10 Types of Blue Lilies | Blue Water Lilies

Want to make your garden or pond stand out in the neighborhood? Check out these beautiful types of Blue Lilies!

With their striking colors and attractive appearance, Blue Lilies bring a serene ambiance to any pond or water garden. These amazing species are great for highlighting any aquatic setting.

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Types of Blue Lilies

1. Egyptian Blue Water Lily

Blue Lilies

Botanical Name- Nymphaea caerulea

Featuring showy light blue blooms and broad floating leaves, this aquatic perennial is a sight to behold. It thrives in still or slow-moving water and full sunlight exposure, thus ideal for ponds and water gardens.

2. Colorata

Botanical Name- Nymphaea colorata

Colorata is a striking water lily variety with deep blue flowers and purple stamens, perfect for smaller ponds or containers. Its vivid blooms contrast beautifully against dark green, lily pad-like leaves.

3. Director George T. Moore

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘Director George T. Moore’

This water lily variety showcases deep violet-blue, star-shaped fragrant flowers and green leaves with a few purple spots. It prefers full sun but can easily tolerate some amount of shade.

4. Water LilyBlue Lilies 5

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘August Koch’

‘August Koch’ is admired for stunning blue blossoms and serrated floating leaves. Its striking appearance makes it an eye-grabbing centerpiece in water gardens.

5. Daubeniana

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘Daubeniana’

Daubeniana is a small, fragrant, tropical waterlily featuring light blue flowers with darker tips. It can grow 3 inches to 2 feet deep in water in full sunlight.

6. King of SiamBlue Lilies 7

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘King of Siam’

Endemic to Thailand, this free-flowering lily variety attracts eyeballs with blue to deep purple blooms. It blooms profusely during the growing season in full sunlight and undisturbed water.

7. Tina

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘Tina’

Tina, a hardy water lily with striking, deep blue flowers, can grow 3 inches to 3 feet deep in water. This lily variety does quite well in medium to large water gardens.

8. Blue Beauty

Blue Lilies 9

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘Blue Beauty’

Nymphaea ‘Blue Beauty’ boasts large, sky-blue to deep blue, fragrant blossoms. Its lush foliage and showy flowers make it a popular choice for water garden enthusiasts.

9. Midnight

Botanical Name- Nymphaea ‘Midnight’

Midnight features deep violet-blue, star-like flowers, and bright green foliage. This showy lily species requires full sun and non-moving water without fountains or currents for optimal growth.

10. Joe Cutak

Nymphaea 'Joe Cutak'

Botanical Name: Nymphaea ‘Joe Cutak’

This water lily species offers light blue blossoms and plate-shaped green leaves. It loves full sunlight and frequent standing water.

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