White Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Top Varieties

Explore the rich symbolism, meaning, and finest varieties of White Roses below. They are perfect for weddings, gardens, and heartfelt gifts!

White roses are more than just a beautiful addition to any garden or bouquet. They carry deep meanings and symbolism across various countries and cultures. Learn more about this nature marvel in this informative article.

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White Roses Meaning and Symbolism

White roses are known for their simple yet elegant look. They carry meanings and symbolism in various cultures. In Western tradition white roses are a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. This makes them a favorite for weddings, where they represent a new journey of love and hope for a bright future. White roses also symbolize remembrance and respect, which makes them a thoughtful choice for memorial services and funerals.

In Japanese culture, white roses are seen as a symbol of respect, thus a common addition to various religious ceremonies. Whereas, in Hinduism, white roses signifies are offered to deities to show devotion. Chinese culture associates white roses with young love and purity of heart. They are a popular choice for weddings and reflect the beginnings of a new chapter in life.

Best Types of White Roses Varieties

1. Claire Austin Rose

Claire Austin Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Claire Austin’

The Clare Austin boasts beautiful fragrant creamy-white flowers and rich green foliage. This climbing rose variety was bred by the famous breeder, David C. H. Austin.

2. Icecap Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Icecap’

Beautify your garden with the cupped white blooms of this floribunda rose variety. Icecap rose can grow up to 2-3 feet tall in adequate sunlight and well-drained potting medium.

3. Snow Goose Rose

White Roses 3

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘AUSpom’ (Rosa ‘Snow Goose’)

‘Snow Goose’ is a popular rose cultivar among gardeners for its white ruffled blooms. Its flowers are loved by butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

4. White Drift Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Meizorland’

‘White Drift’ features clusters of showy white roses throughout the growing season. This variety is not only disease-resistant and cold-hardy but also adaptable to various growing conditions.

5. White Flower Carpet or Emera Blanc

White Roses 5

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘NOAschnee’

Adorned with clusters of semi-double white blossoms, this cultivar creates a sight to behold from summer to fall. It blooms abundantly in average well-drained potting mix and bright sunlight.

6. Bolero Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Edelweiss’

This bushy, deciduous shrub produces mildly fragrant white-hued blooms from spring to fall. It’s an excellent choice for patio planters and front-of-border placement.

7. Pope John Paul II Rose

White Roses 7

Botanical Name:  Rosa ‘JACsegra’

A hybrid tea rose cultivar that stands out with highly fragrant white blooms and glossy, dark green leaves. This botanical specimen can become 4-5 feet tall when grown in full sun.

8. Gourmet Popcorn Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘WEOpop’

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with the beautiful tiny, semi-double white flowers of ‘Gourmet Popcorn.’ This variety is highly disease-resistant and requires frequent deadheading.

9. Japanese Rose

White Roses 9

Botanical Name: Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’

Native to Japan, Northern China, and Korea, the Japanese rose is a prickly, sprawling shrub with aromatic white flowers. This rose species attracts butterflies, pollinating insects, and birds.

10. Snowdrift Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Snowdrift’

Snowdrift roses are admired for their elegant white flowers with apricot center. The flowers of this wonderful rose variety are the perfect addition to ornamental gardens and cut flower arrangements.

11. Winchester Cathedral Rose

White Roses 11

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Winchester Cathedral’

Winchester Cathedral Rose is a popular bushy shrub that offers white flowers with honey-almond fragrance. This rose species is a good choice for flower beds, borders, and hedges.

12. White Cockade Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘White Cockade’

Make your garden the most attractive one in the neighborhood with the white blooms of ‘White Cockade’ rose variety. This flowering specimen was hybridized by Alexander M. (Alec) Cocker in 1969.

13. Adelaide d’Orleans Rose

White Roses 13

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Adelaide d’Orleans’

A recipient of the ‘Award of Garden Merit,’ the Adelaide d’Orleans showcases semi-double, white-petalled blooms. This cultivar can become 14-15 feet tall in moist, well-drained soil and full sunlight exposure.

14. Iceberg Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘KORbin’

Iceberg is a floribunda rose cultivar with glossy green leaves and lovely white flowers that appear from June to October. Its roses can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a wide range of garden styles.

15. Partridge RoseWhite Roses 15

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Partridge’

Bred by Reimer Kordes in Germany, the ‘Patridge’ rose can grow up to 1′ to 2′ with highly fragrant white flowers. This species can be used to create pleasing borders and garden landscapes with other flowering plants.

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