8 Plants That Look Like Corn

Did you know there are some Plants That Look Like Corn? Keep reading to learn more about these unique botanical specimens!

Explore this list of Plants That Look Like Corn and bring the cornfield vibe to your landscape without growing corn plants.

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Plants That Look Like Corn

1. Johnson GrassPlants That Look Like Corn 1

Botanical Name: Sorghum halepense

Johnson grass mimics the appearance of the corn plant due to its leaf structure and seedlings. This plant can grow up to 8 feet tall in favorable growing conditions.

2. Sorghum Sudangrass

Botanical Name: Sorghum × drummondii

Sorghum sudangrass is a warm-season hybrid that features broad and long leaves that resemble those of corn plants. This plant is common in the tropical and subtropical regions of Southern Egypt and Sudan.

3. Giant ReedPlants That Look Like Corn 3

Botanical Name: Arundo Donax

Giant reed is a tall Asian grass, cultivated widely for erosion control and windbreak. This perennial plant can become up to 20 feet tall in moist, well-drained soil quite easily.

4. Foxtail MilletPlants That Look Like Corn 5

Botanical Name: Setaria italica

Foxtail millet can be easily mistaken for corn plants because of its long, strap-like leaves and upright leafy stems. This botanical specimen grows abundantly in poor soil and moderate watering.

5. Giant Miscanthus

Botanical Name: Miscanthus × giganteus

A hybrid of Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus, the giant miscanthus is a tall plant with bamboo-like stems. Its foliage is long, broad, and pointed, like a corn plant.

6. Indian MilletPlants That Look Like Corn 7

Botanical Name: Sorghum bicolor

A member of the Poaceae family, the Indian millet is native to Africa. When seen from a distance, it can be easily mistaken for a corn plant because of its height and leaf structure.

7. Ornamental Millet


Botanical Name: Pennisetum glaucum

Pearl millet is a popular forage crop among livestock producers. Its leaf blades are elongated and slender, similar to those found on corn plants.

8. Proso Millet


Botanical Name: Panicum miliaceum

Proso millet is a grain crop that can be easily mistaken for young corn seedlings. It has an extremely short lifecycle of 60 days.

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