11 Weeds With Fern Like Leaves

Check out this list of noxious Weeds With Fern Like Leaves that can be easily mistaken for beautiful ferns!

The world of gardening is full of surprises and these Weeds With Fern Like Leaves are the perfect examples. While they may look attractive, these weeds can be quite invasive. Read on to learn more about these plants.

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Weeds With Fern Like Leaves

1. Fennel

Weeds With Fern Like Leaves 1

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare

A member of the Apiaceae family, fennel is a herbaceous perennial with feathery, fern-like leaves. It’s a noxious weed in some regions of Australia that can grow up to 3-4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

2. Common YarrowWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

Native to Europe, Western Asia, and North America, common yarrow boasts finely divided, fern-like leaves and long-lasting tiny flowers. It’s used by Native Americans to treat various health ailments.

3. Common RagweedWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 3

Botanical Name: Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Ragweed, a North American annual weed features alternately arranged hairy foliage and inconspicuous blossoms. This drought-tolerant plant can thrive in poor soil with good drainage and adequate sunlight.

4. Pineapple WeedWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 4

Botanical Name: Matricaria discoidea

Pineapple weed features green ferny leaves with a pineapple-like fragrance, hence the name. It also produces greenish-yellow blossoms with globe-shaped flower heads.

5. Queen Anne’s LaceWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

Queen Anne’s lace, also known as ‘Wild Carrot’ grows abundantly in dry fields, roadside ditches, and open areas. Its small rosette of ferny green leaves can cause skin irritation in some people.

6. Poison HemlockPoison Hemlock

Botanical Name: Conium maculatum

Poison Hemlock stands out with its finely divided, fern-like foliage that looks quite identical to carrot leaves. All parts of this weed are poisonous, especially the white taproot and seeds.

7. Wild ParsnipWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 7

Botanical Name: Pastinaca sativa

A short-lived perennial with a fleshy taproot, bright yellow flowers, and ferny foliage, wild parsnip can grow up to 4-5 feet tall. Keep this weed far away from your property as it’s toxic to humans and horses.

8. Fern-Leaf YarrowFern-Leaf Yarrow

Botanical Name: Achillea filipendulina

Adorned with bright yellow flowers, the fern-leaf yarrow is a sight to behold. This Central and Southwestern Asian herbaceous perennial also offers green leaves with a fern-like texture.

9. Asparagus fernWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 9

Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus

Despite the name, asparagus fern is not a true fern. It’s an invasive weed in Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. This evergreen perennial is popular as an outdoor ornamental plant or houseplant.

10. FlixweedFlixweed

Botanical Name: Descurainia sophia

Featuring low-growing rosettes of alternate, fern-like leaves, flixweed grabs attention with its tiny greenish-yellow blossoms. This weed is common on roadsides, gardens, and other disturbed areas.

11. Wild ChervilWeeds With Fern Like Leaves 11

Botanical Name: Anthriscus sylvestris

Included in the Washington State quarantine list, the wild chervil poses a threat to native plants and agriculture. It produces slightly hairy ferny leafage on hollow, ridged stems.

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