30 Stunning Plants that Start with O

From exotic orchid cacti to the striking orange daylily, find the perfect match for your garden in this list of Plants That Start with O!

Often overshadowed by popular favorites like Orchids and Orchid Cacti, there are numerous Plants That Start with the Letter O, just waiting to be discovered. Read on to explore some lesser-known but equally fascinating species.

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Plants That Start with O

1. Orange Star Plant

Plants That Start with O 1

Botanical Name: Guzmania lingulata

Often grown as a houseplant, the orange star plant features a remarkable orange-hued flower bract. This tropical beauty thrives in humid environments and indirect sunlight, making it an ideal indoor plant.

2. Oyster PlantPlants That Start with O 2

Botanical Name: Tradescantia spathacea

Also known as Moses-in-the-Cradle, the oyster plant offers striking variegated foliage. It’s a low-maintenance plant that prefers indirect light. Its compact size makes this plant ideal for small spaces.

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3. Oilseed Rape

Plants That Start with O 3

Botanical Name: Brassica napus

Primarily cultivated for its oil-rich seeds, oilseed rape produces vibrant yellow flowers. While not usually grown in ornamental gardens, its bright blooms can be a colorful addition to agricultural settings.

4. Oxeye Daisy

Plants That Start with O 4

Botanical Name: Leucanthemum vulgare

Boasting white petals and yellow centers, oxeye daisies populate meadows and grasslands. These perennial plants are both ornamental and medicinal, often used in herbal remedies.

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5. Obedient Plant

Plants That Start with O 5

Botanical Name: Physostegia virginiana

The obedient plant showcases tubular, lavender-colored flowers. Suited for borders and beds, it attracts pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.

6. Oldfield CloverPlants That Start with O 6

Botanical Name: Trifolium arvense

This European native offers soft, fluffy, pink-to-white flowers. It’s commonly found in meadows and along roadsides. Oldfield clover adapts well to various soil types.

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7. Okra

Plants That Start with O 7

Botanical Name: Abelmoschus esculentus

More than just a staple in cooking, okra plants boast yellow flowers and elongated, edible seed pods. These plants that start with O flourish in warm climates and well-drained soil.

8. Orange Cosmos

Plants That Start with O 8

Botanical Name: Cosmos sulphureus

With brilliant orange flowers, the orange cosmos is an easy-to-grow sun-loving annual. It’s highly popular among pollinators and makes for excellent cut flowers.

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9. Ozark SundropsPlants That Start with O 9

Botanical Name: Oenothera macrocarpa

Native to North America, Ozark sundrops brightens gardens with their large, vibrant yellow blooms. These hardy perennials tolerate drought conditions and make excellent additions to rock gardens.

10. Oriental PoppyPlants That Start with O 10

Botanical Name: Papaver orientale

Popular for their large, showy blossoms, Oriental Poppies are a garden favorite. They admire full sun and well-drained soil. Oriental poppies are often used as a dramatic focal point in the landscape.

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11. Orange Hawkweed

Plants That Start with O 11

Botanical Name: Hieracium aurantiacum

Sporting striking flowers, Orange Hawkweed thrives in meadows and along roadsides. Despite its beauty, gardeners should exercise caution as it can be invasive in certain regions.

12. Old Man’s Whiskers

Plants That Start with O 12

Botanical Name: Geum triflorum

Famous for its feathery seed heads resembling whiskers, Old Man’s Whiskers produces pink to purple flowers. Native to North America, these plants that start with O prefer sandy or gravelly soil.

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13. Old Man CactusPlants That Start with O 13

Botanical Name: Cephalocereus senilis

A tall, columnar succulent, the old man cactus is covered in long, white hairs that give it a unique, aged appearance. It’s a popular choice for indoor gardens and requires minimal maintenance.

14. Onion Weed

Plants That Start with O 14

Botanical Name: Asphodelus fistulosus

This invasive perennial produces tall, slender leaves and small, white blooms. While often considered a weed, it’s occasionally grown for its onion-like bulbs.

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15. Octopus PlantPlants That Start with O 15

Botanical Name: Drosera capensis

A carnivorous plant native to South Africa, the Octopus Plant captures insects with sticky, tentacle-like leaves. It prefers humid conditions and indirect sunlight for prolific growth.

16. Orchid CactiOrchid Cacti

Botanical Name: Epiphyllum spp.

Known for their large, vivid blooms, orchid cacti are epiphytic plants that thrive in well-drained, organic-rich soil and indirect light. They are popular among gardeners for their showy, fragrant, and night-blooming flowers.

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17. Ox-EyeOx-Eye

Botanical Name: Buphthalmum salicifolium

A perennial originating from Europe, Ox-Eye produces cheerful yellow flowers resembling small sunflowers. This plant is perfect for sunny borders and cottage gardens. It’s a captivating addition to plants that start with O.

18. Oyster LeafOyster Leaf

Botanical Name: Mertensia maritima

This perennial herb is endemic to coastal regions and offers blue-green foliage that tastes remarkably similar to oysters. It’s a unique addition to gourmet dishes and garden beds alike.

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19. One-Flowered Wintergreen

One-Flowered Wintergreen

Botanical Name: Moneses uniflora

One-flowered wintergreen boasts a single, white, fragrant flower. Native to cold, temperate regions, this plant enjoys acidic soils and shaded locations.

20. Oriental GarlicOriental Garlic

Botanical Name: Allium tuberosum

Also known as Garlic Chives, this perennial herb offers white, star-shaped flowers and garlic-flavored leaves. It’s a common ingredient in Asian cuisines.

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21. Onion Grass

Onion Grass

Botanical Name: Romulea rosea

Onion grass is a perennial herb native to South Africa. It produces vibrant pink to purple flowers in spring. This low-maintenance plant thrives in well-drained soil and full sun, making it an ideal choice for rock gardens and borders.

22. Oriental Fountain Grass

Oriental Fountain Grass

Botanical Name: Pennisetum orientale

This perennial grass offers feathery, pink-tinted flower spikes that sway gracefully in the wind. Among plants that start with O, this grass is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance requirements.

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23. Opium PoppyOpium Poppy

Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum

The opium poppy is a flowering plant with vibrant blooms and medicinal properties. Cultivated primarily in Asia and the Mediterranean, it boasts vivid flowers in different colors.

24. Orange SneezeweedOrange Sneezeweed

Botanical Name: Helenium hoopesii

Sporting daisy-like, orange-yellow flowers, orange sneezeweed thrives in wetlands and along streams. Despite its vibrant beauty, caution is advised as the plant can be toxic to livestock.

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25. Octopus AgaveOctopus Agave

Botanical Name: Agave vilmoriniana

Native to Mexico, this agave features long, narrow leaves that curl at the ends, resembling octopus tentacles. It’s a low-maintenance plant that loves full sun and well-drained soil.

26. Orange DaylilyOrange Daylily

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis fulva

A popular perennial, the orange daylily boasts showy orange blooms that last only a day. Among the plants that start with O, it’s a low-maintenance plant that tolerates various soil conditions.

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27. OxlipOxlip

Botanical Name: Primula elatior

Showcasing delicate yellow flowers, Oxlip is a spring perennial common in European woodlands. It’s well-suited for shaded areas and works beautifully in woodland garden settings.

28. OreganoOregano

Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare

More than a culinary herb, Oregano offers pink or white flowers that attract pollinators. This Mediterranean native admires well-drained potting medium and full sun, making it an easy-care option for herb gardens.

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29. Organ Pipe CactusOrgan Pipe Cactus

Botanical Name: Stenocereus thurberi

Native to the Sonoran desert, this cactus features multiple tall, slender stems that resemble organ pipes. It produces nocturnal white flowers and prefers a sunny, arid environment.

30. Orange StonecropOrange Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum kamtschaticum

This low-growing perennial sports fleshy, green leaves and orange-yellow flowers in late spring to early summer. Orange stonecrop is perfect for rock gardens and prefers a well-drained potting mix.

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