10 Most Beautiful Types of Purple Bell Flowers

Bring color and charm to your dull garden or yard space with these awesome Purple Bell Flowers varieties!

Purple bell flowers, with their striking appearance, are a favorite among gardeners. If you want to include one in your garden, read this article to learn more about these floral specimens.

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Purple Bell Flowers

1. HarebellPurple Bell Flowers 1

Botanical Name – Campanula rotundifolia

Harebell is a perennial with drooping, bell-shaped lilac blooms in June and grass-like leaves. This botanical gem is a perfect addition to rock gardens and borders.

2. Clustered Bellflower

Botanical Name – Campanula glomerata

Campanula glomerata stands out in cottage gardens and mixed borders because of its showy, bell-shaped purple flowers. It prefers moist, well-drained soil and full sun or part shade.

3. Fairy BellflowerPurple Bell Flowers 3

Botanical Name – Campanula persicifolia

The fairy bellflower offers showy 1.5-inch outward-facing lavender flowers. This bellflower variety is suitable for woodland settings or shady borders.

4. Canterbury Bells


Botanical Name – Campanula medium

With their striking cup and saucer-shaped blossoms, canterbury bells bring timeless charm to gardens. This plant is the best choice for traditional flower beds and cutting gardens.

5. Dalmatian bellflowersPurple Bell Flowers 5

Botanical Name – Campanula portenschlagiana

Campanula portenschlagiana adds interest to the garden with funnel-shaped, dark purple blossoms. It grows vigorously as a ground cover in sun or partial shade.

6. Carpathian Bellflower

Botanical Name – Campanula carpatica

The Carpathian bellflower is a low-maintenance perennial with upward-facing bell-shaped blossoms. This beautiful flowering plant can reach up to 6-12 inches tall in favorable conditions.

7. Giant Bellflower

Purple Bell Flowers 7

Botanical Name – Campanula latifolia

Native to Europe and Kashmir, campanula latifolia bears hairy stems, green foliage, and bell-shaped flowers that attract bees and butterflies. This botanical gem thrives in moist, well-drained soil, and partial shade.

8. Nettle-leaved Bellflower

Botanical Name – Campanula trachelium

Nettle-leaved bellflower is a showy perennial with deeply toothed leaves and bell-like blooms in purple, blue, or lilac shades. It prefers partial shade in naturalistic plantings and woodland gardens.

9. Creeping bellflowerPurple Bell Flowers 9

Botanical Name – Campanula rapunculoides

Indigenous to Europe, Western Asia, and the Caucasus region, creeping bellflower is a vigorous spreader with purple-blue blooms. Despite its attractive flowers, this plant is considered an invasive species.

10. Milky Bellflower

Botanical Name – Campanula lactiflora

Campanula lactiflora is popular among gardeners for its branching stems and starry, pale purple flowers. It does best in full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained potting medium.

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