List of 35 Plants That Start with H

Revamp your garden with these fascinating Plants That Start with H. From tropical wonders to hardy perennials, this article has got them all!

Looking for something new to spice up your garden or indoor plant collection? Plants That Start with the Letter H offer a wide range of options to consider. Whether looking for perennial blooms or annual show-stoppers, plants in this category won’t disappoint.

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Plants That Start with H

1. Hosta Plants That Start with H 1

Botanical Name: Hosta spp.

Hostas are prized for their lush foliage, which ranges from deep green to variegated patterns. These low-maintenance perennials can grow into large clumps over time, perfect for shady areas.

2. Hortensia Plants That Start with H 2

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

Another excellent addition to the list of flowering plants that start with H is Hortensia. These plants enjoy partial sun and well-drained soil. Their bloom colors can change depending on the soil’s acidity.

3. Hawaiian HibiscusPlants That Start with H 3

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

A tropical marvel, this hibiscus variety produces striking, large flowers that are a popular ingredient in teas and medicinal practices. It requires ample sunlight and prefers humid climates.

4. HelleborePlants That Start with H 4

Botanical Name: Helleborus spp.

When considering winter-blooming green plants that start with H, Hellebores are a standout option. These plants display intricate flowers and are resilient enough to withstand frost and shade.

5. Heliotrope

Plants That Start with H 5

Botanical Name: Heliotropium arborescens

Adored for their vanilla-like scent, heliotrope plants bear deep purple or white flowers. They are sun-loving plants often used in containers or hanging baskets.

6. HeatherPlants That Start with H 6

Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris

An evergreen ground cover, heather plants produce tiny blooms and are well-suited for rock gardens or as border plants. They prefer acidic, well-drained soils.

7. Heuchera

Plants That Start with H 7

Botanical Name: Heuchera spp.

Heuchera plants boast vibrant leaf colors like purple, bronze, and silver. Commonly known as Coral Bells, they add rich hues to any shaded garden area.

8. HollyhockPlants That Start with H 8

Botanical Name: Alcea rosea

Tower-like in appearance, hollyhocks produce large, colorful blooms on tall spikes. They are biennials that thrive in full sun and make excellent background plants.

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9. Henbit

Plants That Start with H 9

Botanical Name: Lamium amplexicaule

Henbit is considered a weed, but it’s still among the plants that start with H that can be useful in your garden. It attracts pollinators early in the season.

10. HoneysucklePlants That Start with H 10

Botanical Name: Lonicera spp.

If you’re looking for fragrant plants that start with H, Honeysuckle is an excellent choice. These vines produce trumpet-shaped flowers and thrive best in sunny locations.

11. HorsetailPlants That Start with H 11

Botanical Name: Equisetum spp.

Horsetail plants resemble miniature bamboo stalks and have a prehistoric lineage. They are used for erosion control and can thrive in wet conditions.

12. HorsemintPlants That Start with H 12

Botanical Name: Monarda punctata

Commonly found in North America, Horsemint produces spotted, pink flowers and has aromatic leaves. It serves as both an ornamental and medicinal plant.

13. Hummingbird SagePlants That Start with H 13

Botanical Name: Salvia spathacea

For those who want plants that start with H, Hummingbird Sage is an excellent choice with bright red, tubular blooms. This California native prefers shaded or partially shaded areas.

14. Hakone Grass

Plants That Start with H 14

Botanical Name: Hakonechloa macra

Native to Japan, this ornamental grass offers elegant, cascading leaves. It’s a versatile option for both container gardening and landscape beds.

15. Hyacinth

Plants That Start with H 15

Botanical Name: Hyacinthus orientalis

A quintessential spring bloomer, hyacinths are noted for their intense fragrance and spike-like flower clusters. They prefer well-drained soil and partial sun.

16. Hibbertia

Plants That Start with H 16

Botanical Name: Hibbertia spp.

These Australian natives offer bright yellow flowers and are usually ground-covering. Hibbertia plants are extremely drought-tolerant and thrive in poor soils.

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17. Herb Robert

Plants That Start with H 17

Botanical Name: Geranium robertianum

A woodland perennial, Herb Robert has pink flowers and fern-like leaves. It is often used in herbal medicine and as a ground cover in shaded areas.

18. Helen’s FlowerPlants That Start with H 18

Botanical Name: Helenium autumnale

If late summer blooms interest you, add Helen’s Flower to your collection of plants that start with H. They enjoy full sun and are resistant to most pests and diseases.

19. Hot Lips SagePlants That Start with H 19

Botanical Name: Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’

Characterized by its striking red and white flowers, Hot Lips Sage is a sun-loving perennial that attracts pollinators and offers aromatic foliage.

20. HawkweedHawkweed

Botanical Name: Hieracium spp.

Hawkweed plants are often weeds but are valued for their dandelion-like flowers. They adapt well to poor soils and are known to propagate quickly.

21. HoneywortHoneywort

Botanical Name: Cerinthe major

Honeywort plants bear distinctive bluish-purple bracts and yellow tubular flowers. They are self-seeding annuals that attract both bees and hummingbirds.

22. Himalayan Blue Poppy

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Botanical Name: Meconopsis betonicifolia

A perennial with striking blue flowers, the Himalayan Blue Poppy requires moist, well-drained soil and cool temperatures.

23. HonestyHonesty

Botanical Name: Lunaria annua

Honesty is valued for its seed pods that resemble coins. This biennial produces purple or white flowers in the spring.

24. Hepatica


Botanical Name: Hepatica spp.

Hepatica plants are woodland perennials that bloom early in the spring. Their flowers range from white to pink to blue and are often used in woodland garden settings.

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25. HogwortHogwort

Botanical Name: Croton capitatus

Often found in fields and along roadsides, Hogwort is a sun-loving annual with clustered yellow flowers. It’s commonly used for erosion control.

26. Heartleaf PhilodendronHeartleaf Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum

A notable mention in the list of indoor plants that start with H, this philodendron variety features heart-shaped leaves. It’s low-maintenance, requiring moderate light and water.

27. Holly Fern

Holly Fern

Botanical Name: Cyrtomium falcatum

Known for its leathery fronds that resemble holly leaves, the Holly Fern is an evergreen variety that thrives in shady, humid conditions, making it ideal for indoor plantings.

28. Hens and ChicksHens and Chicks

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

Hens and chicks or Houseleeks are succulent perennials forming rosettes of fleshy leaves. Extremely drought-tolerant, they are ideal for xeriscaping and rock gardens.

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29. Honey Bush

Honey Bush

Botanical Name: Melianthus major

Native to South Africa, Honey Bush has exotic, serrated foliage and produces dark red flowers. It is drought-tolerant and can adapt to poor soil conditions.

30. Hedge Bindweed

Hedge Bindweed

Botanical Name: Calystegia sepium

A vigorous climbing vine, Hedge Bindweed can be invasive but is admired for its trumpet-shaped white flowers. Effective in erosion control, it prefers sunny locations.

31. Hairy Canary CloverHairy Canary Clover

Botanical Name: Dorycnium hirsutum

This perennial herb offers fine, hairy leaves and small white to pink flowers. It is native to the Mediterranean and thrives in poor, well-drained soils.

32. Hairy Bittercress

Hairy Bittercress

Botanical Name: Cardamine hirsuta

Often categorized as a weed, Hairy Bittercress is an annual plant with small white flowers. It grows in disturbed soils and is commonly found in gardens and lawns.

33. Hyacinth Bean

Hyacinth Bean

Botanical Name: Lablab purpureus

An annual vine, Hyacinth Bean, produces purple flowers and dark purple pods. It requires full sun and is often grown on trellises or fences.

34. Horse HerbHorse Herb

Botanical Name: Calyptocarpus vialis

Native to the Southern United States, Horse Herb is a low-growing perennial with small yellow flowers. It is often used as a lawn substitute in low-traffic areas.

35. HyssopHyssop

Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis

An aromatic herb, Hyssop has medicinal and culinary applications. It produces spikes of blue or purple flowers and thrives in well-drained soil.

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