19 Stunning DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings Ideas

Create a buzz-worthy look with these magical, one-of-a-kind DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings ideas! Read on to craft some unforgettable accessories!

Elevate your appearance and jewelry collection with this dreamy Butterfly Wings Earrings DIY. This curated collection will spark your imagination and transform your personality for sure. Let’s find out some of the amazing ideas below!

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DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings

1. Resin Butterfly Wing Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 1

Make a pair of faux Monarch wings earrings for the perfect Spring accessories. Click here for the tutorial.

2. Real Butterfly Wing Earrings DIY

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 2

These attractive dangling ear accessories are made from real butterfly wings and resin. Read the details here.

3. Metal Butterfly Wing Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 3

Make your jewelry collection more quirky with these simplistic and fun butterfly wing earrings. They are perfect for gifting purposes as well.

4. DIY Cricut Faux Leather Butterfly Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 4

Go through this step-by-step tutorial to craft attractive butterfly wing-shaped earrings out of faux leather.

5. Quilling Paper Butterfly Earrings DIY

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 5

All you need are some paper strips, simple tools, and patience to make this amazing ear accessory. It’s one of the best DIY butterfly wings earrings.

6. Gorgeous Butterfly Inspired Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 6

Give your everyday outfit a focal point by adorning these enchanting butterfly-inspired earrings. The DIY is here.

7. Soda Can Butterfly Shaped Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 7

Amaze your friends and get compliments from strangers by crafting these lovely earrings. No one will believe these cuties are made from soda cans.

8. Beaded Butterfly Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 8

Ignite your creativity and make these attractive butterfly-shaped ornaments out of different colored beads.

9. DIY Cute Butterfly Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 9

Crafted from shrink art film, this jewelry is undoubtedly one of the best DIY butterfly wings earrings. Learn more here.

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10. Butterfly Jewelry From Plastic Dividers and Black Vinyl

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 10

This project requires only three supplies, i.e., colored plastic dividers, black vinyl, and earring hooks.

11. DIY Floating Butterfly Earrings

DIY Butterfly Wings Earrings 11

Convert feather butterflies into stylish earrings with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

12. Copper Wire Butterfly Earrings

Copper Wire Butterfly Ear rings

Perfect for everyday wear and gifting purposes, these trendy butterfly earrings go well with any outfit. Take inspiration from this article.

13. Origami Butterfly Earrings

Origami Butter fly Ear rings

Find out how to make super adorable ear accessories with paper, jump rings, and ear studs with ear nuts.

14. DIY Polymer Clay Dangly Butterfly Earrings

DIY Polymer Clay Dangly Butter fly Ear rings

Flaunt your clay sculpting skills by making a pair of lovely dangly butterfly-shaped earrings. The tutorial is here.

15. Handmade Butterfly Wings Earrings

Handmade Butter fly Wings Ear rings


Experience the charm of these exquisite earrings, designed to elevate your style effortlessly.

16. Butterfly Wing Earrings With Bow Charms

Butter fly Wing Ear rings With Bow Charms

Embellished with glammy bow charms, these ear accessories will attract praise from loved ones and neighbors alike.

17. Organza Butterfly Earrings

Organza Butterfly Ear rings

Do you want to see how these cute butterfly earrings are made? Simply follow this mini beginner-friendly tutorial.

18. Butterfly Wing Resin Earrings with Holographic Powder

Butter fly Wing Resin Ear rings with Holographic Powder

Stand out in the crowd with these gleaming butterfly wing earrings. When working with resin, make sure the working area is well-ventilated.

19. Butterfly Stud Earrings

Butter fly Stud Ear rings

Watch this helpful visual tutorial to put together cute and elegant butterfly-inspired stud earrings.

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