20 Beautiful Trees That Start with O

Want to bring diversity to your landscape? Check out this list of impressive Trees that Start with O to elevate your gardening game!

While Oaks are the most recognized among Trees That Start with O, there is a broader list worth exploring. Explore this guide to get insights into these lesser-known species.

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Trees That Start With O

1. Oriental BeechTrees That Start with O 1

Botanical Name: Fagus orientalis

Indigenous to Eurasia, the Oriental Beech offers smooth, silver-gray bark and lush green leaves. Known for its shade tolerance, it’s often used in forest underplantings and offers great autumnal foliage.

2. Olive

Trees That Start with O 2

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

The olive tree is popular for its silver-green leaves and slender branches. Its graceful appearance makes it a cherished addition to this list of trees that start with O.

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3. Oregon CrabappleTrees That Start with O 3

Botanical Name: Malus fusca

The Oregon Crabapple is a deciduous tree with white blossoms that appear in spring. This Pacific Northwest tree bears small, tart apples mostly consumed by wildlife.

4. Osage Orange Tree

Trees That Start with O 4

Botanical Name: Maclura pomifera

The osage orange tree stands out with its distinctive, bumpy fruit. Historically used for creating hedgerows, it now adds a touch of intrigue to gardens, showcasing nature’s quirky side.

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5. Okoumé TreeTrees That Start with O 5

Botanical Name: Aucoumea klaineana

Indigenous to Central Africa, the Okoumé tree is harvested for its timber, often used in plywood. The tree grows in swampy or flooded forests and can reach significant heights.

6. Overcup Oak Tree

Trees That Start with O 6

Botanical Name: Quercus lyrata

What sets the overcup oak apart is its acorns, creating a distinctive visual feature. This oak variety adds intrigue and character to wooded areas.

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7. Oyama Magnolia

Trees That Start with O 7

Botanical Name: Magnolia sieboldii

Magnolia sieboldii features large, fragrant white blooms with crimson stamens. This wind-tolerant tree brings elegance and sophistication to any garden.

8. Oregon Ash

Trees That Start with O 8

Botanical Name: Fraxinus latifolia

The Oregon ash showcases compound leaves and stunning fall foliage, providing visual appeal. Among the trees that start with O, it reaches a height of up to 40-80 ft with yellowish male and greenish female blooms.

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9. Oriental Hornbeam

Trees That Start with O 9

Botanical Name: Carpinus orientalis

With its unusual serrated leaves, the oriental hornbeam tree produces ornamental catkins in the spring. This small to medium-sized tree can grow up to 20-25 feet tall.

10. Oriental Spruce

Trees That Start with O 10

Botanical Name: Picea orientalis

This dense evergreen conifer boasts dark green needles and strawberry-shaped cones. Oriental spruce is popular among gardeners for its year-round greenery and drought-tolerant nature.

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11. Oriental Sweetgum

Botanical Name: Liquidambar orientalis

Native to Turkey, the oriental sweetgum offers striking five-lobed leaves and fragrant resin. This broadleaf deciduous tree produces monoecious flowers in a yellow-green hue.

12. Osage Plum Tree

Osage Plum Tree

Botanical Name: Prunus Americana

Prunus Americana is a deciduous tree native to North America. This versatile species is famous for its fragrant white flowers and tart, edible fruits. It’s often used in landscaping for ornamental purposes.

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13. Olive Oleaster

Olive Oleaster

Botanical Name: Elaeagnus angustifolia

Olive oleaster features silvery leaves, yellow fruits, and showy flowers. Often used for ornamental purposes, this tree is also valued for its drought-resistant qualities.

14. Oregon White Oak

Oregon White Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus garryana

Quercus garryana is a deciduous tree species that can grow up to 40-90 ft with a broad, rounded crown. The tree features lobed leaves and acorns that serve as a food source for local wildlife.

15. Old Man Banksia

Old Man Banksia

Botanical Name: Banksia serrata

Endemic to Australia, the Old Man Banksia is an evergreen tree with leathery, serrated leaves and large, woody seed cones. It’s used for timber and ornamental purposes.

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16. Ozark Chinquapin

Ozark Chinquapin

Botanical Name: Castanea ozarkensis

This American native was once widespread across the Ozark Mountains but is now considered endangered due to chestnut blight. Its edible nuts are covered by a spiky husk and are a valuable food source for local wildlife.

17. Ogeechee Lime Tree

Ogeechee Lime Tree

Botanical Name: Nyssa ogeche

Popular for its glossy green leaves and small, tart fruits, the Nyssa ogeche tree is a botanical gem. It inhabits wetland habitats and attracts wildlife.

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18. Ohio Buckeye Tree

Ohio Buckeye Tree

Botanical Name: Aesculus glabra

The Ohio buckeye tree stands out with its distinctive palmate leaves and interesting buckeye nuts. It’s a native species that adds character to woodland areas.

19. Oregon Myrtle

Oregon Myrtle

Botanical Name: Umbellularia californica

Also known as the California bay laurel, this tree produces aromatic leaves and clusters of small, yellowish flowers. This tree is valued for its timber, making it suitable for various applications, including woodworking.

20. Outeniqua YellowwoodOuteniqua Yellowwood

Botanical Name: Podocarpus falcatus

Native to South Africa, the Outeniqua yellowwood is a large, evergreen tree with a straight trunk and lush, dark-green foliage. Often used in reforestation projects, this tree is prized for durable timber in furniture and construction.

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