Shelving Add-on: Modular Cabinet

I’m back from a fun-filled, action-packed weekend! I went to AMAZING West Elm event (I will share all about that soon enough)! When I got home, Joel had a wonderful surprise waiting for me – as if things couldn’t get any better.

When we first planned our modular shelving unit, we originally wanted cabinets built-in as well. It didn’t happen right away, but it sure happened now! I was BLOWN away by Joel’s craftsmanship. You guys, I’m married to one talented man! I love the beautiful addition to our cabinet, it’s perfect.

With the modular cabinet, I still get that shelf on the top, plus that added storage! It’s a great way to display all the pretties on the top and add even more function. Joel used thin fibre board for the doors, which is a light material making it easy to slide from one side to the other. They came white, so painting was unnecessary – bonus!

The plan is to make a few more and a built in desk – perhaps my future “office” space? We will have to wait until after the move, but I am so excited to think of all the great project opportunities we’ll have in our new house. That’s the best part of moving, I think!

What do you think of the add-on modular cabinet? I feel like it makes the shelf feel more complete now!

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