11 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Looking for refreshing Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes for those hot sunny days? Look no further and find out some amazing recipes below!

Make your parties, events, and special occasions more memorable with these refreshing Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes.

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Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes

1. Rosemary Honey Vodka Spritzers

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 1

This delightful cocktail of rosemary, honey, lemon, soda, and vodka is perfect for spring gatherings. Check out this article for more details.

2. Rosemary Lemon Drop Martini

Elevate your cocktail experience with this sweet and sassy rosemary lemon drop martini. This cocktail recipe is simple, yet exquisitely balanced in flavor.

3. Rosemary’s Baby Cocktail

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 3

Inspired by the famous movie, ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ this cocktail gives an unforgettable taste experience with rosemary sprigs, lime juice, and grenadine.

4. Cranberry Vodka Mistletoe Martini with Rosemary Simple Syrup

Make your Christmas gathering special with this delicious cranberry mistletoe martini. It’s the best way to add festive cheer to the parties. Get the detailed recipe in this post.

5. Skinny Rosemary Lime Vodka Fizz

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 5

Want a sugar-free and less-calorie beverage for hot sunny days? This delicious skinny rosemary lime vodka fizz is the right choice.

6. Rosemary-Grapefruit Vodka Spritzer

This refreshing rosemary-grapefruit vodka spritzer is ideal for casual get-togethers, special occasions, or a relaxing evening. You can check out the recipe here.

7. Rosemary Blueberry Vodka Spritzer

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 7

This spritzer cocktail combines the herbal notes of rosemary and the sweetness of blueberries. It’s quick to make and perfect for any occasion.

8. Tuscan Vodka Lemonade with Rosemary and Thyme

Learn how to make Tuscan Vodka Lemonade, a delightful classic cocktail with a hint of rosemary and thyme herbs. Check out the recipe here.

9. Cucumber Vodka Soda with Lime and Rosemary

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 9

Packed with citrus, cucumber, and herbs, this veggie cocktail is an easy-to-make homemade beverage option. You can turn it into a mocktail by omitting the alcohol.

10. Apple Rosemary Martini Recipe

Gather vodka, unfiltered apple juice, club soda, lemon, and rosemary sprigs to make this delicious martini at home. Get the instructions here.

11. Cranberry Rosemary Moscow Mule

12 Best Rosemary Vodka Cocktail Recipes 11

Filled with cranberries, rosemary, lime, ice, and ginger beer, this vodka cocktail is perfect for Thanksgiving and other festivities.

12. Ruby Red and Rosemary Honey Cocktail

A refreshing winter cocktail made with fresh grapefruit juice, vodka, lemon, rosemary, and honey. Check out the recipe here.

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