14 Types of Orange Roses Varieties

Here are the most stunning Types of Orange Roses Varieties that will surely make your yard the best one on the block!

If you’re looking to add some warmth and brightness to your garden, these orange roses varieties are the best choice. They are great for gardens and floral arrangements.

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Types of Orange Roses Varieties

1. Amour de Molène Rose

Amour de Molène Rose

Botanical Name – Rosa ‘Amour de Molène’

‘Amour de Molène’ features fragrant salmon-orange flowers and semi-glossy, green foliage. This hybrid tea rose variety can grow up to 39″ to 43″ tall and 20″ to 2′ wide.

2. Tamora Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Tamora’

Tamora Rose is adored by gardeners and florists for its striking orange-yellow flowers. This specimen blooms during summer and fall in moist, well-drained soil.

3. Strike It RichOrange Roses 3

Botanical Name – Rosa ‘Strike It Rich’

Elevate the look and feel of your landscape with the golden-orange flowers of this Grandiflora rose variety. It’s a great option for beds, containers, flowering hedges, and cut flower arrangements.

4. Tropicana Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Tropicana’

Tropicana rose is a beautiful hybrid tea rose with coral-orange blossoms. Its upright growth habit makes this plant an excellent choice for borders or hedges.

5. Ashram RoseOrange Roses 5

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Ashram’

With apricot-orange blooms, Rosa ‘Ashram’ creates a sight to behold in spring, fall, and summer. This gorgeous perennial plant was hybridized by Hans Jurgen Evers in 1998.

6. Lady Emma Hamilton Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’

‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ showcases double blossoms in a combination of tangerine, orange, and yellow shades. This rose species blooms from late spring to fall in favorable conditions.

7. Ambridge RoseOrange Roses 7

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Ambridge’

Bred by David Austin in 1990, the blooms of Ambridge Rose offer apricot-orange inner petals and pale pink outer petals. This plant can become up to 3 feet tall and spread to 2 feet.

8. Just Joey Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Just Joey’

Just Joey Rose is an award-winning hybrid tea variety with ruffled pale orange flowers and glossy dark green foliage. This botanical specimen is ideal for borders, hedges, flower beds, and containers.

9. Pat Austin Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Pat Austin’

Adorned with showy orangish flowers, Pat Austin Rose blooms in spring, summer, and fall. Its highly fragrant blossoms attract bees and other pollinators to the garden.

10. Lady Marmalade

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Lady Marmalade’

A drought-resistant Floribunda rose with pumpkin-orange flowers, this botanical specimen is an excellent addition to ornamental gardens.

11. Perfect Pet

Orange Roses 11
shutterstock/Jenny Rainbow

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Perfect Pet’

‘Perfect Pet’ is an upright, bushy plant with beautiful apricot-orange flowers and finely toothed, glossy leaves. It beautifies the landscape with orange roses from summer to autumn.

12. Super Trouper Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Super Trouper’

‘Super Trouper’ is a prized rose variety with bright orange blossoms and dark, glossy foliage. This upright, bushy plant admires moist, well-drained soil and full sun to dappled shade.

13. Tangerine Skies Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Tangerine Skies’

‘Tangerine Skies’ is a strong-scented rose species that attracts eyeballs with its striking tangerine flowers. Its vigorous growth habit makes it ideal for borders or hedges.

14. Orangerie Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Orangerie’

Make your landscape stand out with the orange-hued blossoms of this Floribunda rose variety. This plant can become up to 47″ tall in ideal growing conditions.

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