14 Stunning Pink and White Roses Varieties

From weddings to gardens, Pink and White Roses are symbols of grace and love. Find the perfect type to enhance your special occasion below!

Roses, the timeless symbols of love and beauty, come in many shades. Among these, Pink and White Roses stand out as delicate and enchanting varieties that add a touch of elegance to any garden. Let’s explore a selection of exquisite pink and white rose varieties, each with its unique charm.

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Pink and White Roses

1. Eden RosePink and White Roses 1

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Meiviolin’

Eden, also known as the “Pierre de Ronsard,” this rose features creamy white blossoms with soft pink at the center, creating a romantic appearance. They are large and have a vintage look reminiscent of old garden roses. It’s a climber that’s perfect for pergolas and archways.

2. MoonstonePink and White Roses 2

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Moonstone’

Moonstone, a hybrid tea rose, captivates with its pearly white petals tinged with hints of pink. Its subtle coloration and elegant form make it a favorite among rose enthusiasts. Regular deadheading and well-draining soil are essential to maintain its health.

3. Ballerina

Pink and White Roses 3

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Ballerina’

This hybrid rose is adored by gardeners for its showy light pink and white roses with yellow stamens. Ballerina blooms repeatedly from summer to fall and admires full sun to part shade with a moist, well-drained potting medium.

4. Rosa ‘Wildeve’Pink and White Roses 4

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Wildeve’

Elevate the look and ambiance of your yard by growing this eye-grabbing rose variety. Its blooms feature white outer petals and a soft pink center. This rose cultivar sports glossy, deep green foliage as well.

5. Carefree Wonder

Pink and White Roses 5

Botanical name – Rosa ‘MELpitac’

Carefree Wonder offers lovely semi-double, medium pink with creamy white to pink reverse blooms. This rose variety is ideal for most gardens because of its low-maintenance and disease-resistant nature.

6. Handel

Pink and White Roses 6

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Handel’

Adorned with showy creamy-white blooms with rose-pink-edged blooms, this rose variety boasts a captivating aroma. It can be used to beautify landscapes or enjoyed as cut flowers.

7. Blush Rose


Botanical name – Rosa ‘Blush Noisette’

The blush rose boasts mesmerizing pinkish-white petalled blooms. It produces clusters of blooms throughout the season. The cascading growth habit of this rose is excellent for arches and trellises. You can also use its flowers for bouquets.

8. Floribunda Rose

Floribunda Rose

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Candy Cane Cocktail’

This captivating variety displays distinctive bi-colored blooms of creamy white with pink edges reminiscent of the classic candy cane. The delicate, semi-double flowers thrive best in full sunlight and well-drained soil.

9. Pink Meidiland


Botanical name – Rosa ‘Pink Meidiland’

The pink meidiland produces semi-double flowers in shades of deep pink with a white center. It produces clusters of blooms in summer, spring, and fall. This rose variety is known among gardeners for its disease-resistance ability.

10. Rosa ‘Secret’


Botanical name – Rosa ‘Secret’

Another hybrid tea variety, ‘Secret,’ offers creamy white flowers with a touch of pink shade. This plant is popular for its fragrant blooms and for its recurrent flowering capability.

11. Rosa ‘Neil Diamond’


Botanical name – Rosa ‘Neil Diamond’

Strongly fragrant and showy, this gorgeous plant showcases pink and white striped roses. It requires full sunlight and well-drained soil to produce beautiful pink and white roses.

12. Rosa ‘Peppermint Pop’

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Peppermint Pop’

Add some pizzazz to your outdoor space with the two-toned pink and white blooms of this striking rose species. This disease-resistant plant blooms in spring, summer, and fall seasons.

13. Rosa ‘Raspberry Cream Twirl’


Botanical name – Rosa ‘Raspberry Cream Twirl’

This climbing rose variety is well-known for its pink-colored flowers, swirled and striped with white shade. Introduce this attractive flowering plant in your garden and give your space a pop of color. It adds a whimsical touch to arches and trellises.

14. Rosa ‘Pink Intuition’

Botanical name – Rosa ‘Pink Intuition’

This distinct hybrid tea rose boasts flowers with bold pink stripes and splashes over a creamy white base. Its symmetry and the clear distinction between the two colors are eye-catching.

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