8 Peculiar Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds

Mother nature is full of surprises, and this exclusive list of Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds proves that again!

At first glance, you might mistake them for seeds, but these are cleverly disguised eggs of tiny creatures. Read on to know more about such Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds.

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Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds

1. Stink Bugs

Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds 1

Stink bugs eggs closely resemble seeds due to their shape and clustered pattern. These eggs are barrel-shaped with circular caps and are found in clusters on the leaves.

2. Ladybugs


Ladybug eggs, often mistaken for tiny seeds, are yellow and spindle-shaped in appearance. They are laid in clusters near aphid colonies and hatches between 2-10 days.

3. Squash Bugs

Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds 3

Squash bugs, Anasa tristis, are common garden pests that lay slightly oval, bronze to brick-red eggs in tight clusters on the leaves undersides. Due to their oval shape, the eggs contribute to their seed-like appearance.

4. Monarch Butterfly

Although smaller in size, around 0.9mm wide and 1.2mm high, the creamy yellow eggs of monarch butterfly mimics the appearance of seeds. These eggs are common on the milkweed leaves, their host plant.

5. Aphids

Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds 7

Aphids are small sap-sucking garden insects that lay seed-like eggs near the buds of Prunus trees. These 0.50 mm long and 0.25 mm wide eggs are initially green in hue and shiny black at maturity.

6. Katydid


3–6 mm long and gray in hue, katydid eggs look like seeds in structure due to their disk shape. These eggs are laid in neat two overlapping rows on the plant’s twigs and branches.

7. Green Lacewings

Insect Eggs That Look Like Seeds 9

Green lacewings deposit their pale green, oblong eggs on the ends of slender, hair-like stalks, usually on the undersides of leaves. Upon close examination, eggs of lacewings look quite similar to tiny seeds.

8. Stick Insects

Stick insect eggs are a wonderful example of nature’s mimicry, featuring seeds-like eggs due to their round, bumpy, textured surface. This disguise protects the eggs from predators.

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