35 Trees That Start with B

Get ahead in your gardening game with this list of exceptional Trees That Start with B. Read on to learn more about these botanical gems!

When it comes to enhancing your landscape, the choices of trees are virtually endless. However, if you’re particularly interested in trees that start with b, you’ve landed in the right place.

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Trees That Start with B

1. Birch TreeTrees That Start with B 1

Botanical Name: Betula spp.

Betula, known as birch trees, are native to the Northern Hemisphere and popular for their distinctive white bark. They thrive in temperate climates and are popular for landscaping due to their elegant appearance.

2. Black Locust

Trees That Start with B 2

Botanical Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

Known for its rugged appearance, the black locust boasts fragrant white flowers. Its tough wood and impressive height make it an excellent choice for ornamental and practical purposes.

3. BladdernutTrees That Start with B 3

Botanical Name: Staphylea spp.

Bladdernut trees offer a unique touch with their papery bladder-like seed capsules. Their green foliage and attractive flowers contribute to their ornamental value.

4. Boxelder

Trees That Start with B 4

Botanical Name: Acer negundo

Native to North America, boxelder is a fast-growing, deciduous tree. This highly adaptable tree can thrive in various soil types and conditions.

5. Buckeye

Trees That Start with B 5

Botanical Name: Aesculus spp.

Featuring palmate leaves and distinctive fruits resembling chestnuts, buckeye trees are visually appealing and ecologically valuable. Some varieties attract pollinators, enhancing the biodiversity of gardens.

6. BuckthornTrees That Start with B 6

Botanical Name: Rhamnus spp.

Buckthorn trees are known for their glossy leaves and clusters of small, colorful berries. However, caution is advised as some species can become invasive. Choose native varieties to promote a balanced ecosystem.

7. Bur OakTrees That Start with B 7

Botanical Name: Quercus macrocarpa

The majestic bur oak stands tall with its broad, lobed leaves and large acorns. This makes this botanical wonder an excellent addition to the trees that start with B.

8. Burning BushTrees That Start with B 8

Botanical Name: Euonymus alatus

The burning bush, a dense multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, catches attention with its vibrant red foliage during the fall season. Its compact size and stunning color transformation make it popular for hedges and ornamental plantings.

9. BauhiniaTrees That Start with B 9

Botanical Name: Bauhinia spp.

This deciduous to semi-evergreen tree produces vibrant, five-petaled blooms. This botanical specimen enhances outdoor environments with its unique, butterfly-like leaves.

10. BoxwoodTrees That Start with B 10

Botanical Name: Buxus spp.

Boxwood is an evergreen shrub or small tree with dense, green foliage. This tree is highly adaptable and thrives in a range of soil conditions. It’s often used in formal gardens for hedging and topiary, offering year-round visual interest.

11. Bursera

Trees That Start with B 11

Botanical Name: Bursera spp.

Bursera, also known as torchwood or gumbo-limbo, displays peeling bark that adds a touch of rustic beauty. This tree is often found in warmer climates and holds cultural significance in various regions.

12. Butternut

Trees That Start with B 12

Botanical Name: Juglans cinerea

Butternut is prized for its rich, edible nuts and light-colored hardwood, often used in woodworking projects. Juglans cinerea is a versatile species adapted to various soil conditions.

13. Brazilian Pepper TreeTrees That Start with B 13

Botanical Name: Schinus terebinthifolius

Despite its misleading name, the Brazilian pepper tree boasts bright red berries that add a pop of color. This botanical specimen can be invasive in certain regions.

14. Banyan TreeTrees That Start with B 14

Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis

Banyan trees are distinguished by their unique aerial roots that grow downward to form additional trunks, resulting in expansive canopies. These majestic trees are often considered sacred in several traditions.

15. Blue Mahoe

Trees That Start with B 15

Botanical Name: Talipariti elatum

The blue mahoe is cherished for its striking grayish bark and vibrant hibiscus-like flowers. Its colorful blossoms not only add aesthetic appeal but also attract a variety of pollinators, contributing to local ecosystems.

16. Bolivian Rosewood

Trees That Start with B 16

Botanical Name: Machaerium bolivianum

Bolivian Rosewood trees are known for their high-quality timber, which is dense, durable, and features a rich, dark hue. These trees require well-drained soils and specific environmental conditions to thrive.

17. Bombax Tree

Bombax Tree

Botanical Name: Bombax ceiba

Also known as the silk cotton tree, the bombax ceiba impresses with its towering height and large, striking red blossoms. Its fluffy seed pods contain cotton-like fibers.

18. Boobialla Tree

Boobialla Tree

Botanical Name: Myoporum montanum

Boobialla trees are prized for their small, white flowers and berry-like fruit, which attracts birds and pollinators alike. These trees are often employed as windbreaks and are effective in controlling erosion.

19. Boojum TreeBoojum Tree

Botanical Name: Fouquieria columnaris

The boojum tree captivates attention with its peculiar, elongated trunk and sparse branches. Endemic to Baja California, its drought-tolerance nature makes it an excellent low-maintenance option for arid environments.

20. Bristlecone HemlockBristlecone Hemlock

Botanical Name: Nothotsuga longibracteata

The bristlecone hemlock is an ancient and rare tree that showcases unique long bracts beneath its cones. Its historical significance and rarity make it a treasure among conifer enthusiasts.

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21. Balsa Tree

Balsa Tree

Botanical Name: Ochroma pyramidale

The Balsa tree stands out for its extremely lightweight wood, ideal for crafting models and various lightweight structures. Its quick growth and versatile wood make it a commercially important species.

22. Blackwood


Botanical Name: Dalbergia melanoxylon

Blackwood trees are prized for their dense, dark wood, used in fine woodworking and musical instrument crafting. Their elegant appearance and valuable timber make them a notable species.

23. Baobab TreeBaobab Tree

Botanical Name: Adansonia spp.

Featuring a massive trunk and sparse, gnarled branches, the baobab tree can store thousands of gallons of water. This tree holds cultural importance and offers nutrient-rich fruit, often termed “superfruit.”

24. Bay-Rum Tree

Bay-Rum Tree

Botanical Name: Myrica spp.

The bay rum tree’s aromatic leaves are used for various purposes, including producing bay rum oil. Its fragrance and attractive foliage make it a versatile addition to gardens.

25. Beech TreeBeech Tree

Botanical Name: Fagus spp.

Beech trees are cherished for their smooth gray bark and rich green leaves that turn golden in autumn. The Fagus species are a popular choice for parks and large gardens.

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26. Bismarck Palm TreeBismarck Palm Tree

Botanical Name: Bismarckia nobilis

The Bismarck palm’s massive, silver-blue fronds create a striking silhouette against the sky. Its majestic appearance makes it a sought-after choice for tropical and subtropical landscapes.

27. Black Mangrove Black Mangrove

Botanical Name: Avicennia germinans

Endemic to Florida, the Black Mangrove tree features unique aerial roots that emerge from its trunk and stabilize waterlogged soil. It is common in mudflats and coasts throughout tropical and sub-tropical areas.

28. Blackbead Tree

Blackbead Tree

Botanical Name: Pithecellobium dulce

Pithecellobium dulce’s distinctive black seeds, resembling beads, dangle from branches. These seeds have been used in jewelry-making. While the tree’s attractive canopy enhances its visual appeal.

29. Bloodwood Tree

Bloodwood Tree

Botanical Name: Corymbia gummifera

The Bloodwood Tree is a striking feature in various landscapes with its distinctive red sap that resembles blood. This tree is not only visually intriguing but also has practical applications.

30. Bullet Tree

Bullet Tree

Botanical Name: Terminalia buceras

The Bullet Tree’s large, woody fruits resemble bullets and contribute to its intriguing appearance. Its distinctive seeds and intricate foliage add interest to landscapes.

31. Bottle Palm TreeBottle Palm Tree

Botanical Name: Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

The bottle palm tree displays a swollen trunk resembling a bottle. This mini tree boasts long, arching fronds and produces white flowers followed by small, round fruits. Its diminutive size makes it a popular choice for small gardens and containers.

32. Bushwillow Tree

Bushwillow Tree

Botanical Name: Combretum erythrophyllum

The bushwillow tree’s lush foliage and attractive flowers create a beautiful scene. This tree is an important part of various ecosystems and provides food for wildlife.

33. Bully TreeBully Tree

Botanical Name: Sideroxylon spp.

Characterized by its leathery leaves and small, fragrant flowers, Sideroxylon species add aesthetic and olfactory elements to a landscape. These hardy trees can tolerate various environmental conditions.

34. Buttonwood Tree

Buttonwood Tree

Botanical Name: Platanus occidentalis

The buttonwood tree in wetland areas boasts distinctive bark that peels away to reveal lighter layers beneath. Its adaptability to different conditions is a noteworthy trait.

35. BlackthornBlackthorn

Botanical Name: Prunus spinosa

A spiny deciduous shrub or small tree, blackthorn produces white blossoms in early spring. This specimen also produces small dark fruits, a popular ingredient in jams and beverages.

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