10 Awesome Types of Purple Cacti

Explore a diverse range of fascinating Purple Cacti varieties perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners!

If you’re a plant enthusiast and want to add a pop of color to your collection, these Purple Cacti are an excellent choice. These succulents are a sight to behold with their vibrant hues and unique shapes.

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Best Purple Cacti

1. Baby Rita Prickly PearPurple Cactus 1

Botanical Name: Opuntia ‘Baby Rita’

Baby Rita‘ is a decorative cactus variety with showy pink blooms and round, fleshy pads that become purple in winter. It can grow 8-24 inches tall in full sunlight and well-drained soil.

2. Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Botanical Name: Echinocereus stramineus

With 11-13 ribs, large spines, and purple-red flowers, the strawberry hedgehog cactus is a sight to behold. This small clumping cactus variety is ideal for rock, dessert, and succulent gardens.

3. Purple Prickly Pear

Purple Cactus 3

Botanical Name: Opuntia macrocentra

Purple prickly pear, also known as black-spine prickly pear, boasts long dark spines, purple or magenta pads, and showy yellow blooms. This succulent can become 2-3 feet tall in ideal conditions.

4. SpinystarPurple Cactus 5

Botanical Name: Escobaria vivipara

Featuring purple or pink-hued blossoms from April to August, spinystar can reach heights of 6 inches in full sun and well-drained sandy soil. It also boasts white spines and green stems.

5. Violet Pricklypear

Purple Cactus 5

Botanical Name: Opuntia Gosseliniana

The violet prickly pear boasts gray-green to bluish-green stems that become red-purple under stress. This cactus variety adds beauty to the landscapes with its striking yellow blooms.

6. Beavertail Cactus or Beavertail Pricklypear

Botanical Name: Opuntia basilaris

This desert beauty stands out with its eye-grabbing magenta-pink flowers and flat, fleshy pads resembling a beaver’s tail. Its striking appearance adds a pop of color to arid landscapes.

7. Old Lady CactusPurple Cactusv 7

Botanical Name: Mammillaria hahniana

Elevate the visual interest of your monotonous desert garden with the dark pink to reddish-purple blossoms of old lady cactus variety. This succulent is indigenous to Central Mexico.

8. Santa Rita Pricklypear

Botanical Name: Opuntia Santa Rita

The Santa Rita prickly pear displays blue-green to purple pads and yellow flowers, thus perfect for drawing eyes to the landscapes. It does best in full sunlight exposure and well-drained soil.

9. Blue Prickly Pear

Opuntia azurea

Botanical Name: Opuntia azurea

Adorned with reddish-purple fruits, green pads, long spines, and yellow blooms, opuntia azurea is a true desert jewel. This beautiful succulent can grow up to 15 feet in favorable conditions.

10. Engelmann’s Hedgehog Cactus

Botanical Name: Echinocereus engelmannii

This cactus stands tall with its breathtaking magenta-purple blooms, red or orangish fruits, and dark green stems. It beautifies the landscape with its showy flowers in spring to early summer.

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