19 Plants With White Stripes on Leaves

Experience the wonder of the botanical world by browsing this collection of Plants With White Stripes on Leaves!

If you’re a plant enthusiast or someone who appreciates the beauty of variegated foliage, you’re in for a treat. Read this exclusive list of Plants With White Stripes on Leaves and elevate your home’s visual appeal with a touch of nature.

Here are the Stunning Plants With Star Shaped Leaves

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves

1. White Knight Philodendron

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 1

Botanical Name – Philodendron ‘White Knight’

This botanical specimen will captivate you with its extraordinary heart-shaped leaves featuring white stripes. It requires high-quality, well-draining potting soil for lush growth.

2. Fusion White Calathea

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 2

Botanical Name – Calathea ‘White Fusion’

A striking specimen for indoor gardens, this plant showcases rich white stripes on soft green leaves. These bold and contrasting markings create a stunning visual effect that can enhance the aesthetics of any interior space. The plant flourishes best under filtered sunlight.

3. Monstera Albo Variegata

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 3

Botanical Name – Monstera borsigiana ‘Albo Variegata’

The fenestrations on the leafage of this monstera look stunning in hues of green and white. Its impressive stature and dramatic coloring make it an eye-catching centerpiece in any setting.

4. Pin Stripe Calathea

Pin Stripe Calathea

Botanical Name – Calathea ornata

The pin-stripe calathea is a majestic houseplant featuring dark green leaves ornately adorned with pinkish-white stripes. Keep this plant in a spot that gets bright, indirect light.

5. Manjula Pothos

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 4Botanical Name – Epipremnum ‘Manjula’

Created by the University of Florida, this plant has cordate foliage with a captivating combination of white and green. Keep this plant on the tabletop to attract everyone’s attention.

6. Variegated Banana

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 5

Botanical Name – Musa × paradisiaca ‘Ae Ae’

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bland living room or bedchamber with this mesmerizing botanical wonder. The intricate patterns of white stripes on the green leaves lend an extraordinary beauty to this plant.

7. Birkin Philodendron

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 6

Botanical Name –  Philodendron ‘Birkin’

This slow-growing and compact philodendron species bears glossy green cordate foliage with stunning white stripes. It’s a low-maintenance plant ideal for beginner gardeners.

8. Spider Plant

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 7

Botanical Name – Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’

Spider plant offers distinct and stunning green foliage with a creamy-white stripe that elegantly graces the center of each leaf. This drought-tolerant plant also produces white starry blooms.

9. White Wandering Jew

White Wandering Jew

Botanical Name – Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Variegata’

White wandering jew is admired by plant enthusiasts for its green leaves adorned with white stripes. Adaptable and visually captivating, it’s an excellent choice for hanging baskets.

10. Variegated Cast Iron Plant

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 8

Botanical Name – Aspidistra elatior ‘Okame’

This low-maintenance foliar beauty showcases an exquisite pattern of white stripes on dark green leafage. Protect it from prolonged spells of direct sunlight.

11. Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly

Botanical Name – Alocasia Amazonica

This exotic alocasia variety boasts alluring deep green foliage accentuated by striking white veins and curved borders. Also known as the African mask plant, it needs humidity for lush growth.

12. Picasso Peace Lily

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 9

Botanical Name – Picasso Spathiphyllum

The peace lily, a prized gem among the botanical world, is admired for its showy variegated leaves. Adorned with white stripes, its foliage breathes an air of elegance and artistry into any indoor setting.

13. Spotted Chinese Evergreen

Spotted Chinese Evergreen

Botanical Name – Aglaonema costatum

Aglaonema costatum, adorned with delicate specks of white on its elongated, dark-green leaves, thrives even in low-light conditions. Despite its aesthetically captivating nature, this foliar beauty is under-demanding and a great air purifier.

14. Round Leaf Calathea

Plants With White Stripes on Leaves 10

Botanical Name –  Calathea orbifolia

Add tropical charm to your indoor plant collection with this gorgeous calathea plant featuring creamy-white streaks on leathery leafage. It loves partial shade, well-draining potting mix, and humid conditions.

15. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant

Botanical Name –  Fittonia ‘Angel Snow’

Admired by gardeners for its striking appearance, this compact indoor plant displays lush dark green leaves with prominent white veins. Grow this captivating plant and give your space an eye-grabbing focal point.

16. Green Velvet AlocasiaGreen Velvet Alocasia

Botanical Name – Alocasia Micholitziana ‘Frydek’

‘Frydek’ is a stunning variety featuring arrowhead-shaped, velvety dark-green foliage with white midrib and veins. It’s considered toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.

17. Variegated Arrowhead Vine

Variegated Arrowhead Vine

Botanical Name – Syngonium podophyllum albo variegatum

This Syngonium variety with beautiful white and green variegation earns the spot in this list of plants with white stripes on leaves. It prefers bright, indirect light and water the plant when the topsoil feels dry to the touch.

18. White Jewel Dracaena

White Jewel DracaenaBotanical Name – Dracaena deremensis

Native to tropical Africa, this slow-growing plant admires bright to moderate filtered light indoors for best growth. Besides variegated leaves, this plant also offers pink, red, and white fragrant blooms.

19. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Botanical Name – Aphelandra squarrosa

The Zebra plant is grown for its dark green foliage with white veins and pointed tips. It can reach heights of up to 6′ and widths of 5′. Provide this plant with high humidity for prolific growth.

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