20 Exotic Plants That Start With N

Don’t settle for a monotonous garden! Browse this list of Plants That Start With N to find the ideal species for your space!

Do you enjoy the thrill of adding new plants to your collection? Then transform your garden into a botanical haven with these Plants That Start With the Letter N. Whether you’re interested in flowers or foliage, you’ll find something here to pique your interest.

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Plants That Start With N

1. Nasturtium

Plants That Start With N 1

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Endemic to South America, Nasturtiums are admired for their vivid, trumpet-shaped flowers and round leaves. These plants are ideal for borders, hanging baskets, and companion plants.

2. Nemesia

Plants That Start With N 2

Botanical Name: Nemesia strumosa

Nemesia offers a profusion of small, two-lipped flowers that resemble snapdragons. Ideal for containers or front-of-the-border displays, these plants flourish in moderate climates.

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3. New Guinea Impatiens

Plants That Start With N 3

Botanical Name: Impatiens hawkeri

These tropical perennials are known for their wide range of colorful flowers. Perfect for shade gardens, New Guinea Impatiens enjoy well-drained soil and consistent moisture.

4. New York Aster

Plants That Start With N 4

Botanical Name: Symphyotrichum novi-belgii

Celebrated for their late-season blooms, New York Asters provide a dash of color to the garden when most plants have stopped flowering. They need full sun for prolific growth.

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5. Nyjer

Plants That Start With N 5

Botanical Name: Guizotia abyssinica

Native to Ethiopia, Nyjer is mostly known as a birdseed plant. Its tiny yellow flowers are not flashy but attract finches and other small birds in the garden.

6. Nolana

Plants That Start With N 6

Botanical Name: Nolana paradoxa

Nolana features funnel-shaped, sky-blue flowers. This flowering plant thrives in sandy soil and is used as ground cover.

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7. Navelwort

Plants That Start With N 7

Botanical Name: Umbilicus rupestris

Featuring succulent leaves, navelwort is often found growing on walls or rocky areas. Native to Europe, it has a unique, belly-button-like indentation in its leaves.

8. Night Scented Phlox

Plants That Start With N 8

Botanical Name: Zaluzianskya ovata

A nocturnal bloomer, night-scented phlox opens its fragrant flowers at dusk. This South African native plant grows well in containers.

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9. Nemophila

Plants That Start With N 9

Botanical Name: Nemophila menziesii

Known as “baby blue eyes,” Nemophila boasts sky-blue, saucer-shaped blooms. This flowering plant enjoys partial shade.

10. Naked Lady Lily

Plants That Start With N 10

Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna

Characterized by leafless stems and vibrant pink blooms, this lily variety creates a spectacular late-summer display.

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11. Nun’s Orchid

Nun’s Orchid

Botanical Name: Phaius tankervilliae

Originating from Asia, nun’s orchids have showy, brownish-purple flowers. These terrestrial orchids prefer moist conditions and indirect light.

12. Natal Lily

Natal Lily

Botanical Name: Clivia miniata

Native to South Africa, natal lilies display stunning flowers and broad green leaves. They’re excellent as houseplants among these plants that start with N.

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13. Northern Sea Oats

Northern Sea Oats

Botanical Name: Chasmanthium latifolium

This perennial grass showcases oat-like seed heads. Chasmanthium latifolium is a drought-resistant plant that prefers partial shade.

14. Nettle-Leaved Bellflower

Nettle-Leaved Bellflower

Botanical Name: Campanula trachelium

Native to Europe, this bellflower variant bears lavender-blue blooms and nettle-like leaves. It thrives in woodland settings under partial to full sun.

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15. Nipplewort


Botanical Name: Lapsana communis

An old-world perennial herb, nipplewort can grow up to 1/2- 5 ft tall. It’s often found in woods, fields, and disturbed sites with yellow blooms.

16. Nicotiana


Botanical Name: Nicotiana alata

Noted for its evening fragrance, Nicotiana is a South American native with tubular white, pink, or red flowers. It requires a well-drained potting mix and partial to full sun for prolific growth.

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17. Night-Blooming CereusNight-Blooming Cereus

Botanical Name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

A member of the cactus family, this plant produces large, fragrant blossoms that only open for a single night. It’s often grown as a houseplant, thus an excellent addition to these plants that start with N.

18. New England Aster

New England Aster

Botanical Name: Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

Indigenous to North America, the New England Aster boasts rich, violet-blue flowers. It admired moist soil with good drainage and full sunlight.

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19. New Zealand Rock Lily

New Zealand Rock Lily

Botanical Name: Arthropodium cirratum

Arthropodium cirratum offers star-shaped white blooms and strappy leaves. Native to New Zealand, it’s tolerant of both sun and shade, making it a versatile garden addition.

20. Northern Blue Flag

Northern Blue Flag

Botanical Name: Iris versicolor

This perennial iris is native to North America and offers striking blue-violet flowers. It thrives in wet conditions, perfect for water gardens or pond edges.

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