15 Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants

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Are There Weeds That Look Like Tomato Plants?

Indeed, there are numerous weeds that mimic the appearance of tomato plants, often leading to confusion. These weeds exhibit similar characteristics, such as leaf structure, growth pattern, and even fruit, to that of tomato plants. These copycat plants might not always be beneficial for your garden. Some of these are toxic, while others might compete for essential resources with other plants.

Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants

1. Red Soda Apple

Red Soda Apple

Botanical Name – Solanum capsicoides

Red soda apple, also known as cockroach berry, this plant offers globose, orange-red fruits that are quite identical to tomatoes.

2. Litchi Tomato

Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants 1

Botanical Name – Solanum sisymbriifolium

The red, fleshy, globular berries of this solanum variety are sour in taste with a hint of tomato. Its leaves and fruits look identical to tomato plants.

3. Wild Gooseberry

Wild Gooseberry

Botanical Name – Physalis angulata

The green balloon-like pods of this plant bear yellow-orange fruits that could deceive as tomatoes. It’s one of the best weeds that look like tomato plants.

4. Black Nightshade

Solanum nigrum

Botanical Name – Solanum nigrum

Native to Europe, Asia, Macaronesia, and Africa, black nightshade is one of the toxic weeds that look like tomato plants.

5. Pepino DulceWeeds that Look like Tomato Plants 2

Botanical Name – Solanum muricatum

The dainty sweet fruits of pepino dulce closely resemble the unripe, green tomatoes. Its fruits are generally used in desserts.

6. Carolina WolfberryWeeds that Look like Tomato Plants 3

Botanical Name – Lycium carolinianum

Carolina wolfberry, also known as Christmas berry, grows small, edible tomato-like berries. It offers fleshy leaves and showy flowers as well.

7. Jamaican Nightshade

Jamaican Nightshade

Botanical Name – Solanum jamaicense

Jamaican nightshade makes this list because of its red berries that resemble tomatoes in appearance. This invasive plant is poisonous.

8. Horse Nettle

Horse Nettle

Botanical Name – Solanum carolinense

The horse nettle, a member of the nightshade family, bears green berries and leaves that look like tomato plants. This plant can grow up to 4 feet tall.

9. Tamarillo


Botanical Name – Solanum betaceum

Edible and ornamental, the fruits of this tropical plant have a tangy-sweet flavor and mimic the appearance of tomatoes.

10. Tropical Soda Apple

Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants 4

Botanical Name – Solanum viarum Dunal

This South American invasive weed produces yellow fruits that misidentify as tomatoes because of their strikingly similar appearance.

11. Physalis

 Physalis peruviana

Botanical Name – Physalis peruviana

The papery husks of this plant enclose mini tomato-like yellow berries (fruits). This amazing plant is native to Chile and Peru.

12. PersimmonWeeds that Look like Tomato Plants 5

Botanical Name – Diospyros kaki

Persimmon, an environmental weed, can easily be mistaken for a tomato plant due to its sweet, tender, fleshy fruits.

13. Bittersweet Nightshade

Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants 6

Botanical Name – Solanum dulcamara

Belong to the Solanaceae family, the bittersweet nightshade is a perennial vine that features bright red berries. This plant admires full sunlight to part shade and a moist, loamy, well-drained potting mix.

14. Eggplant

Weeds that Look like Tomato Plants 7

Botanical Name – Solanum melongena

This common vegetable can mislead as a giant tomato variant, especially the one with green fruits. Solanum melongena loves full sun and well-drained soil.

15. Cranberry PlantWeeds that Look like Tomato Plants 8

Botanical Name – Vaccinium macrocarpon

This evergreen perennial plant bears tiny red tart berries. The cranberry plant can’t tolerate heat and drought. Avoid overwatering this plant at all costs.

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