7 Weird Trees That Look Like Penises

Explore this curated list of Trees That Look Like Penises to experience the unexpected side of the plant kingdom!

Mother nature is full of intriguing botanical wonders, and these trees that look like penises are the best examples. So browse this article to learn more about these peculiar botanical gems.

Explore Plant That Looks Like a Penis

Trees That Look Like Penises

1. Devil’s Penis Tree

Trees That Look Like Penises 1

Botanical Name – Iriartea deltoidea

Native to Central and South America, the devil’s penis tree has stilt roots that look quite similar to the penises. This peculiar tree can grow up to 20–35 m tall.

2. Redwood Tree

Trees That Look Like Penises 2

Botanical Name – Sequoia spp.

Due to stress, injury, or disease, the redwood tree creates a burls-like quirky structure on the trunk that mimics the appearance of male genitalia. However, not all redwood trees get such ‘penises.’

3. Roots of an Arecanut Tree

Trees That Look Like Penises 3

Botanical Name – Areca catechu

Belongs to the Arecaceae family, the fibrous stilt roots of the Areca catechu resemble the shape and form of male genitalia. This amazing palm tree is endemic to the Philippines.

4. Baobab

Trees That Look Like Penises 4

Botanical Name – Adansonia spp.

Some baobab trees have large, thick, and bulbous trunks that look quite identical to penises. These medium-to-large deciduous trees belong to the Malvaceae family.

5. Monkey Puzzle Tree

Trees That Look Like Penises 5

Botanical Name – Araucaria Araucana

The monkey puzzle tree is a large evergreen conifer native to the volcanic hills of the Andes mountains in southern Chile and western Argentina. Its younger branches look somewhat similar to male genitalia.

6. Pandanus Trees

Pandanus Trees

Botanical Name – Pandanus spp.

Pandanus stands out in this list of trees that look like penises because of its unique aerial prop roots that give the appearance of several hanging penises.

7. Bald Cypress

Bald Cypress

Botanical Name – Taxodium distichum

The roots of the Bald Cypress tree, known as “knees,” emerge from the ground in shapes that resemble male genitalia.

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