25 Trees That Start With Q (By Botanical Names)

Elevate your botanical knowledge by reading this short yet informative article on Trees That Start With Q!

Trees That Start With Q are a hidden treasure of the botanical world. While they may not be the most common, each has something unique to offer. Join this article to learn about these lesser-known varieties.

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Trees That Start With Q

1. Quercus AlbaTrees That Start With Q 1

Common Name: American White Oak

Quercus alba is a hardwood tree native to the eastern United States. This deciduous tree can grow between 80 to 100 feet tall with a broad, rounded canopy. The leaves are lobed with rounded edges and purplish brown to reddish-brown fall color.

2. Quercus Aliena

Trees That Start With Q 2

Common Name: Oriental white oak

Oriental white oak is a deciduous tree of Japan, Korea, and Mainland China. This oak species is valued for its acorns and ability to grow in different soil conditions. It grows to a height of 40-80 feet with a broad canopy. It’s used for timber production due to its strong and durable wood.

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3. Quercus Hartwissiana

Trees That Start With Q 3

Common Name: Strandzha oak

Indigenous to the Caucasus region, this Oak variety is recognized by its unique serrated leaves. Among the trees that start with Q, this botanical wonder adds a touch of elegance to gardens with its distinctive foliage.

4. Quercus IlexTrees That Start With Q 4

Common Name: Holm Oak

Belongs to the holly family, the holm oak is a large, flowering tree that produces leathery leaves and fragrant white blooms. This tree can grow 30 to 50 feet tall and 15 to 25 feet wide. It’s a favorite in public and private green spaces due to its low-maintenance nature.

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5. Quercus Infectoria

Trees That Start With Q 5

Common Name: Aleppo Oak

Aleppo oak is a small deciduous tree endemic to the Middle East and Southern Europe. This tree is cultivated for mucronate foliage and galls having medicinal properties. The compact size makes this tree suitable for smaller landscapes.

6. Quercus Kelloggii

Trees That Start With Q 6

Common Name: California Black Oak

The California Black Oak features dark bark and deeply lobed leaves that turn yellow or yellow-orange in autumn. This deciduous oak tree is notable for its impressive height, reaching 40-80 feet.

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7. Quercus Leucotrichophora

Trees That Start With Q 7

Common Name: Banj Oak

Banj Oak is an evergreen tree well-suited to elevations ranging from 4,900 to 8,900 feet with a height between 30 to 50 feet. Its leaves feature a whitish or silvery underside, contributing to its unique visual appeal.

8. Quercus Lyrata

Trees That Start With Q 8

Common Name: Water White Oak

Water white oak, or overcup oak, boasts nuts in bur-like acorn cups. This deer-browsing-resistant tree is indigenous to southeastern North America.

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9. Quararibea Cordata

Trees That Start With Q 9

Common Name: South American sapote

The South American sapote produces large heart-shaped leaves and edible fruits. Among the trees that start with Q, this botanical gem is popular among gardening enthusiasts for its orange-yellow juicy fruit.

10. Quillaja Saponaria

Trees That Start With Q 10

Common Name: Soap-bark Tree

Quillaja Saponaria features dark saponin-rich bark that produces a soap-like foam when agitated in water. This drought-tolerant tree does well in sun to part shade and well-drained soil.

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11. Quercus Laurina

Trees That Start With Q 11

Common Name: Oak

Quercus laurina stands out with its attractive, evergreen foliage. The leaves are glossy and lanceolate, adding year-round visual interest to landscapes. With a moderate growth rate, the tree can reach 10 to 40 meters.

12. Quercus MacrocarpaTrees That Start With Q 12

Common Name: Bur Oak

The Bur Oak, native to North America, features acorns and lathery, dark green lobed leaves. Among the trees that start with Q, this drought-tolerant tree is a common sight in parks and large landscapes.

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13. Quercus Montana

Quercus Montana

Common Name: Chestnut Oak

Basket oak, also known as Chestnut Oak, is a medium to large deciduous tree. It boasts large acorns, long, oval leaves, and bark with tight ridges. This tree is native to eastern and central America with a high wildlife value.

14. Quercus AcutissimaQuercus Acutissima

Common Name: Sawtooth Oak

Endemic to Asia, the Sawtooth oak sports sharply toothed, alternate, lance-shaped leaves and acorns. This fascinating tree can reach 40 to 60 feet in height and 30 to 50 feet wide.

15. Quercus PhellosQuercus Phellos

Common Name: Willow Oak

Belongs to the Fagaceae family, the willow oak can grow 40 to 75 feet tall and 25 to 50 feet in width. It’s a favorite among birds and mammals because of its acorns and dense canopy.

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16. Quercus PalustrisQuercus Palustris

Common Name: Pink Oak

This fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree is indigenous to the northeastern and north-central United States and southeastern Canada. It’s a popular choice for urban planting due to its elegant form.

17. Quercus Shumardii

Quercus Shumardii

Common Name: Shumark Oak

The pyramidal-shaped Shumard oak features deeply lobed leaves and greenish blooms. This tree performs well in full sun to part shade and well-drained potting mix. It’s a favorite among landscape designers.

18. Quercus LobataQuercus Lobata

Common Name: Valley Oak

Native to California, valley oak is famous for its sprawling canopy and corky bark. This oak species can reach a height of 100 feet and survives up to 600 years. Its acorns are a crucial food source for wildlife, including deer and birds.

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19. Quercus FalcataQuercus Falcata

Common Name: Southern Red Oak

The Southern Red Oak, native to the southeastern United States, is a deciduous hardwood tree. This oak species can reach a height of 60 to 100 feet with a broad, rounded canopy.

20. Quercus CoccineaQuercus Coccinea

Common Name: Black Oak

Endemic to North Central and the Eastern United States, this tree boasts scarlet red fall foliage. It’s native to North Central and the Eastern United States eastern. This tree thrives in well-drained soil and partial shade to full sun.

21. Quercus RubraQuercus Rubra

Common Name: Eastern Red Oak

Eastern red oak is a medium-sized, deciduous tree with reddish-brown fall foliage and acorns. This tree is popular among gardening enthusiasts as an ornamental oak species.

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22. Quercus MuehlenbergiiQuercus Muehlenbergii

Common Name: Chinkapin Oak

A member of the white oak group, the chinkapin oak tree boasts chestnut-type leaves with toothed margins and acorns. It can be used as a shade or street tree.

23. Quercus Imbricaria

Quercus Imbricaria
shutterstock/Peter Turner Photography

Common Name: Shingle Oak

Shingle oak boasts a symmetrical, conical, rounded crown with distinctive foliage and yellow-green blooms. Native to eastern America, the fruits and leaves of this tree are toxic.

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24. Quercus LaurifoliaQuercus Laurifolia

Common Name: Laurel Oak

The Laurel Oak, native to the southeastern United States, boasts glossy, elliptic to oblong leathery foliage. This semi-evergreen tree can become 40-60 feet tall with a dense crown.

25. Quercus Nigra

Quercus Nigra

Common Name: Possum Oak

Related to the Fagaceae family, the possum oak can become 50 to 80 feet tall and 50 to 70 feet wide. This deciduous tree can live between 30-50 years. It prefers wetter environments and offers acorns, a vital food source for wildlife.

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