya Krimson Queen

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 11

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’

Hoya krimson queen bears deep green foliage with white edges. It also produces beautiful pink flowers with a magenta center. As a vining plant, it’s a fantastic choice for hanging baskets and trellises.

12. Chinese Evergreen

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 12

Botanical Name: Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’

Admired by gardening enthusiasts for its white and green variegation, the Chinese evergreen plant is a sight to behold. It thrives in medium to bright indirect light and prefers evenly moist soil.

13. Philodendron BirkinIndoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 13

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Birkin’

Philodendron Birkin offers cordate deep green foliage with white veins. It enjoys bright, indirect light and well-draining potting mix. It’s ideal for desktops, tabletops, and shelves.

14. Marble Queen Pothos

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 14

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’

This pothos variety features heart-shaped leaves with beautiful white and green variegation. Keep this gorgeous plant where it can get plenty of bright, indirect sunlight.

15. Variegated Banana

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 15Botanical Name: Musa × paradisiaca ‘Ae Ae’

This rare foliar beauty is highlighted by its eye-grabbing long leaves in green and white shades. It needs semi-shade and regular watering.

16. Variegated Cast Iron Plant

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 16

Botanical Name: Aspidistra elatior ‘Okame’

Variegated cast iron plant showcases beautiful strap-like green foliage with white-creamy stripes. Native to Japan, this plant is an eye-catching centerpiece for any decor setting.

17. Aglaonema Snow White

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 17

Botanical Name: Aglaonema costatum

A captivating Aglaonema variety that displays uneven white-creamy spots on large deep green leafage. Its low-maintenance and shade-tolerance nature makes it a popular choice for indoor gardeners.

18. Green Lime HaworthiaIndoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 18

Botanical Name: Haworthia truncata ‘Green Lime Variegated’

Green lime haworthia is a small and stubby succulent with beautiful varicolored leaves. It’s one of the best indoor plants with white and green leaves.

19. Manjula PothosIndoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 19

Botanical Name: Epipremnum ‘Manjula’

Featuring heart-shaped leafage with white streaks, Manjula pothos is another compact variety, perfect for less spacious gardens.

20. Arizona SnowcapIndoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 20

Botanical Name: Mammillaria gracilis ‘Arizona Snowcap’

Spice up the look of your monotonous space with the green stems and white spines of this cactus variety. This plant’s captivating appearance is sure to draw attention and admiration.

21. Caladium White Christmas

Indoor Plants With Green And White Leaves 21

Botanical Name: Caladium ‘White Christmas’

This captivating plant showcases white arrowhead-shaped foliage with green midrib, veins, and borders. It admires dappled light and well-draining soil for optimal foliar growth.

22. White CapWhite Cap

Botanical Name: Caladium ‘White Cap’

‘White cap’ has heart-shaped green foliage with white variegation. The subtle variegation on its leaves adds a touch of elegance to any minimalist setting. It prefers partial shade to full shade and well-draining potting mix.

23. Variegated Syngonium

Variegated Syngonium

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum ‘Albo Variegata’

The white and green combination on the foliage makes it a must-have houseplant. This foliar specimen is easy to maintain and looks spectacular.

24. Aluminum PlantAluminum Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

The aluminum plant features glossy green leafage with white or silver patterns. Its shimmering foliage is what you need to add pizzazz indoors. Give this houseplant at least 3-5 hours of bright, indirect light daily to get the best hues.

25. Superba Nerve PlantSuperba Nerve Plant

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Superba’

This captivating botanical specimen bears vibrant green leaves with white midrib and veins. It’s a compact variety that looks amazing in hanging pots. Water the plant when the top soil is dry to the touch.

26. Zebra CactusZebra Cactus

Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis attenuata

Native to South Africa, the Zebra plant is a well-known succulent that displays rosettes of green leaves in white bands. It enjoys full sun or bright direct light and can tolerate low-light conditions.

27. Pothos N’JoyPothos N’Joy

Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum  ‘Njoy’

With blotchy white and green variegated cordate foliage, this pothos species has a vining growth habit. ‘Njoy’ pothos loves dappled light, high humidity, and warm temperatures. Its distinct look can add visual interest to any indoor setting.

28. White Splash Polka Dot Plant

White Splash Polka Dot Plant

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘White Splash’

This ornamental plant produces green leaves with white spots that resemble polka dots hence the name. Its delicate appearance and speckled foliage can go well with any home and office decor.

29. White Tiger Calathea

White Tiger CalatheaBotanical Name: Calathea albertii ‘White Tiger’

White tiger calathea has vibrant green foliage with white variegation that looks like waves. Introduce this plant in your living space for a pop of color.

30. Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus pumila variegata ‘Creeping Fig’

A striking addition to any indoor jungle, the creeping fig is adorned with small green leaves with white margins. This vining plant desires bright, indirect light for the best display. Its climbing nature creates beautiful living walls on trellises and moss poles.

31. Domino Peace Lily

Domino Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum wallisii ‘Domino’

This lush, low-maintenance houseplant offers green leafage with white stripy markings. Besides the attractive leaves, it produces mesmerizing white blooms as well. This plant needs bright, indirect sunlight when grown indoors.

32. White Wandering Jew

White Wandering Jew

Botanical Name: Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Variegata’

Prized for its white-striped green foliage, this variegated botanical beauty is an ideal choice for hanging containers and regular pots.

33. Albo Borsigiana Monstera

Albo Borsigiana Monstera

Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Borsigiana’

This striking monstera species showcases fenestrated green foliage with distinct white variegation. Introduce this plant in your living room or bedroom for added charm.

34. Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly

Botanical Name: Alocasia amazonica

A showy Alocasia variety highlighted by deep green leaves with white midrib and prominent veins. This stunning houseplant needs high humidity to thrive.

35. White Jewel Dracaena

White Jewel Dracaena

Botanical Name: Dracaena deremensis ‘White Jewel’

White jewel dracaena is one of the most captivating indoor plants with green and white leaves. Its attractive appearance makes it an excellent option for any home interior.

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