17 DIY Rain Chain Ideas

Upgrade the functionality and aesthetic value of your outdoor space with these fantastic Rain Chain Ideas!

Rain chains are excellent alternatives to conventional downspouts. These creative Rain Chain Ideas not only manage rainwater but also enhance the curb appeal.

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Rain Chain Ideas

1. DIY Copper Rain Chain

DIY Copper Rain Chain

Follow this detailed instructable to create a wonderful rain chain at home with copper tube, PVC pipe, diagonal cutters, lead-free solder, and a blow torch. It’s a fantastic functional and aesthetic addition to outdoor space.

2. Rain Chain With Funnels and Vintage Cookie Cutters

Gather small metal beverage funnels, vintage cookie cutters, a metal coat hanger, and a large S-hook to assemble this rain chain. The best part is that this project doesn’t require any drilling.

3. Metal Spoon Rain Chain

Rain Chain 3

Elevate the aesthetic charm of your garden with a rain chain that is made from old metal spoons. If you’re running out of spoons, you can use forks instead.

4. Pine Cone Rain Chain

If you want a wonderful nature-inspired ornament for your outdoor space, this pine cone rain chain is the perfect option. You only need a drill machine, a chain, and tiny bells for this project.

5. DIY Clay Pot Rain Chain

DIY Clay Pot Rain Chain

Learn how to make a DIY clay pot rain chain using dollar store pots in this helpful article. It’s easy to make and a beginner-friendly weekend project.

6. Homemade Rain Chain With Copper Wire and Glass Chunks

Rain Chain With Copper Wire and Glass Chunks

Make your yard or garden stand out with this eye-grabbing rain chain. It’s made up of copper wire, recycled glass chunks or medium-sized rocks, and wire cutters.

7. Yogurt Jar Rain Chain DIY

Rain Chain 7

Instead of discarding empty yogurt jars, transform them into a visually appealing rain chain with a few modifications and supplies. Hop to this article for the list of supplies and instructions.

8. Decorative Cup Rain Chain

Decorative Cup Rain Chain

You only need a chain, decorative cups or candle holders, a brass plumber’s chain, bolt cutters, and other supplies to craft an eye-grabbing rain chain. This project is an excellent option among these rain chain ideas.

9. Terra Cota Pots Rain Chain

Rain Chain 9

Use tiny terra cotta pots and metal chains to create this rain chain with ease. Painting those tiny pots will further enhance the beauty of this rain chain.

10. Watering Can Rain Chain

A rain chain featuring mini watering cans is what you need to show off your love for gardening. This elegant rain chain is an interesting gift for birthdays and special occasions.

11. Lily Cup Rain ChainRain Chain 11

Say goodbye to the monotonous look of your garden or yard by adorning the space with this lovely rain chain. It features intricate floral patterned cups instead of traditional ones.

12. Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

Do you have unused cookie cutters and metal chains at your disposal? If yes, then this amazing rain chain idea is what you need to try this weekend. Check out this idea for more info.

13. Japanese-Style Garden Rain ChainRain Chain 13

Create a beautiful vertical water feature in your landscape with the help of this Japanese-style rain chain. It’s made up of high-quality aluminum, thus sturdy and durable.

14. DIY Galvanized Buckets Rain Chain Idea

Want to give your outdoor space a conversation-starting focal point? Simply assemble this rain chain with lots of tiny galvanized steel buckets and a few other supplies. Read the details in this article.

15. Neon Zip Ties Rain Chain

Rain Chain 15

Show off your creativity and crafting skills by making a peculiar rain chain from zip ties, wooden beads, nails, and hooks. It’s an out-of-the-box concept in this list of rain chain ideas.

16. Wire and Rocks Rain Chain Idea

Are you looking for a cheap yet amazing rain chain for your abode? Look no further. Simply grab tiny rocks and floral wire to create a quirky rain chain using this detailed article.

17. DIY Plastic Cup Rain Chain

Rain Chain 17

Find out how to make a quirky rain chain with large plastic cups, flower pot chains, pliers, nails, and a dremel or drill. Read this article for more info.

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