35 Trees that Start with A

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Are you looking to add a new focal point to your garden or some welcome shade to your backyard? Trees that Start with the letter A are the right choice for any outdoor space. This article will uncover the top selections in this category, from flowering varieties to evergreens.

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Trees that Start with A

1. AppleTrees that Start with A 1

Botanical Name: Malus spp.

The Apple tree is known for its delicate flowers and delicious fruits. Among the types of trees that start with A, it turns gardens into a mesmerizing place.

2. AshesTrees that Start with A 2

Botanical Name:  Fraxinus spp.

Once famous for their leaves and growth, Ash trees are also known for disease resistance. They are a great choice for landscaping and add a unique touch to the surroundings.

3. Ardisia

Trees that Start with A 3

Botanical Name: Ardisia spp.

Ardisias flaunt evergreen foliage and clusters of red or pink berries. Grow this tree in your garden for a splash of color.

4. AgohoTrees that Start with A 4

Botanical Name: Casuarina equisetifolia

The Agoho, resembling true pines, thrives in coastal areas where sandy soils and salty sprays are the norm. A resilient resident of the seaside, it is known for adaptability.

5. Alder BuckthornTrees that Start with A 5

Botanical Name:  Frangula alnus

The Alder Buckthorn, with its dark green hues and red berries, finds its place in hedgerows and garden hedges. Flourishing in alkaline soils, it shapes landscapes with its beautiful presence.

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6. Alderleaf Mountain Mahogany

Trees that Start with A 6

Botanical Name:  Cercocarpus montanus

Adorned in silver-gray leaves and captivating twists, the Alderleaf Mountain Mahogany enjoys rocky, well-drained soil. That’s why a notable mention in the list of Trees that start with A.

7. Alexandrian LaurelTrees that Start with A 7

Botanical Name: Calophyllum inophyllum

With its glossy leaves and fragrant blooms, this tree thrives in tropical climes. Sunlight and well-drained soil help to enhance its evergreen nature.

8. Allegheny ServiceberryTrees that Start with A 8

Botanical Name: Amelanchier arborea

The Allegheny Serviceberry, Juneberry, or Shadbush displays clusters of white blossoms and edible berries. Loves partial shade and soil with proper drainage, this tree leaves a mark of beauty.

9. Alpine AshTrees that Start with A 9

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus delegatensis

A towering figure native to Australia, the alpine ash carries blue-green leaves and a grayish bark. Thriving in cool, moist areas, it’s known for timber.

10. American BasswoodTrees that Start with A 10

Botanical Name:  Tilia americana

The American Basswood, with its heart-shaped leaves and fragrant blooms, graces landscapes with its presence. This tree admires loamy soils and offers shade on hot, sunny days.

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11. American BeechTrees that Start with A 11

Botanical Name: Fagus grandifolia

The American Beech attracts attention with its silver-gray bark and glossy leaves. Among trees that start with A, this tree loves acidic soils and hates overwatering.

12. AhuehueteTrees that Start with A 12

Botanical Name: Taxodium mucronatum

The Ahuehuete, also known as the Montezuma Cypress, features feathery needle-like foliage. This evergreen graces elegant landscapes, thriving in soil that balances moisture and drainage perfectly.

13. Algondocillo


Botanical Name: Gossypium thurberi

Native to North America’s arid regions, the Algondocillo, or Thurber’s Cotton, stands out with its striking white flowers and fuzzy cotton-like seeds. It requires minimal watering once it establishes its desert-loving roots.

14. Aliso

Trees that Start with A 14

Botanical Name: Alnus spp.

The Aliso, more commonly known as Alder, showcases serrated leaves that capture attention. This wetland-loving wonder thrives in damp environments, making it an ideal choice for adding grace near water bodies.

15. Athel TreeTrees that Start with A 15

Botanical Name: Tamarix aphylla

Hailing from an arid environment, this tree showcases grayish-green foliage and blushes of pink in its delicate flowers.

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16. AzaleaTrees that Start with A 16

Botanical Name: Rhododendron occidentale

With their vibrant blooms in various hues, Azaleas are no stranger to garden beauty. Flourishing in partial shade and acidic soils, they offer colorful flowers that never fail to impress.

17. Aspen QuakingTrees that Start with A 17

Botanical Name: Populus tremuloides

Aspen Quaking introduces an enchanting display with leaves that dance in even the gentlest breeze. Thriving in cooler climates, it brightens mountains with its presence.

18. Alling WhiteTrees that Start with A 18

Botanical Name: Bontia daphnoides

The alling white produces glossy leaves and showy white flowers. Thriving in well-drained soils it gives a touch of elegance to garden landscapes.

19. Angel’s TearsAngel’s Tears

Botanical Name: Brugmansia suaveolens

The Angel’s Tears, or Angel’s Trumpet, unveils beautiful flowers that release a heavenly aroma in the evenings. It thrives in well-draining soil with minimal care.

20. Alvaradoa MexicanAlvaradoa Mexican

Botanical Name: Alvaradoa amorphoides

The Mexican Alvaradoa emits elegance with its graceful arching branches and small green leaves. A fan of sunlight and well-drained soil, it’s an impactful addition to gardens.

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21. Avocado TreeAvocado Tree

Botanical Name:  Persea americana

Originating from the heart of Central America, the Avocado Tree is an evergreen cultivar adorned with pear-shaped fruits. It is a cherished garden companion.

22. Aralia Castor

Aralia Castor

Botanical Name:  Kalopanax septemlobus

The Aralia Castor stands tall with its distinctive leaves and textured bark, creating a beautiful sight. With a preference for well-drained, fertile soil, it symbolizes strength and character.

23. Arborvitae GiantArborvitae Giant

Botanical Name:  Thuja plicata

Arborvitae Giant, or Western Red Cedar, boasts dense foliage that forms a graceful pyramid. With leaves that release a soothing fragrance, it’s a master of adding both aesthetic and practical value.

24. Australian PineAustralian Pine

Botanical Name: Casuarina spp.

Despite its name, the Australian Pine shares its lineage with the Casuarinaceae family. Its needle-like leaves stand resilient against coastal winds, shaping coastal landscapes with hardiness.

25. Autograph TreeAutograph Tree

Botanical Name: Clusia rosea

Clusia rosea is a resilient tropical tree native to the Caribbean, capable of growing up to 25-30 feet. Known as the Autograph Tree, its thick, waxy leaves can be inscribed with messages, making it a unique addition to gardens.

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26. Axlewood TreeAxlewood Tree

Botanical Name: Anogeissus latifolia

Originating from India, this tree variety displays elliptic leaves that bestow restful shade. Flourishing in soil that drains well, this tree’s elegance makes it the garden’s hero.

27. American PlumAmerican Plum

Botanical Name: Prunus americana

With its springtime blooms and tempting fruits, the American Plum earns its place in this list of trees that start with A. Thriving in diverse soils it adds a touch of delight to landscapes.

28. AcaciaAcacia

Botanical Name: Acacia spp.

The Acacia family graces gardens with diversity, with its graceful forms and beautiful leaves. Thriving in well-drained soils, these trees embody the essence of nature’s resilience.

29. Albizia


Botanical Name: Albizia spp

The Albizia, fondly called Mimosa or Silk Tree, comes with delicate fern-like leaves and cascades of pink or white blossoms. Embracing sunlight and well-drained earth, it’s known for its ethereal beauty.

30. AldersAlnus spp.

Botanical Name: Alnus spp.

Alders stand as nitrogen-rich trees, enriching soils through their root magic. Thriving in moist, cool environments, they find their home near waterways and are known for providing ecological balance.

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31. ApricotApricot

Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca

The Apricot tree is known for pink or white blooms that bring a sense of spring before yielding its tasty fruits. With well-draining soil and timely shaping, it becomes a cherished presence.

32. AlmondAlmond

Botanical Name:  Prunus dulcis

The Almond tree announces spring’s arrival with delicate pink or white blossoms before offering its tasty fruit. This fruitful companion adorns gardens with both aesthetic beauty and culinary delight.

33. AnacahuiteAnacahuite

Botanical Name: Cordia alliodora

Anacahuite, the Mexican False Olive, carries an exotic aura with its glossy green leaves and fragrant white flowers. Thriving in tropical climates, this tree creates a presence that’s hard to ignore.

34. Anacua


Botanical Name:  Ehretia anacua

Hailing from South Texas, the Anacua’s glossy leaves and sweet fruit clusters cater to local wildlife’s tastes. This versatile tree adapts to different soil types, promising a low-maintenance partnership.

35. Angelica TreeAngelica Tree

Botanical Name:  Aralia elata

The Angelica Tree presents its compound leaves and clusters of creamy white flowers with an undeniable flair. A drama-filled addition to landscapes, it thrives in soil that is fertile and well-drained.

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