13 Awesome Sage Green Laundry Room Ideas

Are you looking for a quick laundry makeover? Revamp the space with these awesome Sage Green Laundry Room Ideas!

Tired of your dull and uninspiring utility room? It’s time to update the space with these eye-grabbing Sage Green Laundry Room Ideas. These methods are affordable and beginner-friendly.

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Sage Green Laundry Room Ideas

1. Sage Green Painted Laundry Room WallSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 1

Transform your laundry room with a fresh coat of sage green paint. This update pairs well with white-hued appliances, floors, and cabinets.

2. Sage Green Cabinets


Give your utility room a chic update with dark sage green paint. This quick and easy decor option complements light-colored walls and countertops.

3. Floating Shelves in Sage GreenSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 3

Wooden floating shelves in sage green hues not only add a pop of color but also maximize storage space. It’s a quick, budget-friendly option among the sage green laundry room ideas.

4. Sage Green and White Wallpaper

A white wallpaper with sage green patterns is what you need to give your dull utility room a stylish look. If you want a rental-friendly option, choose peel-and-stick wallpapers.

5. Sage Green Laundry BinsSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 5

Do you want a last-minute decor option for the utility room? If yes, then simply replace your old laundry bins with sage green ones. They not only look great but also let you organize dirty and clean clothes.

6. Sage Green Window Curtain

Sage green window curtain is the best option for those who love minimalistic decor. You only need a metal rod, patterned fabric, and sewing skills for this project. This option controls light and privacy, too.

7. Sage Green RugSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 7

Place a small, washable sage green rug to enhance the comfort and style of your utility room. Besides elevating the appearance, it keeps the floor clean and cozy.

8. Sage Green Ironing Board CoverSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 9

Swap your old ironing board cover with a sage green one featuring floral patterns. This simple change makes ironing a bit more enjoyable.

9. Laundry Room Sage Green Accent Wall

Make your laundry room stand out with a sage green accent wall. This focal point adds depth and character to the room without overwhelming the space.

10. Sage Green Painted DoorSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 11

Add a pop of color to your space by painting the laundry room door sage green. It’s an excellent way to decorate any area without a complete overhaul.

11. Sage Green Plant Pots

Instead of adorning your laundry room with white potted plants, use sage green ones to create a wonderful display. Grab a can of green sage paint and a brush for this project.

12. Sage Green Painted TowelsSage Green Laundry Room Ideas 15

If DIYing is not your strong suit, arrange some sage green towels on the table to beautify your utility room. You can make the setup more interesting by adding plants and candles.

13. Sage Green Utility Sink

If you plan to replace the utility sink of your laundry room, choose a sage green one. It’s a unique conversation-starting feature that will surely stand out.

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