DIY Geometric Flower Pots

Last week a friend and I got together and decided to do a fun little craft! This is so easy and fun. I really enjoyed hand painting these pots to give it a more personal touch, while adding some beautiful flowers to finish it all off just right! 

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

What you will need

Flower pots (varying sizes)

Paint (any color)

Paint brushes

Masking tape (if needed for your designs)

Fresh flowers

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

Make sure you have a clean surface before painting. Create your design by taping off sections where you would like to paint or you can paint freehand. Allow paint to dry completely before potting your plants ( I waited 24 hours). Once your paint has dried, choose some pretty flowers and plant away! 

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

This would make a great gift for Mother’s Day! You can give something that is truly unique and special. I love how funky these flower pots turned out, I have a mild obsession with triangles right now. I feel like it gives off a modern and playful look and they sure do brighten up my front entrance! 

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

I would love to try this out with a large flower pot! Wouldn’t that look so fun?! I am loving these fresh and bright flowers too, this is my first time going out and buying some to plant (I’ve been hesitant – I tend to lack the green thumb). They smell AMAZING and I am just hoping that I can keep them alive long enough to make it all worth it! 

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

What kind of things are you thinking about giving your mama for Mother’s day? 

XOXO, Lidy

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