List of 30 Plants That Start With K

Upgrade your garden aesthetics with Plants That Start With K. These can be magical additions to your outdoor space!

You’ve probably heard about Azaleas, Begonias, and other common plants, but what about the Plants That Start With K? This article will shed light on these underappreciated species.

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Plants That Start With K

1. Kidney Weed

Plants That Start With K 1Botanical Name: Dichondra repens

Kidney weed gets its name from kidney-shaped leaves. It’s the best low-growing ground cover in this list of plants that start with K.

2. Kentucky BluegrassPlants That Start With K 2

Botanical Name: Poa pratensis

Popular in American gardens, Kentucky bluegrass offers a lush, green lawn. The plant is tolerant of various soil types and thrives in full sun.

3. Knobby Club Rush

Plants That Start With K 3

Botanical Name: Ficinia nodosa

This evergreen perennial is endemic to coastal areas and enjoys wet, sandy soils. It features small, globular flower clusters.

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4. Kneeling AngelicaPlants That Start With K 4

Botanical Name: Angelica genuflexa

Common along riverbanks, kneeling angelica showcases large, umbrella-like clusters of white or greenish flowers. It admires moist, well-drained potting medium.

5. KalanchoePlants That Start With K 5

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe is a popular succulent with vibrant flowers. It’s a low-maintenance choice among these various flowering plants that start with K for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

6. King’s SpearPlants That Start With K 6

Botanical Name: Asphodeline lutea

The king’s spear offers tall, yellow flower spikes. It admires well-drained potting medium and prefers sunny locations for best growth.

7. Kingcup

Plants That Start With K 7

Botanical Name: Caltha palustris

Also known as Marsh Marigold, Kingcup is native to wetlands and marshes. Its bright yellow flowers can brighten up any aquatic garden.

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8. Knotweed

Plants That Start With K 8

Botanical Name: Persicaria virginiana

Knotweed is a perennial plant with broad leaves and slender spikes of white or pink flowers. It’s adaptable to various soil types, thus ideal for most landscapes.

9. Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gatePlants That Start With K 9

Botanical Name: Persicaria orientalis

This plant blooms in late summer with drooping, pink flowers. Its height can reach 4-7 feet, making it ideal for background planting.

10. Kenya HyacinthPlants That Start With K 10

Botanical Name: Sansevieria parva

Kenya hyacinth is a slow-growing succulent with stiff, upright leaves and fragrant pinkish-white blooms. As it thrives in low-light conditions, this specimen is an excellent addition to this list of house Plants that start with K.

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11. Kudzu

Plants That Start With K 11

Botanical Name: Pueraria Montana

Although considered invasive in some areas, Kudzu is a fast-growing vine with purple flowers. It’s known for covering buildings and trees quickly if not managed.

12. Kenilworth Ivy

Plants That Start With K 12

Botanical Name: Cymbalaria muralis

Kenilworth ivy is an evergreen perennial that loves to climb walls and spread across rocky areas. With tiny lilac flowers, it adds charm to any garden setting.

13. Kidney VetchPlants That Start With K 13

Botanical Name: Anthyllis vulneraria

Renowned for its medicinal uses, kidney vetch showcases bright yellow blossoms. It’s mostly used in traditional remedies for skin conditions.

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14. Klondike Cosmos

Plants That Start With K 14

Botanical Name: Cosmos sulphureus

Klondike cosmos produce vibrant orange blooms during the summer months. This drought-tolerant plant needs full sun for best blooms.

15. King ProteaPlants That Start With K 15

Botanical Name: Protea cynaroides

Endemic to South Africa, king protea features large, stunning flower heads. It prefers well-drained potting mix and full sun exposure.

16. Kyllinga Weed

Kyllinga Weed

Botanical Name: Kyllinga brevifolia

Kyllinga is considered a weed in lawn settings but is also used in traditional medicine. It features small, spike-like flower heads.

17. KhasKhas

Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Also known as Vetiver, khas is commonly used by gardeners for soil stabilization. It boasts tall, dense grass blades and thrives in wet conditions.

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18. KencurKencur

Botanical Name: Kaempferia galanga

A popular ingredient in traditional medicine, Kencur is endemic to Southeast Asia. It offers aromatic rhizomes and thrives in tropical climates.

19. Korean Mint

Korean Mint

Botanical Name: Agastache rugosa

Besides being a staple in Korean cuisine, the Korean mint is admired for its showy purple flowers. This perennial herb loves full sun and well-drained soil for prolific growth.

20. Kanna


Botanical Name: Sceletium tortuosum

Indigenous to South Africa, Kanna is a succulent groundcover with small, white flowers. It has been used traditionally for its mood-enhancing properties.

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21. Knotgrass


Botanical Name: Paspalum distichum

Knotgrass is common in wetlands and along riverbanks. It’s generally considered a weed but plays a role in soil stabilization.

22. Karkalla


Botanical Name: Carpobrotus rossii

Featuring fleshy leaves and bright, purple flowers, karkalla is endemic to Australian coastal areas. Its highly salt-tolerant nature makes it a notable mention in this list of garden plants that start with K.

23. Knotted Pearlwort

Knotted Pearlwort

Botanical Name: Sagina nodosa

The knotted pearlwort produces tiny, white flowers. This low-growing perennial is often used as ground cover. It prefers a moist, well-drained potting mix.

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24. Kinnikinnick


Botanical Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Also known as Bearberry, Kinnikinnick is a low-growing plant popular as a ground cover. This plant offers small, pinkish-white flowers and red berries.

25. Krantz AloeKrantz Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloe arborescens

Krantz aloe produces a sap often used in traditional medicine. It has spiky leaves and vibrant red or orange flowers.

26. Kalm’s Lobelia

Kalm's Lobelia

Botanical Name: Lobelia kalmii

This perennial is endemic to northern North America and features small, violet-blue flowers. It thrives prolifically in wetlands and along the riverbanks.

27. Kamschatka Sedum

Kamschatka Sedum

Botanical Name: Phedimus kamtschaticus

This low-growing succulent features clusters of star-shaped yellow blooms. It’s an excellent choice for rock gardens among these common plants that start with K.

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28. Knotroot FoxtailKnotroot Foxtail

Botanical Name: Setaria geniculata

Knotroot foxtail is common in tropical and subtropical grasslands. This grass species is adaptive to a variety of soil types.

29. Kumaon IrisKumaon Iris

Botanical Name: Iris kemaonensis

Indigenous to the Himalayan region, this iris species produces purple flowers. It required acidic soil with good drainage for survival.

30. KenafKenaf

Botanical Name: Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus, or Kenaf, is a plant in the Hibiscus family primarily grown for its fibrous stems. It’s cultivated for various uses, including papermaking, textiles, and animal feed.

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