9 Majestic Trees With Pink Leaves

Trees with Pink Leaves are not just a myth! Discover the perfect one to make your garden truly stand out in this article!

Adding color to your garden isn’t limited to flowers alone; trees with pink leaves can be an extraordinary addition. These unique trees not only add an aesthetic appeal but also create a stunning focal point. Explore these Trees with Pink Leaves to bring a pop of color to your landscape.

Here are the Majestic Trees with Heart Shaped Leaves

Trees With Pink Leaves 

1. Tricolor Beech

Trees With Pink Leaves  1

Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’

The Tricolor Beech stands out with its burgundy-red foliage with dark pink edges. This tree flourishes in moist, well-draining soil and appreciates partial shade. The beech tree with pink leaves is a prized ornamental addition to gardens.

2. Chinese ToonsTrees With Pink Leaves  2

Botanical Name: Toona sinensis ‘Flamingo’

Amp up the look and feel of your yard or garden with the striking pink and cream-colored foliage of the Chinese Toon. Its showy leaves add a pop of color to the landscape. This ornamental tree with pink leaves loves warm and bright locations but hates direct sunlight.

3. Flowering Dogwood

Trees With Pink Leaves  3

Botanical Name: Cornus Florida

Featuring attractive pink leaves and blooms, this gorgeous tree is a sight to behold. It can grow up to 20 to 30 feet tall and spread 25 to 30 feet. This tree is an excellent addition to gardens and loves full sun to partial shade for prolific growth.

4. Carolina SweetheartTrees With Pink Leaves  4

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis ‘NCCC1’

The Carolina Sweetheart stands out with its heart-shaped foliage among the trees with pink leaves. This deciduous, often multi-trunked tree belongs to the Fabaceae family. The Carolina Sweetheart admires full sun to partial shade and moderately fertile soils. It’s a captivating choice to enliven gardens and landscapes.

5. Pink Bodhi Tree

Trees With Pink Leaves  5

Botanical Name: Ficus religiosa

This rare and attractive sacred fig variety features stunning pink foliage. Its showy heart-shaped leafage set this tree apart from its green-leaved counterparts. This tree is a rare and eye-grabbing variety of trees with pink leaves that are perfect for those seeking a touch of novelty in their garden.

6. Carnival Hedge Maple

Carnival Hedge Maple

Botanical Name: Acer campestre ‘Carnival’

Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ is highly prized for its distinct foliage coloration. When the leaves first emerge, they exhibit a bright pink hue. The leaves gradually transform into a beautiful cream shade with a contrasting green center as they mature.

7. SpindleTrees With Pink Leaves  6

Botanical Name: Euonymus europaeus

Native to Central and Eastern United States, the spindle sports pinkish-red foliage. It also produces flowers in spring, but they are not great for ornamental purposes. This striking tree enjoys full sunlight to partial shade.

8. Japanese Maple Pink LeavesJapanese Maple Pink Leaves

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’

The Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpueum’ captivates the eyes and attracts attention with its purple and pink leaves in spring. This small tree with pink leaves can reach up to a height of 25 feet.

9. Staghorn SumacStaghorn Sumac

Botanical Name: Rhus typhina

Related to Anacardiaceae (cashew) family, the Rhus typhina tree offers pink, scarlet, yellow, and orange-hued leafage in the fall. It likes full sunlight and well-draining soil for best growth.

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