18 Trees That Start with U

Discover the underrated Trees That Start with U and add an exotic touch to your garden. From Ulmus Procera to Ulmus Alata, we cover it all!

Are you tired of the same old choices when it comes to planting trees in your garden? Shake things up with Trees That Start with U. Explore to learn more about these unique botanical specimens.

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Trees That Start with U

1. Ulmus ProceraTrees That Start with U 1

Common Name: English Elm

English Elm, a towering deciduous tree features serrated, elliptical leaves with a rough texture, and inconspicuous green blooms. This botanical specimen requires well-drained soil, ample watering during dry spells, and regular pruning. It’s a popular choice in urban parks and avenues for shade.

2. Ulmus Pumila


Common Name: Siberian Elm

Ulmus Pumila, the Siberian Elms, are resilient trees that start with U in northern China and eastern Siberia. It produces small, glossy dark green leaves and greenish-red to brown flowers. What sets this tree apart is its remarkable drought tolerance and adaptability to various soil types.

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3. Ulmus Glabra CamperdowniiTrees That Start with U 3

Common Name: Scotch Elm

Scotch elm features a dense canopy, resembling an open umbrella. While its leaves resemble those of the English Elm, the weeping habit sets it apart. This ornamental tree requires well-draining soil and periodic pruning to maintain its picturesque form.

4. Ulmus Villosa

Common Name: Cherry-Bark Elm

Ulmus Villosa or Cherry-Bark Elm, is a North American native with reddish-brown bark and serrated leaves. This tree can reach up to 82 feet in idle conditions. Beyond providing shade in urban environments, it has been used extensively in landscaping for its adaptability to various soil conditions.

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5. Ulmus Davidiana

Trees That Start with U 5

Common Name: David Elm

Endemic to East Asia, david elm, is a broadleaf deciduous tree, that can grow up to 50 ft. This tree boasts obovae foliage and smooth, grayish bark. Grow this tree in a well-drained potting mix and provide full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

6. Ulmus Canescens

Common Name: Grey Elm

Found in parts of Asia, Ulmus canescens is a deciduous tree popular for its greyish bark. It’s a low-maintenance tree that adapts well to various soil conditions and climates. This tree is primarily used for wood and occasionally for ornamental purposes.

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7. Ulmus Wallichiana

Tree that Start With U 7

Common Name: Himalayan Elm

Himalayan Elm showcases toothed leaves and arching branches. It’s commonly found at higher elevations of 800–3000 m. This tree is popular for timber and ornamental purposes in colder climates.

8. Ulmus Americana

Common Name: American Elm

An iconic deciduous tree native to North Carolina, Ulmus Americana is a sight to behold. Its serrated leaves transform into a mesmerizing golden yellow during the fall. Plant this tree in well-drained soil, provide adequate watering, and keep an eye out for signs of disease.

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9. Ulmus Crassifolia

Trees That Start with U 9

Common Name: Cedar Elm

Ulmus Crassifolia or Cedar Elm, is a semi-evergreen tree with serrated leaves, droopy branches, and green flowers. This tree is an excellent choice for xeriscaping, as it’s well-adapted to arid climates. To maintain its health and structure, regular pruning is essential.

10. Ulmus Parvifolia


Common Name: Chinese Elm

Ulmus Parvifolia is an ornamental deciduous shade tree that can grow up to 40-60 feet. It features exfoliating bark that appears in shades of brown, tan, gray, olive, or cinnamon in winter. Give this tree well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

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11. Ulmus MinorTrees That Start with U 11

Common Name: Field Elm

Belong to the elm family, Ulmus Minor is a fast-growing riparian tree with oblong to elliptical leaves with serrated margins. This tree is a lovely addition to small gardens and urban spaces for shade and aesthetic appeal.

12. Ulmus Laciniata

Common Name: Manchu Elm

Ulmus Laciniata, or Manchu Elm, is endemic to Japan, Korea, northern China, eastern Siberia, and Sakhalin. This tree attracts gardening enthusiasts for its deeply lobed leaves and dark, grey-brown bark. It can adapt to different soil types and prefers partial shade to full sunlight.

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13. Ulmus SerotinaTrees That Start with U 13

Common Name: September Elm

September Elm, scientifically known as Ulmus Serotina, is a deciduous tree that bears flowers and fruits in fall. This tree admires adequate sunlight and well-drained soil for prolific growth. It is a popular choice in residential and public spaces.

14. Uapaca Kirkiana


Common Name: Sugarplum

Uapaca Kirkiana, known as Sugarplum, is an evergreen tree that provides edible fruits resembling plums and shade in hot climates. It can adapt well to various soil types but thrives best in well-drained soil. Sugarplum is popular in reforestation projects and for timber.

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15. Ulmus Rubra Trees That Start with U 15

Common Name: Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm, indigenous to North Carolina, can live up to 200 years. This elm species prefers well-drained soil and partial to full sunlight exposure. Its leaves are green but turn to dull yellow in fall.

16. Umbellularia Californica


Common Name: California Bay Laurel

An ornamental broadleaf evergreen tree or shrub, California bay laurel is native to southwest Oregon and parts of California. This tree admires well-drained soil and partial shade to full sunlight. The aromatic leaves are commonly used as a seasoning, while the wood is sought after for fine woodworking.

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17. Ulmus ThomasiiTrees That Start with U 17

Common Name: Rock Elm

Indigenous to North America, Rock Elm is highly resilient to poor soil conditions and various climates. Its sturdy wood is popular in construction and furniture making. The tree’s canopy is thick and expansive, offering ample shade.

18. Ulmus Alata


Common Name: Winged Elm

Ulmus alata is a deciduous tree native to the Eastern and central North America. This tree can grow up to 40-60 feet in height and has a moderate growth rate. Its leaves are small and elliptical, turning dull yellowish-green in the fall. It thrives in various soil types but prefers well-drained, acidic soil.

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