14 Awesome Trees That Start with V

Boost your garden’s diversity and aesthetic appeal by taking inspiration from this list of Trees That Start With V!

If you’re an avid gardener, always on the hunt for something new and exotic, consider exploring the lesser-known category of Trees That Start With V. These botanical specimens add beauty and functionality to various settings.

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Trees That Start with V

1. Valley OakTrees That Start with V 1

Botanical Name: Quercus lobata

The valley oak or Quercus lobata, native to California, features a broad-spreading canopy, acorns, and lobed leaves. This tree can live for centuries, with some reaching 600 years. Its wood is prized for woodworking thanks to its durability and grain patterns.

2. Virginia Pine


Botanical Name: Pinus virginiana

Pinus virginiana is an evergreen tree that can become 40 to 80 ft. tall and 10 to 30 feet wide. Featuring needle-like foliage and reddish-brown fruits, this tree admires full sun and well-drained potting soil. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the leaves of this tree are used in Christmas decorations.

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3. Velvet AshTrees That Start with V 3

Botanical Name: Fraxinus velutina

Velvet ash is a deciduous tree native to the Southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. It boasts velvety leaves and inconspicuous, greenish flowers in early spring. Velvet ash makes an excellent choice for shade in residential yards and public spaces.

4. Velvet Seed Tree

Botanical Name: Majidea zanguebarica

Endemic to East Africa, Majidea zanguebarica features compound leaves with multiple leaflets and fragrant green-red flowers. Give this tree a well-drained soil and ample sunlight for best growth.

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5. Varnish Tree

Trees That Start with V 9

Botanical Name: Toxicodendron vernicifluum

The Varnish Tree, scientifically referred to as Toxicodendron vernicifluum, showcases glossy leaves with 7 to 19 leaflets. It produces toxic resin used as a lacquer for the creation of lacquerware. Varnish tree requires well-drained, fertile soil with adequate moisture and full sun to partial shade.

6. Velvet Mesquite

Botanical Name: Prosopis velutina

The Velvet Mesquite is a drought-tolerant tree of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. This resilient tree features compound leaves with numerous small leaflets and yellow flowers in the spring. Once established, it requires minimal watering.

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7. Velvet Tamarind

Botanical Name: Dialium cochinchinense

Velvet tamarind boasts lush, glossy, pinnate foliage and elongated, bean-like fruit pods that contain tart and edible pulp. Its fruit pulp is used in various culinary preparations to add a touch of tropical flavor.

8. Velvet Apple

Trees That Start with V 13
shutterstock/Diana NTD

Botanical Name: Diospyros blancoi

Diospyros blancoi stands out with its elliptical, glossy foliage and velvety fruits that resemble peaches in flavor. Its sweet and aromatic flesh adds a tropical touch to desserts and beverages. This tree does best in well-drained, loamy soil, full sun to partial shade, and regular watering.

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9. Voa VangaTrees That Start with V 9

Botanical Name: Vangueria madagascariensis

Voa Vanga is a fruit-bearing tree of Africa with glossy, elliptical leaves and small, fragrant flowers. This tree is adaptable to various soil types and climates. Its fruit is round and filled with sweet and tangy pulp.

10. Virginia Live Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus virginiana

Endemic to the Southeastern United States, the Virginia live oak is popular for its expansive canopy and spiny leaves with hairy undersides. Quercus virginiana can reach 40 to 80 feet in full sun and partial shade without heavy fertilization.

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11. Vine Maple

Trees That Start with V 11

Botanical Name: Acer circinatum

A native tree of the Pacific Northwest, the vine maple showcases foliage that turns red, orange, and yellow in the fall. This botanical wonder is an excellent choice for smaller gardens due to its modest size.

12. Virginia Round-Leaf Birch

Botanical Name: Betula uber

Betula uber is a rare and endangered species of the birch family. This deciduous tree produces circular or oval leaves with toothed margins. Its unique appearance and rarity make it an intriguing botanical specimen.

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13. Varnish TreeTrees That Start with V 13

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria paniculata

Koelreuteria paniculata, known as the Golden Rain Tree, is a deciduous tree of East Asia. This tree features yellow flowers and feathery compound leaves. It can become 30 to 40 feet tall with a broad, dome-shaped canopy.

14. Vilmorin’s Rowan

Botanical Name: Sorbus vilmorinii

Indigenous to Sichuan, Tibet, and Yunnan, Vilmorin’s Rowan bears ferny foliage and clusters of pink or red berries. This deciduous tree attracts birds, making it a great option for those looking to encourage wildlife into their garden.

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