15 Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves

Discover the allure of Wild Plants with Heart-Shaped Leaves in this botanical journey. Here are the top picks!

Nature never ceases to amaze with its creations, and one of its charming creations is the Wild Plants With Heart-Shaped Leaves. These botanical wonders not only captivate eyes with their distinctive shape but also offer a glimpse into the intricacies of the natural world.

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Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves

1. Wild Ginger

Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 1

Botanical Name: Asarum canadense

Wild ginger, with its glossy heart-shaped leaves, thrives in shaded woodlands. These leaves are rich green and spread close to the ground, providing a carpet of lush foliage.

2. Violet

Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Viola sororia

Commonly found in meadows and woodlands, the violet’s heart-shaped leaves are accompanied by delicate purple or blue flowers. It’s a favorite among wildflower enthusiasts.

3. White Trillium

Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 3

Botanical Name: Trillium grandiflorum

The white trillium features a three-petaled white flower perched above a trio of heart-shaped leaves during mid to late spring. This perennial plant is highly sought-after for shade gardens due to its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

4. Canada Violet

Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 4

Botanical Name: Viola canadensis

Canada violet showcases heart-shaped foliage with jagged edges and showy white blooms. This flowering plant does well in shaded woodland gardens.

5. Sweet Violet

Wild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Viola odorata

Fragrant purple-blue flowers complement sweet violet’s heart-shaped leaves. It’s a delightful addition to both gardens and natural settings.

6. VelvetleafWild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 6

Botanical Name: Abutilon theophrasti

Velvetleaf is an annual plant with cordate leaves and yellow five-petalled flowers. It’s considered a weed in agricultural fields due to its invasive nature. This weed is common in orchards, vineyards, crop fields, gardens, roadsides, and other disturbed areas.

7. Japanese Morning GloryWild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 7

Botanical Name: Ipomoea nil

Ipomoea nil, known as the Japanese morning glory, is an annual climbing vine with vibrant, saucer-shaped flowers. Its heart-shaped leaves add to its visual appeal. This plant is often used to cover trellises or fences.

8. Dead NettleWild Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves 8

Botanical Name: Lamium purpureum

Dead nettle, a perennial ground cover plant, features striking heart-shaped foliage and small, purple flowers. This weed enjoys full sun to light shade and moist, fertile soil. Dead nettle attracts bees to the garden.

9. Black Bindweed

Black Bindweed

Botanical Name: Fallopia convolvulus

Black bindweed is an annual vine with heart-shaped leaves, slender, twining stems, and small green to white or pink flowers. This hardy weed is common in gardens, fields, and disturbed areas.

10. Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta

Yellow wood sorrel, or Oxalis stricta, is a lovely wild plant with bright green, clover-like cordate leaves. In the spring and summer, it adorns the landscape with small, yellow, five-petaled flowers.

11. Lungwort


Botanical Name: Pulmonaria spp.

Lungwort is known for its spotted heart-shaped leaves and early spring blooms that transition from pink to blue. This shade-loving perennial is endemic to Europe and Western Asia.

12. Greenbrier


Botanical Name: Smilax spp.

Smilax spp. is a group of plants known as Greenbriers. These perennial climbers are recognized by their thorny stems, heart-shaped foliage, and globe-shaped clusters of bluish-black berries. It’s a notable mention in this list of wild plants with heart-shaped leaves.

13. Creeping CharlieCreeping Charlie

Botanical Name: Glechoma hederacea

Creeping charlie, or ground ivy, is an evergreen creeper in the mint family with heart-shaped leaves. Thriving in partial sun and fertile, loamy soil, this perennial spreads aggressively.

14. Wood Violet

Wood Violet

Botanical Name: Viola riviniana

Endemic to Eurasia and Africa, Viola riviniana attracts attention with heart-shaped leaves and small purple-blue flowers. It’s frequent in woodland edges, grassland, and shady hedge banks.

15. Common Chickweed

Common Chickweed

Botanical Name: Stellaria media

Common chickweed is a cool-season annual weed that thrives in many gardens and lawns. It’s characterized by small, cordate leaves and tiny white flowers. This weed is frequently seen in gardens, lawns, and disturbed areas.

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