Top 12 Most Beautiful Types of Purple Roses Varieties

Check out this exclusive list of Purple Roses to beautify your home and outdoor space with the unmatched beauty of roses!

Purple Roses come in various shades and forms. They are perfect for adding a pop of color and floral charm to any space. Learn more about these gorgeous botanical gems below.

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Purple Roses

1. Ebb TidePurple Roses 1



Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Ebb Tide’

Ebb Tide is a beautiful rose variety with deep purple petals and a rich clove-like fragrance. This rose blooms from late spring until frost in well-drained and full sunlight exposure.

2. ‘Azubis’ Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Azubis’

 ‘Azubis’ rose features 2-3” mauve-hued blooms and deciduous green leaves. This beautiful climbing plant can grow up to 8-10 feet and spread 4-6 feet in favorable conditions.

3. Bleu Magenta Rose

Purple Roses 3

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Bleu Magenta’

The Bleu Magenta Rose displays violet-crimson to pale purple violet petals. This thornless climber beautifies landscapes from mid to late summer.

4. Sissinghurst Castle Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Sissinghurst Castle’

Create a spectacular show in your landscape with the mildly fragrant purple to crimson-hued flowers of the ‘Sissinghurst Castle’ rose. This early to midsummer bloomer has 17-25 petals in each blossom.

5. Night Owl RosePurple Roses 5


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Night Owl’

The award-winning ‘Night Owl’ rose stands out with its deep purple petals, white eyes, and yellow anthers. This floribunda rose variety is a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and cottage gardens.

6. Novalis Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Novalis’

Give your garden a focal point by growing the lavender blooms of the ‘Novalis’ rose. This floribunda rose variety can reach a height of 3-4 feet and 2-3 feet width in bright sunlight.

7. Lavender Crush RosePurple Roses 7

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Lavender Crush’

‘Lavender Crush’ produces purple petalled blossoms and matte, grey-green leaves. This botanical specimen attracts bees and other beneficial pollinators to the garden.

8. Basye’s Purple Rose

Botanical Name:  Rosa ‘Basye’s Purple’

Bred by Dr. Basye in the year 1968, ‘Basye’s Purple’ is a hybrid variety of Rosa foliolosa and Rosa rugosa. This heat-tolerant bushy shrub is 4-6 feet tall and wide up to 5 feet.

9. WEKhilpurnil Rose

Purple Roses 9

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘WEKhilpurnil’

‘WEKhilpurnil’ rose is treasured by gardeners for its lavender-hued blooms with purple edges and semi-glossy green leaves. This botanical marvel loves well-drained potting medium and full sunlight.

10. Reine Des Violettes

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Reine Des Violettes’

Make your garden stand out in the neighborhood with the magenta-purple flowers of the ‘Reine Des Violettes’ variety. This thornless rose was hybridized by Mille-Mallet in France in 1860.

11. Rhapsody in Blue RosePurple Roses 11

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

‘Rhapsody in Blue’ rose is a sight to behold with semi-double, iridescent purple blossoms. This 4-5 feet tall plant won the ‘Award of Garden Merit’ of the Royal Horticultural Society.

12. Blue Moon Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue Moon’

Blue Moon Rose beautifies landscapes with aromatic lavender flowers and dark green glossy leaves. This sun-loving hybrid tea rose species is ideal for beds, borders, and containers.

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