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Explore this exclusive collection of stunning Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves, popular for their unique foliage and vibrant colors!

If you’re a nature lover, you must have experienced a lot of stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring flora. But have you ever come across Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves? If not, check out this collection of incredible specimens that will leave you in awe.

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Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves

1. Quaking Aspen Tree

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 1

Botanical Name- Populus tremuloides

Adored for its unique heart-shaped foliage, the quaking aspen tree is a sight to behold. This tree can grow up to 40-60 feet in height and 20-30 feet in width.

2. Henry’s Lime

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 2

Botanical Name- Tilia henryana

Named after the Irish plantsman ‘Augustine Henry,’ tilia henryana boasts heart-shaped sea-green leafage and yellow blooms.

3. Eastern Redbud

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 3

Botanical Name- Cercis canadensis

The eastern redbud is an ornamental tree with showy flowers and wide, cordate leaves. This tree typically grows 20-30 feet tall and doesn’t tolerate heat or drought.

4. Empress Tree

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 4

Botanical Name- Paulownia tomentosa

Native to Eastern Asia, the empress tree is admired for its large and velvety heart-shaped leaves. It loves moist, well-drained soil and full sun for prolific growth.

5. Silver Linden

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 5

Botanical Name- Tilia tomentosa

Featuring serrated cordate foliage with silvery-white fuzzy undersides, silver linden can grow best in USDA zones 4 to 7.

6. Caucasian Lime

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 6

Botanical Name- Tilia x euchlora

Indigenous to Ukraine Crimea, this large deciduous tree is a hybrid of Tilia cordata and Tilia dasystyla. It’s well-known among garden enthusiasts for its heart-patterned foliage.

7. Eastern Redbud ‘Hearts of Gold’

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 7

Botanical Name- Cercis canadensis ‘Hearts of Gold’

Make your yard the center of attraction with this eastern redbud variety featuring gold cordate leaves.

8. Western Redbud

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 8

Botanical Name- Cercis occidentalis

Western Redbud is a small deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves and very showy purplish-pink blooms. This foliar specimen is drought-tolerant and loves well-drained soil.

9. White Mulberry

White Mulberry

Botanical Name- Morus alba

Easy to maintain and drought-resistant, Morus alba offers cordate leafage and delicious edible berries. This tree even attracts songbirds.

10. Northern Catalpa

Northern Catalpa

Botanical Name- Catalpa speciosa

White bell-shaped flowers and heart-like leaves make the northern catalpa an eye-catching green specimen. This tree prefers full sun or partial shade.

11. Dove Tree

Dove Tree

Botanical Name- Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata is another one of the most beautiful trees with heart-shaped leaves. This foliar beauty can grow up to 20 to 60 feet and offers handkerchief-like flowers.

12. Italian Alder

Italian Alder

Botanical Name- Alnus cordata

Adorned with finely toothed, cordate leaves, the Italian alder tree is native to Corsica and Southern Italy. It’s one of the most fantastic trees with heart shaped leaves.

13. Yellow Catalpa

Yellow Catalpa

Botanical Name- Catalpa ovata

Yellow catalpa is loved for its gorgeous orchid-like blooms and heart-shaped foliage. It needs moist, loamy soil high in organic matter.

14. Sacred Fig

Sacred Fig

Botanical Name- Ficus religiosa

Indigenous to India, the sacred fig tree produces alluring cordate foliage with a distinctive extended drip tip. It also has a plenitude of medicinal properties.

15. American Basswood

American Basswood

Botanical Name- Tilia americana

Belongs to the Malvaceae family, this large shade tree with heart-shaped leaves can reach heights up to 60 to 80 feet.

16. Carolina Basswood

Carolina Basswood

Botanical Name- Tilia americana var. caroliniana

Give your garden a focal point by growing this medium-sized deciduous tree that produces coarsely-toothed, cordate foliage.

17. Turkish Hazel

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 17

Botanical Name- Corylus colurna

Popular for its heart-like, serrated leafage and edible fruits, Turkish hazel is an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

18. Southern Catalpa

Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves 18

Botanical Name- Catalpa bignonioides

The Southern Catalpa is a medium-sized flowering tree with an irregular crown and extensive root system. It demands full sun to part shade for prolific growth.

19. European Linden

European Linden

Botanical Name- Tilia x Europaea

A hybrid of Tilia cordata and Tilia platphyllos, European linden is embellished with saw-toothed, cordate leaves.

20. Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry

Botanical Name- Morus nigra

The green cordate leaves of black mulberry are downy on the underside. It’s grown primarily for richly-flavored edible fruits.

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