11 Best Spiky Flowers to Grow in Garden

Create an unforgettable visual impact in your garden beds with these awesome Spiky Flowers! Here are the top picks!

Spiky Flowers, with their intricate shapes, are perfect for adding texture and dimension to gardens. Learn more about these attractive blooms in this informative article.

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Spiky Flowers

1. Spear Thistle

Spiky Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Cirsium vulgare

Endemic to Europe, Siberia, and the Arabian Peninsula, the spear thistle boasts spiky, pinkish-purple blooms and elliptical leaves. This flowering plant can become 2 to 5 feet tall in moist, well-drained potting medium.

2. Blue Sea Holly

Botanical Name: Eryngium planum

Blue sea holly, a stunning perennial, offers spiky flower heads with metallic violet-blue flowers and green, toothed foliage. Its long-lasting summer blooms attract bees and butterflies to gardens.

3. False Purple Thistle

Spiky Flowers 3
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Botanical Name: Eryngium leavenworthii

False purple thistle is a striking plant with gray-green to purple leaves and purple, cone-shaped, spiky flower heads that resemble fuzzy pineapples. This botanical gem does best in well-drained, sandy soil and full sunlight exposure.

4. Syrian Thistle


Botanical Name: Notobasis Syriaca

Notobasis syriaca is a herbaceous plant endemic to the Mediterranean region. This Asteraceae family member can grow up to 30–100 cm and produce spiny leaves and showy purple spiky blooms. It flourishes in arid and rocky habitats.

5. Purple Milk ThistleSpiky Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Galactites tomentosus

Purple milk thistle is a biennial plant that mesmerizes with toothed foliage and vibrant pink to lilac purple spiky flowers from April to July. This invasive plant is a common sight in fields and roadsides.

6. Knapweeds

Botanical Name: Centaurea spp.

Knapweeds are a group of thistle-like flowering plants in the Centaurea genus. These perennials feature pinkish-purple flower heads surrounded by stiff bracts, giving a spiky appearance.

7. AgeratumSpiky Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Ageratum spp.

Ageratum is a genus of annual or perennial plants in the Asteraceae family. Endemic to Central America, these specimens are prized for their fluffy, brush-like, spiky flower heads in shades of blue, pink, purple, or white. Ageratums are often used for borders, bedding, and containers.

8. Pineapple Guava

Botanical Name: Acca sellowiana

Pineapple Guava is an evergreen shrub with spiky flowers, leathery leaves, and exotic, edible fruit. This versatile plant grows profusely in full sun to partial shade and can tolerate various soil conditions.

9. Red Hot Poker

Spiky Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Kniphofia uvaria

Red Hot Poker is a striking perennial with tall spikes of tubular pale yellow, ivory, apricot, orange, and red blooms. This drought-tolerant plant blooms in summer and is resistant to the damage caused by deer.

10. Foxtail Lily

Spiky Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Eremurus spp.

Featuring tall flower spikes resembling a fox’s tail, Eremurus can grow up to 8 feet tall. This plant does well in full sunlight and uniformly moist, well-drained soil.

11. Ptilostemon aferSpiky Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Ptilostemon afer

Ptilostemon afer, or Plum Thistle, is a flowering plant species related to the Asteraceae family. This variety boasts spiny, pinnately lobed leaves, and showy purple flower heads. It requires well-drained soil and moderate watering for optimal growth.

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