30 Plants That Start with I

From indoor beauties to outdoor show-stoppers, this list of Plants That Start With I has it all! Start reading now!

Who says gardening has to be conventional? If you want to shake things up in your green space, consider incorporating Plants That Start With I. These varieties not only bring beauty but also practicality to any garden setting.

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Plants That Start With I

1. Ivy-leaved Toadflax

Plants That Start With I 1

Botanical Name: Cymbalaria muralis

The ivy-leaved toadflax features small, pale violet flowers that gracefully climb walls and crevices. This flowering plant covers stone and brick surfaces.

2. ImpatiensPlants That Start With I 2

Botanical Name: Impatiens Walleriana

With bright, colorful flowers, impatiens are ideal for containers or flower beds. They are shade-tolerant, thus a versatile addition in different garden settings.

3. Irish SaxifragePlants That Start With I 3

Botanical Name: Saxifraga rosacea

Irish saxifrage produces tiny white flowers on delicate stems, creating a frothy, cloud-like effect when planted in masses. This low-growing perennial is excellent for rock gardens or as a border edge.

4. Indian BlanketPlants That Start With I 4

Botanical Name: Gaillardia Pulchella

Indian blanket offers bold red, yellow, and orange blooms. Well-suited for dry, sunny conditions, this flowering plant makes a vibrant statement in gardens or as cut flowers.

5. Iron Cross BegoniaPlants That Start With I 5

Botanical Name: Begonia Masoniana

Known for its unique foliage resembling an iron cross, this begonia variety stands out in shade gardens. Its dramatic leaves provide a rich texture and visual contrast.

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6. Ivy GeraniumPlants That Start With I 6

Botanical Name: Pelargonium Peltatum

Characterized by trailing vines and vibrant flower clusters, Ivy Geranium excels in hanging baskets and window boxes. Its cascading stems add dynamic movement to garden arrangements.

7. Indian ShotPlants That Start With I 7

Botanical Name: Canna Indica

Indian Shot is admired for its stunning red or orange blooms. This plant is also famous for its hard, round seeds. The seeds are so dense that they were once used as shotgun pellets, hence the name.

8. Irish IvyPlants That Start With I 8

Botanical Name: Hedera Hibernica

Irish Ivy provides lush, evergreen foliage that is deeply lobed. This botanical specimen is an excellent ground cover in this list of Plants that start with an I.

9. Indian PinkPlants That Start With I 9

Botanical Name: Spigelia Marilandica

Indian pink showcases red tubular blooms with a yellow hue. The two-tone effect of the blooms makes this plant alluring to hummingbirds and butterflies.

10. Indian PipePlants That Start With I 10

Botanical Name: Monotropa Uniflora

Indian Pipe, or Ghost Plant, is a unique, perennial wildflower common in shaded forests. Its ethereal, white appearance makes it a captivating subject for nature enthusiasts and botanists.

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11. Italian Bellflower

Plants That Start With I 11

Botanical Name: Campanula isophylla

Adorned with star-shaped blue, purple, or white flowers, the Italian Bellflower is great for hanging baskets or containers. This plant enjoys well-drained potting medium and full sun to partial shade.

12. Indian Feather

Plants That Start With I 12

Botanical Name: Gaura Lindheimeri

Indian feather stands out with its long stalks bearing white flowers. It’s a drought-tolerant plant that adds height and grace to garden landscapes.

13. Italian ArumPlants That Start With I 13

Botanical Name: Arum Italicum

Italian Arum is adored for its arrow-shaped leaves and clusters of berries. A member of the Araceae family, this plant can tolerate most of the soil types.

14. Indian CressPlants That Start With I 14

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Also known as Nasturtium, Indian cress features edible, vibrant blooms that range from yellow to red. The peppery taste of its leaves and flowers makes this plant a culinary favorite.

15. Iron PlantPlants That Start With I 15

Botanical Name: Aspidistra elatior

Prized for its resilience to low light and irregular watering, the Iron Plant offers broad, dark green foliage. It can also tolerate dry and nutrient-poor soils.

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16. Italian ClematisItalian Clematis

Botanical Name: Clematis Viticella

Native from Southern Europe to Asia, Italian clematis boasts showy purple blooms. Its vining habit makes it an attractive backdrop or trellis feature.

17. Indian StrawberryIndian Strawberry

Botanical Name: Duchesnea indica

Indian strawberry produces small, yellow flowers and edible fruit that mimics the appearance of strawberries. It serves as an adequate ground cover.

18. Island Snapdragon

Island Snapdragon

Botanical Name: Galvezia Speciosa

Island snapdragon offers tubular red blossoms and evergreen foliage. The vibrant hue of its flowers creates a striking contrast and adds intrigue to sandy or rocky landscapes.

19. InkberryInkberry

Botanical Name: Ilex glabra

Endemic to Alabama, this broadleaf evergreen shrub produces blackberries. Prefers full sun to partial shade, this plant is often used as a hedge or in mass plantings.

20. Italian Bugloss

Italian Bugloss

Botanical Name: Anchusa azurea

Italian bugloss is a short-lived perennial loved for its bright blue flowers. This garden jewel is an eye-catcher and adds a pop of color to Mediterranean-themed landscapes.

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21. Ironweed


Botanical Name: Vernonia Noveboracensis

Featuring tall stems and purple flowers, Ironweed belongs to the Aster family. It’s a striking choice for rain gardens, cottage gardens, or meadows.

22. Ivy-leaf SpeedwellIvy-leaf Speedwell

Botanical Name: Veronica hederifolia

This low-growing plant features delicate blue flowers and is often found in woodland areas or lawns. It’s a favorite among gardeners for ground cover and rock gardens.

23. Indian HawthornIndian Hawthorn

Botanical Name: Rhaphiolepis indica

This evergreen shrub produces pink or white flowers. Among the flowering plants that start with I, the Indian hawthorn is often used as a hedge or low border.

24. Indian Turnip

Indian Turnip

Botanical Name: Arisaema triphyllum

Also known as Jack-in-the-Pulpit, this plant boasts unique, hood-like structures surrounding spike-shaped inflorescence.

25. Indian Mallow

Indian Mallow

Botanical Name: Abutilon Indicum

Prized for its medicinal properties, Indian mallow displays small yellow flowers with a velvet-like texture. It can be cultivated in gardens as an ornamental plant, adding color and visual interest.

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26. Iceland PoppyIceland Poppy

Botanical Name: Papaver Nudicaule

Icelandic Poppies offers blooms in hues of orange, yellow, and white. These colorful flowers are a radiant addition to gardens, especially in areas with cooler climates.

27. Italian ThistleItalian Thistle

Botanical Name: Carduus Pycnocephalus

Italian thistle is both ornamental and invasive, with spiky leaves and purple blooms. Despite its invasive nature, this plant’s striking appearance earned it a spot among the plants that start with ” I.”

28. Island Tree Poppy

Island Tree Poppy

Botanical Name: Dendromecon Harfordii

Native to California’s Channel Islands, this plant is famous for its bright yellow flowers. This drought-tolerant shrub is well-suited for dry and rocky landscapes.

29. Indian RhubarbIndian Rhubarb

Botanical Name: Darmera Peltata

Indian rhubarb stands out with its large, umbrella-like leaves. Its robust foliage offers an aesthetic appeal, particularly near ponds and streams.

30. IncarvilleaIncarvillea

Botanical Name: Incarvillea Delavayi

Incarvillea’s trumpet-shaped, pink flowers make it a graceful addition to garden beds. The lush blooms provide a focal point and are a source of admiration among garden enthusiasts.

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