48 Trees That Start with P

Your go-to guide for Trees That Start With P is here! Learn about these botanical specimens and become a tree expert!

Are you on the hunt for a tree that will not only beautify your outdoor space but also offer something different? Check out this list of Trees That Start with P and elevate your landscape’s visual appeal.

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Trees That Start with P

1. Ponderosa Pine

Trees That Start with P 1

Botanical Name: Pinus ponderosa

Known for its towering height and long needles, the Ponderosa Pine is an iconic tree of the American West. Its tall, straight trunk and brown-black bark make it a favorite among landscape designers.

2. Pawpaw

Trees That Start with P 2

Botanical Name: Asimina triloba

Native to Canada and the eastern U.S.A., the Pawpaw tree requires deep shade to full sunlight. Its 6-12 inches long, 2-3 inches wide leaves and custard-like fruit make it a unique addition to any garden.

3. Paperbark Maple

Trees That Start with P 3

Botanical Name: Acer griseum

The Paperbark Maple stands out with its cinnamon-colored peeling bark. Its small size makes it a perfect addition to compact gardens.

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4. Pacific Madrone

Trees That Start with P 4

Botanical Name: Arbutus menziesii

Arbutus menziesii is an evergreen tree that features striking reddish-brown bark and striking white bell-shaped flowers. This botanical specimen does best in well-drained and full sun to partial shade.

5. Pineapple Guava

Trees That Start with P 5

Botanical Name: Feijoa sellowiana

While not a pine or a traditional guava, this tree’s name comes from its fruit’s flavor. The silvery foliage and sweet, edible flowers make it a unique choice.

6. Pecan

Botanical Name: Carya illinoinensis

Among the trees that start with P, Pecan is famous for its delicious nuts. Its large, spreading canopy provides ample shade, making it popular in Southern gardens.

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7. Paper Birch

Botanical Name: Betula papyrifera

The Paper Birch showcases distinctive white bark that peels in papery layers. Its slender form and bright foliage add elegance to any landscape.

8. Persian Ironwood

Botanical Name: Parrotia persica

Parrotia persica boasts an intriguing exfoliating bark and vibrant autumn colors. It’s a lovely addition for those seeking year-round interest.

9. Pin Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus palustris

Recognizable by its pin-like, slender branches, the Pin Oak is a classic choice for urban and suburban settings. Its leaves turn a deep red in the fall.

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10. Purpleleaf Plum

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasifera

Purpleleaf plum is an ornamental tree that adds a burst of color with its purple foliage. It produces small, pinkish-white flowers in early spring.

11. Parasol Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea offers pine nuts, a culinary delight in various dishes. Its umbrella-like canopy and slender trunk make it an appealing choice for various landscapes.

12. Princess Tree

Botanical Name: Paulownia tomentosa

This fast-growing tree is popular for its heart-shaped leaves and showy clusters of purple flowers. Paulownia tomentosa is often planted for its rapid growth and unique appearance.

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13. Pohutukawa

Botanical Name: Metrosideros excelsa

Pohutukawa is often called the “New Zealand Christmas Tree” for its bright red flowers that bloom during the holiday season. It’s a symbol of summer and festive spirit.

14. Paper Mulberry

Botanical Name: Broussonetia papyrifera

Used for papermaking in many cultures, the Paper Mulberry has lobed leaves and a spreading canopy. Its bark was traditionally used for crafting paper.

15. Peach Tree

Botanical Name: Prunus persica

Recognized for its delicious, juicy fruit, the Peach Tree also offers attractive pink blossoms in the spring. It’s a popular choice for orchards and home gardens.

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16. Peroba Rosa

Botanical Name: Aspidosperma polyneuron

Aspidosperma polyneuron, commonly known as the Peroba Rosa, is a deciduous tree native to South America. This tree is highly valued for its durable, fine-grained wood, often used in furniture making and construction.

17. Persian Walnut

Botanical Name: Juglans regia

Persian Walnuts are cultivated for their tasty nuts. These deciduous trees that start with P have pinnate leaves and nuts enclosed in a hard shell.

18. Pond Cypress

Botanical Name: Taxodium ascendens

Taxodium ascendens is a deciduous conifer with feathery foliage and a straight trunk. It adds an intriguing texture to water gardens.

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19. Pagoda Dogwood

48 Trees That Start with P 19

Botanical Name: Cornus alternifolia

Indigenous to North America, this tree is popular for its layered, horizontal branches, giving it a pagoda-like appearance. Its small white flowers bloom in late spring, attracting butterflies and birds.

20. Pinyon Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus edulis

The Pinon Pine, native to the American Southwest, produces delicious edible pine nuts. Its compact form and bushy appearance make it a charming addition to dryland gardens.

21. Paradise Tree


Botanical Name: Simarouba glauca

The Paradise Tree, endemic to tropical regions, stands out with its attractive, pinnate leaves and small green fruits. It’s valued for the timber and as a shade tree in warm climates.

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22. Peppermint Tree

Botanical Name: Agonis flexuosa

Local to Western Australia, the peppermint tree features leaves with a peppermint-like fragrance, hence the name. It features slender, weeping branches and small white flowers.

23. Pond Apple

48 Trees That Start with P 21

Botanical Name: Annona glabra

Pond apple is a wetland tree of Florida and the Caribbean. It’s commonly found in swamps and marshy areas. This tree produces an apple-like fruit, a food source for local wildlife.

24. Pond Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus serotina

Common in wetland areas, pinus serotina is adapted to thrive in soggy soils. Its long needles and conical shape make it a distinctive choice for landscaping around water features.

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25. Puka


Botanical Name: Meryta sinclairii

The New Zealand native Puka tree displays vibrant red or orange flowers and dark green leaves. It’s a valuable food source for native birds and insects.

26. Pitch Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus rigida

The pitch pine is an adaptable tree commonly found in poor, sandy soils. Its wood has been historically used for construction. This medium-sized tree provides habitat and food for various wildlife.

27. Persian Silk Tree

Botanical Name: Albizia julibrissin

The Persian Silk Tree is admired for its feathery, fern-like leaves and fluffy pink pom-pom-like flowers. Its graceful appearance and striking blossoms make it a favorite in ornamental gardens.

28. Pomegranate Tree

Botanical Name: Punica granatum

Pomegranate trees produce delightful pomegranate fruit and bright orange-red flowers. They are drought-tolerant and add a Mediterranean touch to gardens.

29. Pin Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus pensylvanica

The Pin Cherry is famous for its slender, upright growth and clusters of small, bright red cherries. It’s a hardy tree often found in northern forests.

30. Paperbark Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus serrula

This cherry tree stands out for its glossy, mahogany-colored bark, which peels away in strips. It’s an elegant choice for landscapes, offering year-round interest.

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31. Purple Catalpa

Botanical Name: Catalpa x erubescens ‘Purpurea’

The Purple Catalpa boasts dark green leaves and trumpet-shaped white flowers with yellow and purple markings. It’s a striking ornamental tree with a unique color palette.

32. Polylepis Tree

Botanical Name: Polylepis spp.

Polylepis trees thrive in high-altitude regions of South America. They have gnarled trunks and provide habitat for wildlife.

33. Pacific Dogwood

Botanical Name: Cornus nuttallii

Indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific Dogwood showcases showy white bracts in the spring. Its ornamental value makes this tree a beloved tree in the region.

34. Port Orford Cedar

Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana is an evergreen conifer with aromatic foliage. This tree is an excellent choice for privacy screens and windbreaks.

35. Plum Pine

48 Trees That Start with P 35

Botanical Name: Podocarpus elatus

This Australian native tree is also known as the Illawarra Plum. It has a straight trunk and a narrow crown with a unique, plum-like fruit.

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36. Persian Lilac

Botanical Name: Melia azedarach

The Persian Lilac features clusters of fragrant purple flowers and ornamental yellow fruit. It’s a small to medium-sized tree often used in urban gardens.

37. Pignut Hickory

Botanical Name: Carya glabra

Pignut hickory is a medium to large deciduous tree that produces bitter-tasting nuts, a favorite among wildlife. Its leaves turn a brilliant yellow in the fall, adding seasonal beauty to landscapes.

38. Peachleaf Willow

Botanical Name: Salix amygdaloides

The Peachleaf Willow features elongated, lance-shaped leaves. This tree is common near water and contributes to stabilizing streambanks.

39. Pacific Yew


Botanical Name: Taxus brevifolia

The Pacific Yew is an evergreen conifer with dense, dark green foliage and bright red fruits. It’s a notable addition to fruit trees that start with P.

40. Pistachio

Botanical Name: Pistacia vera

Endemic to western Asia and the Middle East, Pistacia vera is popular for its delicious nuts. This deciduous tree is drought-tolerant and thrives in well-drained soil. The leaves turn a golden yellow in the fall, elevating the visual appeal of landscapes.

41. Pink Trumpet Tree

48 Trees That Start with P 41

Botanical Name: Tabebuia impetiginosa

Local to Central and South America, this deciduous tree displays pink trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in spring. This drought-tolerant species is often used as an ornamental tree.

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42. Pindo Palm

Botanical Name: Butia capitata

The Pindo Palm is a cold-hardy tree with feather-like fronds and sweet, edible fruit. It’s a delightful addition to subtropical and Mediterranean-style gardens.

43. Pacific Willow

Botanical Name: Salix lucida

With its slender, glossy leaves, the Pacific Willow is a frequent sight near water sources. It provides habitat for various wildlife.

44. Pineapple Guava

Botanical Name: Acca sellowiana

Originating from the highlands of Southern Brazil, Pineapple Guava is an evergreen tree with fragrant flowers and sweet fruit. This cold-hardy botanical specimen is grown as a garden tree.

45. Pineapple Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix canariensis

The Phoenix canariensis, native to Africa, has a distinctive, rosette-like top. This attractive tree gives an exotic touch to the landscape among the palm trees that start with P.

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46. Paurotis Palm

Botanical Name: Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

With fan-shaped leaves and a clumping growth habit, the Paurotis Palm is a popular choice for tropical landscaping. This tree can grow up to 30 feet and spread 20 feet.

47. Paradise Nut

Botanical Name: Lecythis zabucajo

Native to South America, Lecythis zabucajo is a large deciduous tree that produces woody fruits. This tree can reach a height of up to 30 meters. It’s well-suited for humid, tropical climates and prefers well-drained soil for optimal growth.

48. Palo Verde

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia spp.

These drought-tolerant trees that start with P are native to the American Southwest and Mexico. Their green bark and small yellow flowers make them stand out in arid landscapes.

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