14 Types of White Clematis Varieties

Get to know about the different White Clematis varieties in this easy-to-understand guide. Here are the best ones!

Curious about White Clematis varieties? You’re in the right place. Explore this article to find out everything about the different clematis cultivars.

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White Clematis Varieties

1. HenryiWhite Clematis Varieties 1

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Henryi’

‘Henryi’ clematis features large white flowers and heart-shaped leaves. This vigorous deciduous climber is ideal for walls, trellis, fences, arbors, porches, and lampposts.

2. Bush Clematis

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Recta’

A member of the Ranunculaceae family, bush clematis can grow up to 6 feet with white blooms. The leaves and sap of this plant are poisonous to humans, cats, dogs, and horses.

3. Hyde HallWhite Clematis Varieties 3

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Hyde Hall’

Adorned with large white blossoms and pinkish-brown anthers, ‘Hyde Hall‘ is a showstopper. This variety blooms from late spring to early summer in well-drained soil.

4. Java

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Java’

‘Java’ stand out with striking, greenish-white blooms and oppositely arranged cordate foliage. The blossoms of this vigorous climber have four sepals that resemble petals.

5. Duchess of EdinburghWhite Clematis Varieties 5

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Duchess Of Edinburgh’

‘Duchess Of Edinburgh’ is a double-flowered clematis variety with showy, pure white blooms. This botanical specimen can become 8-12 feet tall in ideal conditions.

6. Japanese Clematis

Botanical Name – Clematis terniflora

Native to Central China, Japan, and South China, Clematis terniflora is a twining vine with small, fragrant white flowers. This invasive species can cause mouth pain, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested.

7. John Paul IIWhite Clematis Varieties 7

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘John Paul II’

Named after the beloved Pope ‘John Paul II,’ this clematis features large, creamy-white flowers with a pinkish hue. It’s an excellent addition to borders and ornamental gardens.

8. Asagasumi


Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Asagasumi’

Give your garden a conversation-starting focal point with the white blossoms of ‘Asagasumi.’ This variety blooms abundantly in partial shade and moist, well-drained potting medium.

9. John HuxtableWhite Clematis Varieties 9

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘John Huxtable’

Clematis ‘John Huxtable’ is a hybrid clematis known for its striking white flowers with yellow stamens. It requires a trellis or some kind of support to grow.

10. Miss Bateman

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Miss Bateman’

Miss Bateman showcases satin-white flowers with burgundy-red anthers in spring, summer, and fall. This climbing clematis cultivar is excellent for arbors, trellises, and pergolas.

11. Snow QueenWhite Clematis Varieties 11

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Snow Queen’

Snow Queen beautifies gardens and yards with large, snow-white flowers. This variety is a perfect choice for creating a bright focal point in any garden setting.

12. Traveller’s joy


Botanical Name – Clematis brachiata

Traveller’s Joy is a popular clematis cultivar because of its fragrant creamy white flowers and fluffy seed heads. This flowering vine has wonderful medicinal properties.

13. Broughton BrideWhite Clematis Varieties 13

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘Broughton Bride’

Add some pizzazz to your indoor or outdoor space with the pendulous white blooms of ‘Broughton Bride.’ It admires full sun and well-drained potting medium for best blooms.

14. White Moth

Botanical Name – Clematis ‘White Moth’

White moth is prized for its dainty white blossoms and pinnate, dark green foliage. It’s a fantastic option for growing in mixed flower borders.

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