20 Beautiful Trees that Start with I

Enhance your botanical knowledge with this list of amazing Trees that Start with I! Start your exploration today!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to landscaping, adding diversity to your collection of trees is always a good idea. To help you expand your horizons, this article lists Trees That Start with I, each offering a distinct appearance and features.

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Trees that Start with I

1. Indian Kino

Trees that Start with I 1


Botanical Name: Pterocarpus marsupium

The Indian Kino tree has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Its bark and heartwood are highly valued in traditional medicine. The tree produces showy small yellow flowers.

2. Indian Laurel

Trees that Start with I 2
Trees of Los Angeles

Botanical Name: Ficus retusa

With an ability to thrive indoors and outdoors, Ficus retusa is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts. Its aerial roots and small, dark fruits add to its aesthetic appeal.

3. Incense CedarTrees that Start with I 3

Botanical Name: Calocedrus decurrens

The incense cedar tree is admired for its aromatic wood and distinctive reddish-brown bark that peels away in strips. It reaches impressive heights and can be found in mountainous regions.

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4. Iochroma

Trees that Start with I 4

Botanical Name: Iochroma spp.

Iochroma trees stand out for their tubular, trumpet-shaped flowers ranging from purple to blue. Native to South America, these trees that start with I attract pollinators with their vibrant blooms.

5. Indian RosewoodTrees that Start with I 5

Botanical Name: Dalbergia latifolia

Renowned for its richly colored and beautifully grained wood, this tree has been used for crafting musical instruments and furniture. Its intricate leaflets and fragrant blossoms enhance its desirability in landscaping and woodworking.

6. Indian GooseberryTrees that Start with I 6

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus emblica

Indian gooseberry tree holds a special place in traditional medicine. Its deciduous leaves and small, round, green fruits are a powerhouse of various nutrients. The plant also has small greenish-yellow flowers and smooth, light gray bark.

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7. Indian Tulip

Trees that Start with I 7

Botanical Name: Thespesia populnea

Indian tulip trees bear yellow flowers that turn purplish-pink as they mature. These trees that start with I are common in coastal areas.

8. Italian Alder

Trees that Start with I 8
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Botanical Name: Alnus cordata

Characterized by the heart-shaped foliage, the Italian alder also bears cone-like fruits. This tree is adaptable to wet soils and has nitrogen-fixing properties, making it beneficial for soil health.

9. Imbuia

Trees that Start with I 9

Botanical Name: Ocotea porosa

Imbuia trees are native to Brazil. They are popular for their valuable timber, which displays striking colors and patterns.

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10. IpeTrees that Start with I 10

Botanical Name: Handroanthus spp.

Ipe trees, also known as Lapacho, produce exceptionally dense and durable wood highly resistant to rot and decay. Their trumpet-shaped flowers and lush foliage contribute to their popularity in landscaping projects.

11. Illawarra Flame Tree

Illawarra Flame Tree

Botanical Name: Brachychiton acerifolius

The Illawarra flame tree is famous for its brilliant red blooms that cover the entire canopy. Native to Australia, this deciduous tree offers a stunning visual display in full bloom.

12. Indian AlmondIndian Almond

Botanical Name: Terminalia catappa

Native to Asia, the Indian almond tree features shiny, dark green, leathery leaves and almond-like fruits. This deciduous tree can grow up to 30 to 55 feet tall.

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13. Ivory Coast Almond

Ivory Coast Almond

Botanical Name: Terminalia ivorensis

Endemic to Western Africa, the Ivory Coast almond tree is admired for its straight trunks and simple, ovate leaves. It’s popular for timber in their native regions. The wood is somewhat resistant to termites and fungi.

14. Inkwood


Botanical Name: Exothea paniculata

The inkwood tree produces small, white flowers and purple fruits, attracting various wildlife. It’s well-suited for sandy and well-drained soil, making it a viable option for landscaping in suitable climates.

15. Indian Cork

Indian Cork

Botanical Name: Millingtonia hortensis

The fragrant white flowers and attractive green foliage make the Indian cork tree popular for ornamental purposes. This tree thrives best in well-drained soil and moderate climates.

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16. Iroko


Botanical Name: Milicia excelsa

Native to the tropical regions of Africa, this hardwood tree is prized for its durable timber, ideal for furniture, flooring, and boat construction. It can reach up to a height of 160 feet.

17. Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress

Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens

The Italian cypress is characterized by its narrow, columnar form and dark green foliage. It’s the best accent tree in Mediterranean and formal landscapes.

18. Indian Laburnum

Indian Laburnum

Botanical Name: Cassia fistula

The Indian laburnum is admired for its stunning, golden-yellow flowers that hang in pendulous racemes. This deciduous tree is common in cultural celebrations and holds medicinal properties.

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19. Ice Cream Bean

Ice Cream Bean

Botanical Name: Inga edulis

Indigenous to South America, this tree features elongated fruit pods filled with a sweet, ice-cream-like pulp. It’s frequently used for shade in coffee plantations.

20. Island Oak

Island Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus tomentella

Island oak trees are endemic to the Channel Islands of California. These evergreen types of trees that start with I offer acorns and leaves with a velvety underside. They’re an important part of the island ecosystems.

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